43 Traditional Bathroom Designs and Ideas

It’s safe to say that the traditional style bathroom design is a classic that leaves you feeling like you’re at a spa in your own home. This style takes elements from Victorian, Georgian, and colonial design and transforms them into an almost palatial atmosphere.


The traditional bathroom ideas that exist use modern materials and allocate aspects of current trends to keep it stylish. It is undeniable that the traditional bathroom is iconic and recognizable even if some elements have been upgraded to represent current aesthetics. Here is a look at traditional bathroom design elements that can help you get the ball rolling on revamping your bathroom’s look.

Traditional Bathroom Design

The traditional bathroom design is timeless, straightforward, clean, and classic. The simple lines, basic colors and traditional features may sound dull, but what these traditional bathroom design elements create is a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere. Here are some traditional bathroom design elements to keep in mind while you remodel.


The colors used in a traditional bathroom are simple, classic and neutral. There is a lot of white in traditional bathrooms, but a strong accent wall in a deep blue or another jewel-toned color is a great way to make a bold statement without compromising the quality of your traditional bathroom design aesthetic.


The materials used in traditional design tend to lean towards natural and vintage-looking. Most traditional bathroom ideas show countertops made of granite, stone or slate or materials that are man-made but look like the natural ones. High-end wood for the bathroom cabinets is common, and the bathroom sink and tub usually features porcelain as the main material. These are straightforward and classic materials for a traditional bathroom design, and they work well together to bring a comfortable, relaxing air to the space. Metal is great for lighting fixtures, sinks, and other small details but should not be featured mainly in your traditional bathroom.


Traditional Bathroom Ideas

Here are some traditional bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.


To help embolden the look of your traditional bathroom, choose a dark wood for your floors. This will make your traditional bathroom look extra sophisticated and posh. Alternatively, using wood that is lighter and arranged in a simple geometric pattern can add character and flair to your traditional bathroom without becoming distracting. Light floors will open up the space and make it more cheerful, but if you want a more serious attitude for your bathroom, choosing a darker floor will easily bring that level of sophistication into your bathroom at home.

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