44 Shabby Chic Style Home Office

Sometimes confused with a farmhouse or cottage style, the shabby chic style is filled with French country living inspiration, a very warm, gorgeous and friendly aesthetic to adopt for a home office. The pretty details and inviting nature of shabby chic style home office designs makes for a lovely and comfortable choice to blend your workspace into your living space.


Shabby Chic Style Aesthetics

A soft wave of imperfection would be the best way to shortly describe the shabby chic style aesthetics. It embraces imperfections and at the same time celebrates them with a simple and uncluttered space combined with natural and worn furniture.

Washed out and dirty white wood being a prominent choice in a shabby chic style home office design, with equally weathered pastel colors adorning the place making sure it stays connected to it’s French country roots.


Mixing Old and New

It would be kind of odd to have a home office full of worn down items which is why mixing with the old with new it’s a striking choice for any office, we see it all the time with other styles, the results are amazing and it’s no different with the shabby chic style.

There’s something unique and refreshing about seeing a worn down white desk against a crispy white walls that haven’t been affected by time or weather. Adorning weathered pastel blue doors with fresh colorful flowers will always make for some gorgeous decoration material.

Playing Around With the Layout

One of the shabby chic style staples is placing object and furniture where they don’t belong, this way you can experiment with a more unconventional layout design for your home office, an intentional misplacement of furniture will give a playful and laidback vibe to your shabby chic style home office.

The use of unusable doors against walls are also a popular choice among shabby chic style home office ideas, it’s unique and gives off a welcoming sense, where you don’t have to kick the door down because it’s already down, not only it’s beautiful as a décor element but also adds another layer to the overall atmosphere of the office.

Shabby Chic Style Home Office Ideas

Pastels colors are the go to but if you want to be more effective in blending your working space with your living space then trying out eclectic color might do the trick, it’s gives an electrifying finish seeing bright and bold colors stand out among worn down ones.

Muted blues help give a sense of freshness to the room and antique chandeliers bring it back to a elegant level where a piece like that it’s merely used as decoration, it’s lighting purposes totally forgotten in favor of a more natural light that comes from windows and that perfectly emote the soft and forgiving  French country side aesthetic.

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