46 Enchantingly Beautiful Living Rooms (Photo Gallery)

Updated on May 7, 2021

Decorating a living room is rarely done without an enormous amount of research and plenty of browsing lists like this one. You’ll find all the inspiration you need to get you started dreaming about having the perfect living room someday.

Turn your living room into an amazing, beautiful space where you can chill out with family and friends or even on your own. Sometimes we just need to relax and having the right space to do that is essential.

As you look over this list of living room design ideas, keep track of the best ideas for your own space. You never know what might catch your eye and as you pore over the list, you’re bound to find several things you love.

Beautiful Living Room Design Ideas

1. Sheer Curtains

Sheer white curtains give you privacy while allowing natural light to still flow in and brighten up your living room.

2. Rustic Brick Fireplace

Using the original brick fireplace in an older home lets you keep some of the history of the space.

3. Woven Chairs

These woven chairs not only look cool, they match the carpet and are extremely comfortable to sit in.

4. Swirling Wall Paint

Free flowing swirles in lighter and darker paint on the wall behind the television set make this room feel mystical.

5. Tall Mirror

Behind the sofa, this stunning mirror with elegant features and an arched top reflects the room and makes it feel larger.

6. Glassed In Hall

Above this stunning living room is an overhead hall with a glass rail to allow anyone to look down into the living space.

7. Funky Chairs

Two rounded chairs on a single base create a unique look for this living room crowded with art.

8. Plaid Carpet

Blue and white plaid carpet is a fun way to add texture and design to a regular living room.

9. Tiny Deer Lights

The chandeliers in this room are topped with tiny little deer, making them a work of art, as well as illuminating.

10. Red Curtains

Thick red curtains make this living room feel more enclosed and private, while adding a luxurious touch.

11. Floral Art

Track lights keep this beautiful floral painting well-lit and the colors are picked up in the small bouquet of real flowers on the table.

12. Hanging Lights

Lights that hang down further than the usual overheads can be a great way to light up a space and add some style, too.

13. Tone on Tone Art

In a gray and white space, this art perfectly accentuates the space and creates a lovely backdrop for the sofa.

14. Square Rug

The rug in this living room denotes the space and shares the tan and brown tones that are used throughout.

15. Dangling Globes

Glass globe lights allow for maximum illumination at night, but they are also classy and add to the space, even when off.

16. Dramatic Lighting

Give your space a museum type feel with statues and dramatic lighting against dark walls.

17. Storage Galore

There’s no shortage of places to store things in this busy room, with all its shelves and cabinets, plus it lets you display your favorites.

18. Display Stools

Extra tall stools make the perfect place to perch a delicate vase that is designed to enhance the room.

19. Statement Sofa

Crisp white paint keeps this home feeling clean and light, but the bright teal sofa screams playful to the world.

20. Wall of Mirrors

If you aren’t interested in one big mirror, why not mount dozens of smaller ones on the chimney for a unique art piece?

21. String Globe Light

A perfect globe, made from stiffened string, forms the lamp shade for the overhead light in this pretty living room.

22. Bold Carpet

A good rug is a must-have in any beautiful living room and this one is not only durable, but fairly neutral, so it can be used anywhere.

23. Accent Wall

Tuck your prized possessions away on these rich, teal shelves and cupboards for extra impact in the room.

24. White and Tan

When a room is as perfectly white as this one, you will love pairing tan and gray with the furniture to give it a little contrast.

25. Black and White Paisley Rug

This living rom features a very bold and striking carpet in a paisley pattern that wakes up the room and livens it up.

26. Open Living Room

Open your living room to the outdoors with this massive window that makes you feel like you’re sitting right beside the pool.

27. Burnished Wood Floors

Dark wood floors tend not to be as popular these days, but this rich stain lends a feeling of antiquity to the living room.

28. Mantel Full of Candles

Light up your living room naturally with plenty of candles and a roaring fire to create comfort and calm.

29. Rough Wood Mantel

This mantel is the perfect place for a holiday decoration or two, as well as art or anything you might want to display.

30. Powder Blue Sofa

Pale blue walls beautifully set off this small living room with its powder blue couch and white and tan carpet.

31. Modern Rocking Chair

You’ll want to try this fun new rocking chair out and it’s a great idea for adding extra seating in the living room.

32. Concrete Block Wall

Concrete blocks have been used to build homes for generations, so it makes sense to use the same material for a feature wall.

33. Starburst Light

This spiky, starburst light with its bulbs at the end of each spike gives the room plenty of light during the day or night.

34. Card File Cabinet

Card files were once a common item in libraries, but now, they serve as the perfect place for knick knacks.

35. Silver Platter

Have an old silver platter kicking around? Mount it on a wall and turn it into an amazing art piece in seconds.

36. Dual Living Room Spaces

With a media area and a conversation spot, this living room is set up to make easy to use as a family or with guests.

37. Red Sculptures

From the curved red chair to the red art sculptures, this room uses its accent colors perfectly.

38. Soft Gray Sofa

A beautiful gray sofa provides a soft place to sit for when you need a break or want to hang out with your family.

39. Green Curtains

There are plenty of fun textures and colors in this room, but the green curtains at the window really catch your eye.

40. Waffle Ceiling

High above the zebra striped rug, a waffle ceiling provides illumination and visual interest with deep recesses.

41. Striped Rug

This beautiful plush rug invites you into the living room with tones of blue and gray throughout its fibers.

42. Blue vs. Blue

Two sofas, both a different shade of blue, add interest as they face each other off with pillows on board.

43. Simple Wainscoting

Plain white wainscoting makes this room feel more formal than it really is and adds a little light to the living room.

44. Bold Pillows

Stunning pillows in bold patterns and colors make this living room feel fun and playful.

45. Zig Zag Ottoman

This entire living room is fascinating with its fun carpet and interesting looks, but the ottoman, with its zig zags is the best part.

46. Bamboo Blinds

Give your living room a little extra privacy by adding bamboo blinds to block out prying eyes.

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