47 Craftsman Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Sometimes you want to forego all the ornamental designs that people tend to focus on in their home décor these days and stick with a style much more classic and focus more on the structure.


What’s popular is not always what you are looking for, so it can be hard to find the designs you need. That’s why you are in the perfect place to feed your inspiration.

Our photo gallery has many different photos of Craftsman kitchen ideas so you will never be at a loss when it comes to ideas for your own! Start clicking and get thinking!

The Main Focus

When choosing a Craftsman kitchen design for your household you are really picking a challenging task. But if that’s what you want then there are many different ways to achieve that look for your kitchen.

The main focus of Craftsman design is the overall structure of the kitchen, including the cabinetry and the counters. You will want to stick with easy straight lines and solid woods and colors.

Most people who choose to flood their eyes with Craftsman kitchen designs will first notice that wood is the main focus of anything. It doesn’t matter the grain or the color, you just need to pick the wood that you find classiest and the best fit for your home.


Keeping Your Craftsman Kitchen Cute

Instead of making the kitchen lavish with tchotchkes and other types of décor, you focus more on having high quality cabinetry and countertops.

Bars are often utilized to add a close sense of home to the kitchen. Dining tables can be used as well, but even having the addition of the bar can bring a family closer together. Kids can sit there doing homework while you make dinner.

The Home Interior

Craftsman kitchen designs work best when your home has high ceilings and low hanging lights. You can keep it wide open while still having intimate lighting available to bring it together.

Wood furniture is often the best way to offset the design as well, and bring in that natural old time feeling, back when people really put their best effort into their home. Focusing on the craftsmanship was more important than luxury items or looking rich.

Instead, you propose being rich in the skillset overall.

Don’t feel at a loss because our photo gallery is available to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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