49 Farmhouse Kitchen Designs and Ideas

One of the most timeless and popular designs when it comes to your home kitchen is the farmhouse kitchen design. They are meant to look practical and a bit utilitarian while also helping the kitchen feel warm and fulfilling.


Your farmhouse kitchen should be large and in charge, capable of bringing that home cooked meal to life with plenty of room to spare.

Choosing this design means you have so much to work with it can be easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we put together a photo gallery for you to consider all possible ideas.

The Sink

Did you know that a sink is usually the centerpiece of a farmhouse kitchen? That’s right, the sink, above all else, can help designate your kitchen as the ever popular Farmhouse design.

A Farmhouse kitchen design is usually the main choice for a family, and they are meant to help produce big family meals. A large sink is the perfect place to dump all your dirty dishes as you work on that delectable meal.

Usually the sinks are stainless steel or porcelain and are wide open and ready to work for your needs. It should be able to handle any mess no matter how large.


The Overall Feeling of A Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen ideas are generally wide ranging and easy to manage.  You get to really mix texture and design together. Rustic wooden signs or metal décor are quite common.  So are signs you might see in an actual farmhouse like one claiming fresh eggs can be found here.

Animal décor is quite common and it really brings out the home-like feeling of a farmhouse kitchen. They are meant to bring you back to a much simpler time where everything was made from scratch in your kitchen and pulled out of your very own yard.

You Can Buy Used

Since a farmhouse kitchen is meant to look lived in you can work with used furniture and signage. Having antiques or furniture that is distressed will only add to the homeliness of your kitchen.

Everyone who is invited in should feel right at home in the warm, stable environment. There’s no need to populate your counters with all of the latest appliances either. The simpler the better when it comes to matching up to the look you want.

Seriously, our photo gallery is the best place to go to help inspire you in your farmhouse kitchen designs.

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