50 Traditional Bedroom Designs and Ideas

The traditional bedroom design is very elegant and comforting for any home. This classic design embraces the use of symmetry, vibrant color, and finely crafted furniture to create a space that feels balanced and familiar. This design style is perfect for a master bedroom or guest bedroom in any home.


Traditional bedroom ideas are sophisticated and charming, giving off a feeling that the room is created from family heirlooms. Focusing on the backdrops of your traditional bedroom design will make this style come together easily. Here are a few traditional bedroom ideas to get you on your way.

Traditional Bedroom Design

The soft, gentle refinement of the traditional bedroom design will make your bedroom feel polished and poised. Taking the time to develop a working background knowledge of traditional bedroom design can help you create the perfect space for restful sleep. Here is a look at some of the fundamental elements to this style that you can use in your bedroom.


In the traditional bedroom design, color is important to facilitate the balance between easy, classic feelings of comfort and your personal style. Neutral colors are best for the traditional bedroom and the use of other colors can have a deep effect on the contrast of your space. Using color to your liking will give the traditional bedroom life. Add pops of color to your bedding, your windows, your walls, or your furniture in hues that accentuate your personal style.

Functional Furnishings

The traditional bedroom ideas available have a lot of similar furnishings that can help you pull your bedroom together. Depending on the size of your bedroom, adding a bench at the foot of your bed will give your room a classic feeling while adding a functional space to the room that can be used versatilely. Modern bedside tables that have an antique appeal can add class and function to your room as well.


Traditional Bedroom Ideas

Here are some traditional bedroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Purposeful Bedding

Use a matched bedroom set for your bed to pull the colors, patterns and furnishings in your room together. Focusing on the backdrop of your bedroom early can set the stage for the main attraction in your bedroom- the bed. If you plan your color scheme early on, you can make your bed the elaborate, gorgeous focal point of your room simply by matching the bedding to your color palette and adding contrast by choosing additional pillow covers that work with your bedspread.

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