53 Breathtaking Living Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Decorating your home is an undertaking that requires plenty of inspiration and motivation and many people want to start with the living room. This is the heart of the home for many families and is where you will make memories for years to come.

Creating a space where those memories will become happy ones is the best part of designing a home. Whether you’re building from scratch or creating a space that is just temporary, you can add colors and details that will help fix those awesome times in everyone’s mind. From furniture to art, there’s a lot you can do to design the perfect space for your family and friends.

To give you the ultimate inspiration, this list of 53 living rooms will provide you with all the ideas you need for designing your own space.

Breathtaking Living Room Designs

1. White and Black

Elegant white and black decor makes this room feel special, but the blue sofa really creates a standout look.

2. Concrete Seat

No room for a window seat? You can build one right into your concrete fireplace wall, complete with pillows and a soft cushion.

3. Old Wood Table

This coffee table uses old wood that still has band marks on it from where metal strapping once held it together.

4. Large Leather Sofa

This brown leather sofa dominates the living room, with two armchairs and a fireplace facing it.

5. Gentle Gray

Create a calming space with gray walls and floors, as well as furniture, then brighten it up a bit with wood accents.

6. Chest Table

This side table is actually a tiny chest on legs that serves as a place to put items and a storage unit.

7. Track Lighting

Following the curve of this unique sofa, the track lighting above keeps the bright orange cushions illuminated.

8. Minimalistic Storage

There are no frills on this simple storage unit and table. It can also be used as a desk, if desired.

9. Thick Woven Rug

Give your living room a country feel with this thick woven carpet that keeps feet from the cool floorboards and adds texture to the space.

10. Floral Prints

Delicate floral fabric covers the chairs in this quaint, old-fashioned living room and the colors are picked up in the accent pieces around the room.

11. Pleated Curtains

The long, pleated curtains in this living room provide privacy when needed and style when left open.

12. Dual Living Rooms

On either side of this fireplace wall is a living room, making it possible for two different family members to entertain at the same time.

13. Gray Art

The art in rich grays hung on this living room’s walls make it feel alive and bright.

14. Extra Storage

Flanking the fireplace are two beautiful cabinets with shelves above them to give you lots of storage space.

15. Single Sofa Living Room

When you have limited space, a single sofa can set the tone for a tiny living room and make it the perfect spot for a chat.

16. Wood Floors

Gleaming wood floors create a lovely base for this comfortable living room with its L-shaped sofa and armchair.

17. Woven Wall Art

Brightly colored woven pieces of art are mounted above the fireplace, adding a splash of color to the room.

18. Shaggy Rug

This cream colored shag rug perfectly offsets the gray of the fireplace and the walls behind the shelves on either side of it.

19. Circular Living Room

Uniquely round, or rather hexagonal, this living room seating is unusual, yet ideal for long talks.

20. Stone Columns

The fireplace itself is made of smooth panels, but on either side are beautiful stone pillars that lend a rustic note to the room.

21. Dark Wood Floors

Among the tropical themed seats and art in this cozy living room, the dark floorboards keep the space grounded.

22. Glamorous Sofas

In a sofa face-off, both these sofas would win, as they sit on opposite sides of the glass coffee table and provide comfortable seating.

23. Moveable Lamp

It’s important to have great light for reading and this lamp allows you to move it to just the right position for reading.

24. Green Room

The green walls of this tiny living room are tempered by the pink curtains and white decor throughout.

25. Large Patio Doors

These extra tall patio doors are made of glass, so they let in all the light during the day, keeping the room bright.

26. Starburst Mirror

Add a touch of creativity to your room by hanging a starburst mirror above the fireplace.

27. Round Wood Wedge Table

The specialty coffee table in this busy living room is made of wedges of wood, each stained differently for contrast.

28. Black Storage Cabinet

In a living room that is decorated almost entirely in light colors, this black cabinet and coffee table set really stand out.

29. Flowered Valences

Everything in this quaint living room matches, from the flowery valences to the flowered chairs.

30. Chrome Lights

These rounded chrome lights help create more brilliance throughout the room so you can see to read and write.

31. Egg Chair

It’s all but impossible to resist sitting in this fun egg chair and the butterfly carpet helps make this room feel even more playful.

32. Gas Fireplace

A simple gas fireplace lets you adjust the heat and flame as you like, with a television mounted directly above.

33. Candles in the Fireplace

This fireplace gets plenty of light, thanks to these cute little candles tucked inside.

34. Neutral Carpet

You can use any accent color with this fun space, since it’s decorated in neutrals, from the carpet to the sofa.

35. Towering Fireplace

This large, spacious living room features a huge stone chimney that ends directly below a window.

36. Brightly Colored Wall Art

In a calming room like this with wood and rock built-in, the colorful wall art is a burst of surprising brightness.

37. Painted Tree

Make your fireplace a visual focalpoint by painting a simple tree on it, preferably in a lighter color.

38. Books on Display

Show off your love of books by displaying your favorites on the coffee table and adding more to the shelves by the fireplace.

39. Abstract Art

A large, well-lit painting hangs over the sofa, with more paintings flanking it and giving the room more color.

40. Tiny Tiles

Frame your fireplace in tiny, colorful tiles and you have plenty of visual interest in your living room.

41. Window Room

Natural light is the best kind of light and this corner living room certainly gets plenty of it.

42. Facing Armchairs

A tiny apartment like this leeaves just enough room for two people to sit in facing armchairs, chatting.

43. Dark Leather Sofa

This dark leather sofa may look sleek and elegant, but it is even more comfortable than you’d expect.

44. Spiral Stairs

A tiny living room features a single sofa or loveseat, with spiral stairs offering a more interesting visual.

45. Floating Pine Shelves

Pine shelves, left natural, stand out against the dark gray of this dividing wall.

46. Houseplants for Color

This living room features plenty of potted houseplants that are perfectly scattered about to add color to an otherwise dull room.

47. Twin Spaces

Everything in this room is doubled, from the sofas and pillows to the coffee tables, lamps and even mirrors.

48. Bold Colors

Bright blue and sunny yellow make this fun living room stand out from the others on this list.

49. Plexiglas Tables

Barely there side tables made of Plexiglas allow you to set items down beside a chair with ease.

50. Window Seat

Stretch out on this spacious window seat to read a book or to catch up on your emails.

51. Entertainment Center Art

Simple shelves give you space to put your art, while the cabinet makes it possible to keep all your tech out of sight.

52. Fresh Flowers

Brighten your living room with some fresh flowers, specially chosen to enhance the color scheme.

53. Boxy Sofas

Neatly offsetting the rounded lamps and tree stump table, these boxy sofas offer comfy seating for your guest

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