53 Farmhouse Living Room

You can’t go far without seeing farmhouse living room designs. That’s because they provide a classic and simple family feeling without too much effort.


In our photo gallery there are 100s of photos to look through to see exactly why the farmhouse style is a perfect fit for you.

The reason farmhouse style living rooms persevere is because they bring a sense of home like nothing else can. So let’s take a look through our photos and see how that proves true so you can find the inspiration you need.

Utilizing Natural Textures To Get The Right Feel

Furniture that is more modern and compact can actually be quite pricy. That’s why it is a great idea to stick to the classics when you’re looking into designing your living room. This style is great for families because it can use bold or natural colors and help conceal natural wear and tear.

That’s right: a key component of farmhouse style is using wood furniture or accents. This is great because it can be clean cut or shabbier and still fit in with the personality of the room.


Accessorizing Is Ideal When It Comes To Farmhouse Living Rooms

Farmhouse living room ideas depend on a farmhouse look where that everything is used and well-loved and stands up to the tests of time, just like family. So chipped paint and scratched furniture, in just the right way of course, only adds to the aesthetic.

Another great way to bring about that natural, homey feel are woven fabrics or even chalkboards. Not only can you personalize with burlap accessories but you can spell out daily messages to please your loved ones.

Choose Solid Colors Over Busy Patterns

Patterns can always add a fun twist, which is probably with gingham is always a great choice. When it comes to the farmhouse style you already have all those textures vying for attention, so it’s good to stick to solid colors.

You can never go wrong with mixing dark, earthy tones like mahogany or forest green. There are so many shades of brown to compliment as well, so there’s a great many to choose from. Earthy tones are also great for masking imperfections and helping people feel at ease in their own home.

When it comes to farmhouse ideas, the possibilities are endless. Find the textures that work best for you, be it metal or wood or quilted, and let your personality shine.

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