54 Kitchen Designs Just For You

Your kitchen is your creative space. You will be spending a ton of time there, and whether the time is spent coming up with wonderful meals or simply making a cup of coffee, you want to have a kitchen that looks great. You want it to match your personality. For many homes, the kitchen becomes the focal point with family and friends.


Whether you are designing a new home or remodeling an existing one, we want to help you get your kitchen right. Consider the space you are working with. What size is it? How can you best have it match the rest of the house while still standing out? We’ve gathered 54 kitchen design ideas for you to look through. Browse through them and see if any of the styles work for you.

1. Wonderful Brick Style

This kitchen has a really great style and has the added character of the brick wall behind the island. This area makes use of its space.

2. Skylight Bright

Having open spaces is important for many people. This kitchen opens up to the outside, so get togethers will be a breeze. The skylights add to the open feeling.

3. Storage Corner

This storage area is right where all the cooking action is. Right in the corner of the kitchen, you can ensure you will have everything handy.

4. Opened Up

From the kitchen with this functional island and right into the dining area. Everything here is open and well lit thanks to the large windows.

5. Bold Styles

With bold hardwood all around this kitchen and darker colors used throughout, this kitchen has a great character.

6. Keep it Organized

This pantry has a high ceiling to allow for more shelves. With a space like this, all of your storage needs will be met and you even have an easy to clean area to make your coffee.

7. Hardwood Styles

Two tones of hardwood work well together here. Lighter hardwood for the floor and table top and darker for the cabinets.

8. Space Saving Cutting

Your cutting board slides right out and right next to it are all your  knives. Having these side-by-side is genius and space saving.

9. Contemporary Flair

These sleek and modern counter tops really bring life to this kitchen. They blend well with the stainless appliances.

10. Geometric Floor

Sometimes the floor of a room really makes it special. This geometric styled floor looks great and adds texture to a space that already makes good use of lighter browns.

11. Under the Archway

Some people claim not to notice them, but archways are simply wonderful. Imagine instead that this space was flat and not arched. No, it certainly wouldn’t have as much character.

12. Functional Island

This blue center island has a space for books and a sink. Functionality and looks, what more could you ask for. Top it with a marble counter top and you have beauty.

13. Easy Disposal

Yes, these two roll out accessories save space, but don’t underestimate how useful it is to have the cutting board right above the trash can. This makes chopping a bit easier.

14. Great Pantry

This pantry has plenty of room and looks great thanks to the white shelves that contrast beautifully with the dark floor.

15. Modern Designs

The corner of this center island is darker and of different material and the light fixtures have a great teardrop design. This contemporary space looks really great.

16. Cozy and Complete

Never let the size of your kitchen make you think you can’t have everything you nee. This kitchen shows you how well it can all work.

17. Elegant Island

The center island of this kitchen has great wooden columns carved in for an elegant effect. It blends with the wonderful decor used all around.

18. Exposed Beams

If you can, never cover exposed wooden beams. They look fantastic and are a great balancing point for decor in a room.

19. Charming Country Style

This hardwood floor blends well with the mid-century country style of this kitchen. Everything you need is in this comfortable space.

20. Completely Neat

When you want to stay organized, make sure you have a pantry like this with matching containers. Never misplace anything again.

21. Great Wooden Styles

Your eyes are immediately drawn to the great use of hardwood throughout this room. From the table to the light fixtures, this is a unique space.

22. Simple Decor

This kitchen doesn’t overwhelm you with a bunch of decor. It relys on the beauty from the hardwood and goes with a minimal approach.

23. Extended Table

You can have your meals right here thanks to this table that extends out from the center island. Every one can pull up a stool and chow down.

24. Comfortable and Bright

There is nothing complicated about this kitchen space. Its contemporary design works well for the sizing requirements and it lights up well.

25. Fantastic Light Fixtures

Notice how well the light fixtures blend with the hardwood stools and shelving. Coordinate your decor and styles for a subtle blending.

26. Dark Hardwood Dream

With you have pine hardwood like this, don’t paint over it. Use it. This kitchen has a bold character thanks for the use of darker colors to blend with the hardwood.

27. Always Organized

You don’t nee a whole room for a pantry. These cabinets open up to reveal just how much organization you can have with a space like this.

28. Right to the Dining Room

You can see how well this entire house blends the design scheme. From the entrance to the kitchen and out to the dining room, it all ties together thanks to darker hardwood choices.

29. Dark Cabinets

These dark gray cabinets bring this kitchen to life. With lighter walls and counter tops, this is the perfect balance for a space of this size.

30. Marble Counters

Sometimes people take marble counter tops for granted, but they shouldn’t. They bring a wonderful elegance to a kitchen that is hard to match.

31. Lovely Breakfast Space

There is nothing better than having a meal with family in a space like this. The natural light shines in on a good time.

32. Cobble Stone

This kitchen has a great use of color throughout and finished up a great design with a cobblestone style behind the stove.

33. Modern Rustic Designs

Thanks to the high ceiling, this is a grand space with grand style. The bold hardwood is matched by the stone usage. An island and a dining space all fit comfortably here.

34. Sleek Contemporary

This kitchen makes great use of lighters colors and contrasts them perfectly with the darker light fixture. A small but powerful color move.

35. Stove in the Middle

You have all the cooking space you need here. With the stove located on the large center island, you have the ability to move around and get things done.

36. Colorful and Fun

Never have a bland kitchen if you want something colorful. This space shows how you can have fun with your designs and make it look great.

37. Traditional Styles

You have display cabinets for showing off your best items and a wonderful hardwood floor to base everything off of. This kitchen is traditional and looks great.

38. Extra Space

When you need some extra counter space, consider having a roll out item like this. It is available when you need it and neatly stores away when you don’t.

39. The Blues

This kitchen almost has a retro style thanks to the design and color choices. The blue walls work well with the yellow chairs and the tile in the kitchen.

40. Country Elegance

This is an upscale and classy country design. The exposed wooden beams work well with the hardwood counter tops and floor.

41. Great Natural Light

When natural light is allowed to spill into a kitchen like this, the whole area looks more open and large. This functional center island uses a navy blue color to blend with the lighter styled space.

42. All the Storage

You would never know all this storage was available if everything was closed up. This design saves space and will keep you completely organized in the kitchen.

43. Functional and Ready

The skylight shines light into this kitchen that is open and functional. The large refrigerator unit will ensure you have enough food for everyone.

44. Mid-Century Update

This mid-century style gets a face lift. With great darker designs behind the stove and for the light fixtures, there is a color contrast at work that looks great.

45. Everything You Need

A washed out hardwood look works well for these cabinets and blends with the floor. With a brick backdrop, this kitchen is really stylish.

46. Marble Designs

The marble style behind the stove is really the eye catching part of this space, but don’t let it distract you from the simple elegance throughout.

47. Cream Colored Dream

The cream color choice used to blend with the hardwood floor here almost makes this kitchen glow with life. The farm style sinks give you a sense of charm.

48. Brilliant Lighting

Notice the lighting along the ceiling, hanging over the island, and glowing on the walls. This space will always have the right lighting for your needs.

49. Wonderful Layout

This kitchen is functional and well planned out. The island is larger for eating space, but the dining area is right around the corner and surrounded by windows.

50. Comfortably Contemporary

Not everyone needs a large kitchen, but you can make any space elegant and functional. Everything you need from a kitchen is here and it looks wonderful.

51. Upgraded Farm

This hardwood counter top sets the mood in this kitchen. Like an upscale farmhouse, this room has beautiful decor to match the wonderful design choices.

52. Designed Blue

Not all kitchen areas are created the same. This one has an area you can sit back and relax in either before or after your meal. The blue designs tie in well with the ceiling.

53. Old-Style Designs

The simple addition of this wooden shelf brings a whole new feel to this kitchen. It blends so well with this unique sink and the darker cabinets.

54. Great Backdrop

Add a little design to the area behind your stove and you can change the whole character of the room. This alternating brick pattern looks fantastic.