61 Traditional Living Rooms

A clean cut traditional style if often the way to go and this is a great choice for many types of people. What makes the traditional living room a great accent to any home is that it has an effortless and attractive appeal.


Check out our photo galleries for all your inspirational needs, and add your own personal touch to your interior design. We hope that you find what you are looking for among these photos of amazing traditional living room designs.

Decorating A Traditional Living Room

Traditional living rooms are wonderful because they add a nice ease of elegance to the average home. Sometimes it might feel like designs these days have too much going on or are trying too hard to make statements.

This is why traditional living room ideas are great for those who prefer simplistic to over-the-top. Everyone can feel comfortable in a room that is both updated and classic at the same time, which is part of the appeal.

One of the ways a traditional living room can give off those classic vibes is by sticking to a clean and soft look. This is why upholstered furniture like corduroy or suede is a great choice for the traditional living room.

Keeping the colors matching and a bit plain are also common aspects, but it is okay to add patterns. Overall the effect of this traditional living room should be a sense of calm and orderly fashion.


A Simple Layout Works Best

Sometimes it can be fun to experiment with furniture and place it unexpectedly in an average floorplan. This isn’t the case with a traditional style. Instead, the design should be focused on keeping all lines matched up.

To keep lines matched up means a sofa should sit against a wall and all other furniture should follow the lines of the room, whether they be straight or curved.

Accessories Should Be At A Minimum

There’s no need for tassels and pillows strewn about a traditional style living room. This is because the focus of the room is its clean cut symmetry. Everything should match and follow lines to be pleasing and effortless to the eye.

Common accessories to include in these designs are books, plants, framed photos, and other natural objects. Nothing that can be wasted will be incorporated into this timeless design. A great choice for those who want to show off their refined taste but not clutter up a room.

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