45 Adorable Nursery Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Are you about to have a little one join your family? If so, then we know how perfect you want everything to be when the time comes. You have probably dreamed of what kind of nursery you want. There are so many different designs to choose from, but remember that you are the one in control. Make the space that reflects what you want.

No matter what size room you are using for your nursery or what kind of budget you are on, you can create a room that is beautiful. Whether you want something traditional or contemporary, you can find something that works. We have gathered up 45 nursery design ideas for you to look at below. See if you find something that interests you. Take some notes and get started.

Adorable Nursery Ideas

1. Make it Pink

You can make a room so elegant with a design like this. The pink isn’t overwhelming and the effect is simply amazing.

2. It’s all There

With a great cream color scheme, this room is decorated brilliantly. From the clouds on the ceiling to the brown sofa for parents to relax on, this room does it all.

3. Simply Complete

This space is so simple that it is so beautiful. With a space for everything and great art work for the wall, practicality meets charm.

4. Handsome Space

With great decor and artwork, the natural light is allowed to spill into this room for bring life to the great designs.

5. Nothing Complicated

This light hardwood used for the crib and the decor blend so well with this room. The hardwood floor brings a great charm to the space.

6. Trees of Life

This large crib is is a perfect blend in this space. With trees on the wall that have fantastic blue leaves, this space is beautiful.

7. Traveler Charm

The designs used for the carpet and the furniture blend so well with the weathered hardwood wall. Natural light spills in to give the space life.

8. Color Splash

The carpet is a kaleidoscope of colors that blends well with the rest of the decor to perfectly balance with the white.

9. Great Balance

The light and dark color scheme is a perfect balance for this room. With a great tree pattern for the wall, you will love a place designed like this.

10. Floating Fantasy

With fantastic toys and decor all over this room, the bright colors shine in the natural light that comes in.

11. Country Design

The decor of this room really centers itself off of this great hardwood floor. We can see an early 1900s traditional style at work here.

12. Solid Colors

If you are looking for a way to make your nursery stand out, try making the walls completely different colors. This room uses white and yellow with matching decor for a great effect.

13. Calm Space

Using a burgundy and gray color scheme makes for a perfect balance with this nursery. With great lighting and decor, this space is ready for its occupant.

14. Bright Blues

The blue and white pattern on the wall match well with the colors around the rest of the room. With a great calm environment like this, you will love being here.

15. Many Options

With a table, a cushioned area to play, and racks for books, this room comes to life with natural light through the windows.

16. Fun Decor

What better way to measure your child’s height than with a giraffe? Orange, white, and blue all work together to create a welcoming environment.

17. Balloons Going Up

With a stylistic way to put art on the wall, these hot air balloons are sure to delight everyone who comes in.

18. Timeless Style

Two babies? No problem. This space is elegant and made to give your children a calm environment to grow and learn in.

19. Space for Two

With great simple and colorful decor, this space will hold two comfortably. The white walls work well with the hardwood floors. Look, the cribs match the color scheme.

20. Traditional Beauty

Like a scene from an early 1900s house, this nursery is designed for elegance. From the hardwood crib to the table glowing by the window, this room is fantastic.

21. A Star’s Room

We know, your child is a star. Design a room around them to make sure they know it, too. This room glows with fun.

22. Animal Fun

Animals everywhere! On the wall, in the pictures, and rocking on the floor. For your little animal lover, design a room they’ll love.

23. Plush Style

With a great fluffy carpet to cushion your loved one, this room is like a cloud. With natural light pouring in from the outside, this space is bright and fun.

24. Classically Patterned

This nursery has a classic feel to it that just reverberates around the brilliant decor. From a beautiful crib to a comfortable chair, you will love being in here with your child.

25. Smiling Blue

The blues used in this room just make you happy. With great decor to make the nursery lively, this space is ready for your child.

26. Color Statement

Make a statement with bold coloring. The choices used to make this room stand out really mean business. With a traditional style of elegance, this room is great.

27. Tent Play

With a wagon and a tent on full display here, you might think you are in a Wild West theme.

28. Center of Attention

With calm pink tones to the room, the center of attention lies on the most important part – where your child is sleeping.

29. Lettered Room

Give them a space that is their own by putting identifying markers on the wall. THe decor of this room blends rustic and farmhouse.

30. Cloud Blue

Float away to the clouds on the hot air balloons. This room has a great chevron patterned hardwood floor to blend with the blues.

31. All to Sleep

If you have a mix of older and younger kids, you can design a space like this to ensure they all have room.

32. Mountain Design

The mountain pattern on the walls of this nursery work very well stylistically. The hardwood furniture blends great with the floor.

33. Learning Center

With plenty of storage and shelf space, you can keep all of your child’s learning tools nearby and ready for use.

34. Cute Animals

With a calm color scheme at work here, this nursery is graced by super cute animals on the wall. Your little loved one will be comfortable here.

35. Simply Decorated

This crib is surrounded by great artwork, a simple area to hang items, and a toy basket. Nothing complicated, yet so beautiful.

36. Seuss on the Wall

Put some artwork of your favorite Dr. Seuss stories on the wall. You can get them started early on great rhymes, while you read them to sleep.

37. Bright Styles

Brilliant and light patterns are at work in this nursery. This space is elegant and comfortable. Bathed in plenty of natural light, your will find comfort here.

38. Name on the Wall

Put their name on the wall and make the room officially theirs. This sea theme works really well for a baby boy nursery.

39. Sea Fun

Under the sea and colored to match. This room blends brilliant hardwood furniture with a great theme.

40. Stylish and Fun

This great dark hardwood crib is surrounded by a classically elegant style of decor. From the light beige colors to the timeless chair, this is a great space.

41. Half Moon Fun

You can get creative with your nursery themes. Here we see the stars and the moon take over. Your child will have sweet dreams here.

42. Plenty of Light

The many windows in this nursery allow plenty of natural light to shine in. This space features a crib and a bed, ready for your child to grow.

43. The Carpet Works

The natural light shines in on this nursery that is tied together with a great patterned carpet. With blues blended with beige, this room is a great match.

44. Floral Match

This colorful floral crib is matched brilliantly with the tree that is sprouting on the wall. Don’t settle for a bland space when you can have something like this.

45. Multi-Patterned

This room uses multiple patterns, from the fabrics, walls, and rug. It ties them all together with a great color scheme that is warm and inviting.
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