Aicok AMR521 Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor: A Complete Review

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Updated on January 3, 2022

Waking up and starting your day with a healthy breakfast is something that you should do each day, but that’s not easy to do if you don’t have the best masticating juicer. It’s hard to motivate yourself, grabbing a donut and sugary drink from the gas station is easy. Once you invest in a reliable cold-press juicer for your home, making the transition to a healthier lifestyle will be easier than ever.

Aicok AMR521 Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Review

When you wake up in the morning, the last thing you want to do is make a big breakfast. Luckily you can get a jump start on your nutrients for the day with a glass of freshly squeezed juice. The first step to juicing at home is finding a great masticating juicer for your needs. Luckily for you, the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is a wise investment in the health of you and your family. Being able to juice fruits and vegetables, even the leafy greens that don’t have much liquid to them will allow you to sneakily increase your family’s vegetable intake.

Who Is This Product For?

If you want to make delicious cold-pressed juices, the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor would be a great addition to your kitchen.

It would be great in your house if:

  • You want to bump up your family’s vegetable intake
  • You would love to start the day with cold-pressed juices without having to spend a ton on a single glass of juice
  • You want to be able to juice spinach and kale easily


There are a ton of things that make the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor a great choice for your home. Have you been looking for a reliable juicer that you can use to sneak more fruits and veggies into your family’s diet? You are in luck! Making a delicious juice that’s made of fruits and vegetables is a great way to broaden the range of things your kids are consuming. This is also a great tool for people that want to make homemade popsicles with their kids during the summer. No matter what kind of juice you want to make, this great juicer from Aicok is a great choice for your juicing needs.

Pros and Cons

Here are a few things we like about it:

  • Runs below 60 decibels, making it nice and quiet
  • Juice and pulp separation
  • Attachments are dishwasher safe

Here are is something we don’t like about it:

  • Some of the plastic pieces break off

How Does It Work?

Using the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is super easy!

  1. Once you decide what kinds of fruits and veggies you want in your juice, chop up the pieces so they fit in the chute.
  2. Drop your fruits and veggies.
  3. Let the juicer do its thing and you will have juice and pulp in separate cups before you know it.


Overall, the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is an amazing appliance. Whether you want to make apple, grape, tomato, or kale juice, this machine can make you delicious juices at the press of a button. The next step is up to you, check out the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor for yourself.