All-Clad Stainless Steel Classic Waffle Maker Review

Here’s the deal.


It’s lunchtime and you’re having some major cravings.

What exactly are you thinking about?

Waffles, of course!

Now, we all know that it is perfectly acceptable to eat waffles at any time and on any day of the week.

Seriously, is there anything more delicious than a perfectly crisp, golden-brown waffle?


But here’s the thing.

Your old waffle maker is such a hassle to use.

Every time you use it, half of the waffle stays stuck to it.

So does that mean you should just forget about making delicious waffles – of course not!

With the right type of waffle maker, anything is possible!

Keep on reading to read about the best thin waffle maker.

All-Clad Stainless Steel Classic Waffle Maker

All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Classic Round Waffle Maker with 7 Browning Settings, 4-Section, Silver
  • Round-shaped waffles measuring 6.5 inches in diameter by 1/2-inch thick 4 with 4 easy-cut sections
  • Steam-release system for crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside waffles
  • 7 browning levels
  • Nonstick cooking surface provides effortless release and quick, easy cleanup
  • ready indicator light and sound to ensure foolproof baking

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Make waffle-making stress free with the high-end All-Clad Classic Waffle Maker.

With the unique and sophisticated design, you can be assured that it will bake the most perfect and delicious waffles for you in just minutes.

It’s absolutely a necessity for weekend brunches, mid-day snacks or after-dinner desserts.

The seven different browning levels provide options to make the whole family happy since everyone can choose how crispy or brown they’d like their waffles.

Since it’s release in 2013, people have been loving this quality, eye-catching waffle maker.

Who needs this waffle maker?

Let’s just say pretty much everyone needs this!

Since it is so straightforward and simple to use, anyone and everyone can use it; no skills required!

The only thing you’ll have to do is prepare the batter and then let the waffle maker do the baking.

This is especially great if you and your loved ones each have different preferences on how you like your waffles since this product allows you to choose between seven different browning levels.

Awesome, right?

What’s in the box?

So, what are you getting when this waffle maker arrives?

Well, you’ll be receiving the high-quality, stainless steel waffle maker along with the nonstick baking plates.

You will receive a 1-year limited warranty with it.

Overview of features:

This round-shaped waffle maker produces the perfect half-inch thick and 6.5-inches round waffle every time.

This product’s advanced heating technology guarantees consistent baking and browning.

With seven different browning levels, you’ll be able to customize each waffle according to your taste.

It also has a steam-release system which prevents condensation from building up inside.

Neat right?

There is also an audible beeper that will let you know when the machine is properly preheated and a green indicator light that lets you know when it’s all done baking.

The non-stick cooking surface and plates make for an effortless and quick removal of every waffle, and cleanup is stress-free.

Since it is housed in polished stainless steel and a die-cast handle, this durable waffle-maker will last you for a very long time.

Pros & Cons

There are so many great things about this All-Clad Waffle Maker!

Here are just a few:

  • 7-setting browning control to customize your waffles
  • Indicator lights to let you know when it’s ready
  • Advanced heating technology
  • Nonstick baking plates

To be fair, here’s a con about this stainless steel waffle maker:

  • Only bakes one waffle at a time

How to use and get the most out of this product:

Using this classic waffle maker couldn’t be easier.

All you have to do is plug it in and wait for the beep to let you know it’s preheated.

Then, simply pour in the batter, close the lid, turn the knob to choose your browning level and wait for the green indicator light to come on letting you know your waffle is ready.

Gather up your favorite toppings and enjoy your perfectly baked waffle!

Honestly, could it get any easier than that?

If you would like to see this waffle maker in action, here’s a great video showing how to use it.



Are you loving the idea of this classic waffle maker, but not ready to invest in this high-end one?

Good news!

If you are looking for something lower-priced, then why not check out this Cuisinart Waffle Maker!

This one has dual indicator lights to let you know when the unit is ready and when it’s done.

Awesome, right?

It also has a 5-setting browning control option, so you can choose between light to golden-brown to crispy.

Not to mention, this wafle maker is BPA free, so you can rest easy while enjoying the waffles.

Still not sure

Perhaps you are wanting something that will make more waffles at a time.

Or maybe you’re wanting something more eco-friendly and guaranteed free of PTFE or PFOA.

If this is you, then you’re in luck!

Check out the Euro Cuisine Waffle Maker.

This waffle maker has an adjustable temperature control and will provide you with five delicious, heart-shaped waffles at a time.

Awesome, right?

Not only is this one eco-friendly but non-stick plates are chemical-free: not containing any PTFE or PFOA.


So, to wrap things up.

The perfect, golden-brown waffle has never been easier to make, and you can do it from the comfort of your very own kitchen.

If you are ready to enjoy delicious, homemade waffles whenever your heart (or stomach) desires, then you need this All-Clad Stainless Steel Waffle Maker.

The easy-to-use, nonstick waffle maker will become one of your kitchen staples, and everyone will be wanting waffles on repeat!

Not only does the advanced heating technology guarantee you the perfect outcome every time, but the seven different browning levels will allow you to customize your waffle each and every time.

Easy to use and easy to clean, you really have no excuse to not invest in this!

So what are you waiting for?

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