25 Amazing Family Room Concepts (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

When shopping for a furniture like a sofa, an accent chair, or a coffee table, make sure you have checked and measured the space you will put it to before you go the store or order it online. Doesn’t matter where you buy your furniture, just be sure to always use a blue tape in the room to mark where the furniture will be and see how the dimensions of the item will work in your space.

And while you want your furniture pieces to complement each other, not everything has to match. You will be so disappointed to find out after you found the perfect piece of furniture only to have it not fit the space when you get it home.

If you have a minimalist, clean white interior, for example, switch things up a bit by shopping for a colorful, avant-garde sofa. Like what they say, opposites attract. Sure, that coffee table may look great in the showroom, but in your home, it could be a completely different story especially when it comes to its size.

Don’t be afraid to ask for some help. That way you can get an idea of what you can do if something wrong came up. You don’t want to be stuck with a $1,000 coffee table that doesn’t fit. Some people think if it matches it’s safe, but it can become too much. It’s all about finding the right one that works for your space.

Let some of these photos paint a picture for you. Here are our picks of amazing concepts for a family room that will surely give you some ideas and all the feels.

Family Room Ideas

1. White Delicates

Mix and match black and white accents in an open-type floor plan to create a free-flowing yet intimate space for you and your guests.

2. Coastal Display

This cottage house with its ash wood flooring exudes depth appeal thanks to the linear paneling in the ceiling and back wall both painted white to rest the match of the interior.

3. Arcade Windows

A colonnade house with a series of French arch windows punctuated by raw, exposed wood ceiling creates a relaxing atmosphere to view the either side of the world.

4. Floating Fireplace

You can definitely walk behind the fireplace but take a detour instead in a maze of fabric covered armchairs, sofa and ottoman without taking a risk.

5. Humble Gable

This modest domicile that features a sloping ceiling houses someone who is stylish enough to mix together different shades of brown, in prints and in plain, including that orange accent pillow.

6. Birth Of Fire

A Venetian mirror above the mantel, Ikat fabric in the armchair, teal jaguar print on the square ottoman, and a metal fireplace inside a built-in fireplace creates a well-traveled, eclectic look.

7. All About That Basement

This over the top, stone covered interior definitely means business. Exposed beams in polished wood veneer and the hardwood floor is a great contrast to the rough stone finish.

8. The Men’s Club

This French country house dedicated to the boys center around a game of billiard table in cabriole legs with ball-foot in stain finish. An Ikat patterned carpet and mostly stained wood interior creates the perfect ambiance for a sunroom.

9. Prince Of Persian

Don’t let a small space cramp your style. Lay out your Persian Rug out in the open, add some interesting piece of furniture like a teal chair, wooden chest of drawers, a vintage clock and some fun pillow covers to brighten the mood.

10. Ceiling Feature

To effortlessly pull a look together, match the rectangular detail of your ceiling like this one in the picture and place an equally sized rug to hold all your furniture together. Splash the deep brown stain in some of the furniture and voila!

11. Soft And Spiky

Bring out the chic and set the glass top Tulip table together with a transparent acrylic cantilevered chars and line it with soft alpaca fleece. The neon sign on top of the fireplace mantel and spiky pendant light adds glow.

12. Last Minute Fire

If you fancy yourself a working fireplace before winter, install one by the window and have a metal chimney lined-up by the side of the house.

13. Style In Distressed

For an instant antique look, have your newly created build-up topped with molding together with its matching fireplace mantel and have it all covered up in distressed paint finish for that retro, aged look.

14. Swing By The Pool

The suspended hanging pod acts as a fun accent to the serious, white sectional sofa, hardwood floors, and exposed wood ceiling.

15. Modern Classic

Add a touch of class in an unsuspecting way by framing your window in an organic, leafy wallpaper print. This serves as a really nice backdrop to the deep blue sofa with ottoman and a nice contrast to the white angular details of the room.

16. All Neutral

This sunroom will give you all the right feels and for good reasons. The gray fabric of the contemporary sofa, the geometric pattern fabric of the pillow, and the damask fabric print of the armchair is a good combination of past, present, and perfection.

17. Sublime Message

Despite looking so heavy of the black painted beams of this gabled roof house, you can not help but feel a little bit relaxed mainly because of the word relax written on top of the windows as if it is some sort of advertisement above a set of comfortable armchair and sofas, and the warm glow of the lights.

18. Floating Fountain

That chandelier might look like an inverted jellyfish however it does a great job capturing one’s attention from the deep blue sectional sofa or the black low coffee table.

19. Recessed Time

Got a big hole in your wall? Patch it up with your slim LED TV and lay your furniture around it so it won’t be as noticeable. While you’re at it, build a bookshelf near it to display your favorite memorabilia.

20. Step Up

Level up your fireplace, literally, by installing a storage space for your logs and blend it together by using the same material, either tiles, veneers, or wallpapers, for that seamless, polished look.

21. Accent Prone Area

Gear up the color cannon and just shoot anywhere to create a fun room out of your boring neutral color palette. Easily change pillows and colors when the mood strikes.

22. Ranch It Up

This sensible yet masculine country house boasts a majestic gabled roof peppered by the tall fireplace that extends up to the ceiling. Bulky wood furniture and leather covered sofas are a perfect and charming companion.

23. I Hear Voices

If you constantly find yourself hearing your own voice, you can minimize the echo by using soft fabrics on your sofa and pillow covers and also utilizing a carpet as well as applying a textured wood finish in the ceiling to help dissipate the reflection of sounds.

24. Sun and Stone

This charming sunroom delivers big impact by the use of the textured stone to its back wall where the TV is mounted. Then an equally massive fireplace towers down on everything like its from a Victorian Dollhouse.

25. Hole In The Mirror

Create a visual illusion on tight spaces by placing a series of mirrors on a blank wall. Add a sectional sofa with exposed nailheads, modern accent chairs with stainless steel legs and a shag carpet for that sexy, chic vibe.

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