20 Home Gyms That’ll Make You Want to Workout (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 6, 2022

A home gym is something that everyone would like to have. Who wouldn’t want to have a space inside their home where they could workout and stay healthy? Why spend money on gas and a gym membership you’ll probably never use when you can have a space of your own?

If you’ve thought about having a home gym, then let us help you figure out what will work best for you. You want to create a space that works for your size requirements and matches your personality. We’ve gathered 20 home gym design photos for you to browse through. Check them out and see if there are any ideas you like.

Amazing Home Gym Design Ideas

1. Yoga Central

This home gym uses great light hardwood and fantastic decor to create a relaxing place to do your yoga and workout.

2. Stylish Design

This space is great for a home gym. With plenty of natural light allowed in thanks to the large windows, this room is ready for a good workout.

3. Nice Lighting

Whether from the ceiling or from the windows, the light let into this space is great for a workout. All the equipment you need is here.

4. Plenty of Machines

You have enough machines in here to give yourself and some friends a great workout. Turn on the television and spend some time here.

5. Hardwood Designs

From the walls to the floor, the hardwood used here creates an environment that looks great and is relaxing. Enjoy the view as you get a great workout in.

6. Open Up

Open up the door here to get some fresh air flowing while you workout. For your home gym, get the machines you need for your workout.

7. Open Hardwood Floor

This home gym has a great dark hardwood floor and houses all the machines you need to get a complete workout in.

8. Carpeted Setting

You can create a quieter environment by putting a specifically designed carpet into your home gym. This space has great style and a television to keep you entertained.

9. Exercise and Play

If you have enough space, put some game tables in your home gym. You can workout and relax afterward.

10. Challenging Workout

You don’t have to create a home gym like all the others you have seen. This one is tailored to its user.

11. Great Hardwood Styles

Create a space that is functional for your workout needs and looks great at the same time. This home gym has style thanks to great use of hardwood.

12. Relaxing Space

The arched doorways and windows work so well with the hardwood ceiling. This whole home gym creates an open feeling that will have you ready to work hard.

13. Open on Both Sides

This home gym can be opened up on both sides to let the air circulate while you workout. This padded floor creates a safe and good place to exercise.

14. Beautiful Style

The darker colors used in this home gym give it a great style. It looks good and it has all the exercise equipment you need.

15. Calm Workouts

Put a mirror in your home gym to ensure you are doing all of your yoga stretches correctly. Put on an exercise video and get to work.

16. Don’t Miss a Thing

In this home gym, you can watch the television and keep up with your shows or the news.

17. Slide into Workouts

When you are ready to get your workouts done, slide open this beautiful hardwood door and get to work. The decor inside is simple and brilliant.

18. Colorful Space

Your home gym doesn’t have to be bland. You can create any style you want by painting it in the colors you love.

19. Fits Right In

This home gym fits right into this house. Inside the great glassed in doors, you can turn on the television and watch the news while you workout.

20. Hardcore Workout

This room is designed to give a rugged look so you can get serious with your workouts. There is plenty of equipment here to give you a tough workout.
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