46 Amazing Living Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on September 30, 2022

When you start the process of designing your living room, you are going to be overwhelmed with how many options there are. Depending on what kind of space you are dealing with, and whether you are building new or remodeling, you have a ton of choices to make.

Don’t worry. We want to help you with this process. The most important thing to remember is that you are in control. You want to create a space that you will be happy with for years to come, a space that matches your personality.

Below, we’ve gathered 46 living room design ideas for you to browse through. Maybe you will see something you like.

Amazing Living Room Designs

1. Spacious and Open

The design of this living room is simply fantastic. Open with windows on one side and completely constructed with light hardwood, the fire place will keep you warm all year long.

2. Skylight Style

This room is shining bright thanks to the two skylights that lend even more natural light to the space. The furniture is uncomplicated and the room is easy to move around in.

3. Natural Light Shine

The bold hardwood used for the floor and the wall of this room are wonderfully shown off thanks to the natural light in this room. The decor and furniture brings a modern flair to the space.

4. Open and Connected

The light white and blue furniture in this living room really complements the color scheme through the room. All of it blends perfectly with the dark hardwood floor.

5. Darker Style Brilliance

Starting with the wonderful chevron style hardwood floor, this room makes use of darker colors to create a bold design. The living room contrasts from the dining space well.

6. Light and Elegant

Classically designed, this room centers around the middle table. The decor is elegant and stylish, with a wonderful light carpet to balance the whole room.

7. An Open View

Having a space that opens up to the outside deck is wonderful. With contemporary decor and furniture, this is a large space that will be perfect for hosting your gatherings with family and friends.

8. Dark Brick Design

The color scheme of this room brings it a warm style to combine with the beautiful fireplace. The dark brick around the fireplace works well with the black shelving.

9. Contemporary and Light

This living room connects well with the dining space at the other side. The light hardwood floor is perfect for this room. The contemporary shelving shows off the decor and photos while you sit back and watch the television.

10. Wonderful Shelving

Cozy and warm, this living room is the perfect place for you to sit back and relax with a book. The shelves give you plenty of space to show off your personality, hosting books and decor.

11. Traditional Furniture

Never underestimate how much style a rug can bring to a room. This light blue rug blends well with the light furniture and perfectly balances with the hardwood floor.

12. Plant Life Decor

Nothing brings life to a room like actual life. The plants used around this space show you just how well they can blend with the furniture and decor.

13. Colorful Completion

If you love colors, use them in the living room. Let this central space show off your personality like no other room. The colors used here blend together well.

14. Bay Window Center

The bay windows behind this couch really bring the natural light to this room. The space take son a symmetrical design style, which works well. With elegant yet simple decor, this is a lovely room.

15. Wonderful Calm Colors

The calming darker colors used in this living room really work well with the overall decor style. The room is artistic and unique, featuring a variety of types of decor.

16. Great Furniture Style

The furniture in this living room rules the day. With a darker blue working perfectly against the lighter walls and carpet, the couches stand out well.

17. Designed Wall

By having a great design built into this wall, the entire space is opened up. Thinking outside the box with design ideas can go a long way to bringing character to a room.

18. Plenty of Comfort

With two full sized couches in this living room, there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy their time. The room is styled symmetrically and is balanced well.

19. Gathered Around the Fireplace

With wonderful artwork and decor in this living room, you will enjoy gathering around the fireplace. The whole space is open and connected to the dining area and the natural light shines in.

20. Stacked Stone Fireplace

This room is opened to the rest of the house and has easy access to the outdoors. The stacked stone fireplace will provide plenty of warmth on those cold days when you gather with family.

21. Elegant Fixtures

The light fixture in this room blends perfectly with the elegant decor around the room. The whole living room balances off of the wonderful hardwood floor, and the textured rug brings character.

22. By the Window

In this living room you have the added bonus of enjoying the natural light on this bench by the window. Grab a seat and enjoy the easy and fun decor of the space.

23. Shelves for Decor

This living room takes on a wonderful light style and the decor follows along. The wonderful shelf space can be used to show off your personality, keeping everything on display.

24. Cultural Decor

With a wonderful subdued yellow working with the hardwood around this living room, this space uses lively decor to bring superb character to the room.

25. Hardwood Character

With the use of unfinished hardwood beams around the space, you have a wonderful backdrop to design on. The whole room has a rustic elegance and matches it with darker furniture.

26. Open Floor Plan

This living room is spacious and has an open floor plan. The hardwood floor and cabinets work well with the stone fireplace to create a space of warmth and welcome.

27. High and Bright

Living rooms can work really well with a themed style, and this room shows you that. Working with a sea theme, this space uses decor to match the blue and white fusniture and rug.

28. Contemporary Designs

With a contemporary architecture style to work with, this living room has modern furniture and easy decor to brighten the space. The natural light shines in to illuminate it all.

29. Calm and Traditional

With a classic style at work, this space blends the hardwood floor adn cabinets with calm and traditional furniture. You have plenty of space here to relax and watch the television.

30. Beautiful High Ceiling

Working from the exposed beams and high ceiling, this room brings the style with light furniture and grand windows so you can enjoy the view.

31. Stacked Stone Warmth

The eye-catcher of this livign room is the stacked stone fireplace that also hosts the television. The furniture is handsome and brings class to this space that also hosts great plant life.

32. Great Light Fixtures

To complement the wooden beams, the rustic styled light fixtures match this room perfectly. The arched windows let the natural light shine in and the whole space is open and connected to the dining and kitchen area.

33. Modern Zen

Not every living room has to take on a traditional look. This Zen-like space has built-in shelving and a couch for you to relax on. Enjoy this calming space.

34. Open View

Having this glassed in instead of a solid wall really opens up the entire room. Everything is connected by the hardwood floor and the light furniture is a perfect balance.

35. Light and Comfortable

Starting with the hardwood floor, this room creates a light and open space. The furniture is contemporary and light, while the room take a traditional design.

36. Out to Sea

This living room follows an classic mariner theme. The decor and artwork matches the furniture and rustic light fixture well.

37. Bohemian White

Let your inner bohemian out, no matter what kind of space you want. This room uses light colored furniture to balance well with the hardwood floor.

38. Contemporary Meets Rustic

Looking around this room, you can see how well the hardwood balances with the lighter colors of this room. The stacked stone fireplace provides the warmth and the open room is ready for entertaining.

39. Modern Decor

This space is calm and contemporary, providing a simple relaxing environment. The beige walls work well with the hardwood floor and furniture.

40. Unique and Lively

The gray walls give this room the perfect ambiance. With contemporary decor and furniture working together, this room basks in the natural light shining in.

41. Wonderful Decor

With a mix of hardwood furniture and unique decor, this living room is the perfect space to spend your time relaxing. With just enough color to balance the room out, the finish is perfect.

42. Color Blends

The olive green and purple bring this space the simplicity it needs. Nothing is over complicated, so you can relax and enjoy your time in this living room.

43. Darker Color Style

This living room shows just how great artwork can look in a space. With a wonderful dark back drop to work from, this living room is classy and abstract at the same time.

44. Warm and Light

Working from the hardwood floor, this room builds well. With a fireplace providing the warmth, this living room has wonderful light furniture to blend with the light walls.

45. Personality Shine

Let your living room show your personality. Using the wonderful natural light, this living room brings great decor and artwork and uses comfortable furniture.

46. Bright Beach Style

You know a beach style room when you see it. The light colors and decor bring a certain sense of style. This living room is ready for you to host family and friends.
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