27 Amazing Master Bathroom Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

You want to have a great master bathroom. Who doesn’t? But that is easier said than done.

The master bathroom needs to be functional and meet all of your needs and it needs to match the personality of the house. There area so many bathroom designs for you to choose from, but you need to find a style that you truly love. Do you want something traditional or contemporary? How many people will be using the master bathroom? It can seem overwhelming when you start to plan, but don’t worry.

We have gathered 27 master bathroom design ideas for you to browse through. They range in style and design, but we are sure you can find something that will work for you.

Master Bath Design Ideas

1. Farm Style Industrial

When you create an industrial designed bathroom like this, you can enhance it with wooden furniture and great decor and artwork.

2. Elegant Tones

The light gray designs used in this bathroom really look elegant. You will sense the style every time you come into this bathroom.

3. Simple and Beautiful

This cozy little space is easy to love. With a simply designed area that has everything you need, you can appreciate the clean and easy design.

4. Glassed In

This whole bath and shower area is behind the glass and you will find it all relaxing. Simple walk in and choose how you want to relax.

5. Graceful Wallpaper

The wallpaper here is elegant and classic. The traditional design of this bathroom looks great and is sure to have you relaxed.

6. Golden Highlights

Notice the golden faucets and fixtures around the room. Sometimes it is the little things that bring a room from good to great.

7. Great Sink Counter

The floor and the counter here are beautiful hardwood and they blend perfectly with the walls of the bathroom.

8. Contemporary Styles

This stand-alone bathtub is in the same area as the shower, but you can choose either based on your mood. The whole bathroom is contemporary and well designed.

9. Fresh Air

The walls in this bathroom are a sand tone and blend perfectly with the hardwood floor. Open up the door to let the fresh air in.

10. Wonderful Cabinets

When you have beautiful hardwood cabinets to use, think about having a pedestal sink to put on top. This space makes use of great decor to finish it.

11. Relax Windowside

You can take a bath by the window and completely relax. The decor in this bathroom really brightens up the space that shines in the natural light.

12. Warm and Elegant

Lighting up this relaxing space is a wonderful fireplace that you can start after a long day. The whole room is large and graceful. This is a space where all your needs will be met.

13. Abstract and Beautiful

This bathroom is truly wonderful. With a great built-in piece of art that is colorful and abstract, you can pull the curtains and relax here.

14. Old-Style Tub

This bathtub is a blast from the past, an everlasting symbol of traditional designs. This is an area where you can run the warm water and find peace after a long day.

15. Splash of Color

This bathroom is filled with a contemporary tub and sink area. The decor works so well with the color scheme of the room and bring great character.

16. Plenty of Space

You have a his and her’s on opposite sides of the room so everyone will have plenty of space getting ready. The space is bright and well designed.

17. Sliding Wooden Door

The hardwood designs of this bathroom really bring out a great character. The floor is clean and the sliding door takes an antique look. Welcome to brilliance.

18. Modern Style

The floating sink cabinets looks great above this floor. The whole space takes on a modern style and the design works well.

19. All Connected

Everything in this space is connected. You can relax by this warm fireplace no matter where you are, whether in the room or the bathtub.

20. Simple and Brilliant

This his and her’s sink area features a wonderful cabinet right in the middle that an be used for great decor. With plenty of space to get ready, you will love this bathroom.

21. Chevron Floor Design

Never underestimate how much a floor can make an area. This stone chevron style design really gives this bathroom character.

22. Hardwood Cabinet

This great hardwood sink space matches the great brick style floor for a great effect. This space is simple, but it brings a ton of elegance with its design choices.

23. Darker Fixtures

Take a look at what really makes this space stand out. It is the darker fixtures and faucets that contrast against the light background.

24. Floor of Character

Talk about a wonderful floor. This whole space is wonderful and the stainless steel reflects the brilliance. The decor matches the flair of the room.

25. Darker Walls

These darker walls bring a contemporary flair to this bathroom. They blend well with the hardwood cabinets and the white bathtub.

26. Light and Bright

The elegant marble style walls used here area brought to life by the calm lighting and the simple decor.

27. Modern Architecture

The tub, the toilet, and the shower all take on a modern design and are matched by fantastic darker walls.