17 Master Bedroom Designs That Look Amazing (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Where do you spend most of your time in the house? Chances are, you spend a good bit of time in your master bedroom. After all, it is the headquarters of the captain of the house. It should be a place you can go to for time alone. At the end of a long day, you want the master bedroom to be a space you love coming home to.

When you are designing the master bedroom of your new house, or remodeling an existing one, you are going to have many choices. It can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve gathered 17 master bedroom design ideas for you to look through. See if you like any of the styles below.

Amazing Master Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Easily Furnished

When you wan to cut down on the clutter, get simple furniture for your room. This master bedroom is light and comfortable thanks to the simple designs.

2. Carnival Cool

You can create any theme you want in your master bedroom. This carnival horse is a perfect fit for this light and elegant room.

3. Mid-Century Update

This mid-century room uses contemporary designs and colors to bring it to life. With great decor and artwork, this space works well.

4. Dream Design

The hardwood continues up the wall behind the bed for a brilliant effect. With light colors to blend with the natural light, this room is modern and stylish.

5. Classic and Open

This high ceiling has great exposed hardwood beams that are designed around brilliantly. This room uses a classic and elegant style and colors.

6. Contemporary Realism

This room uses dark colors to complement its contemporary design choices. With simple furniture and great patterns, this room is complete.

7. Luxury Inside and Out

This master bedroom is longer lengthwise, leading to a great entertainment area. The best part is that you can open it up to the great outdoors.

8. Easy Blend

There is nothing that looks better than a simple blend of hardwood and white. With simple furniture and an uncluttered style, this room is great and bright.

9. Reflected Wonder

The storage closets look great with the mirrors built in. They reflect a room that makes of of great color blends.

10. Romantic and Complete

This canopy bed creates a romantic element to this space. With classic dark hardwood for the floor and elegant furniture choices, this room is ready for you.

11. Let the Light In

The windows wrap around this room and let the natural light pour in. With a simple color blend and pattern use, you can love the simplicity of the design.

12. Rough Brick Style

The brick wall was a brilliant design move for this room. With large doors leading right into the master bath, this space is open and welcoming.

13. Striped and Great

The wallpaper is striped, though not overwhelmingly so. With a great metal bed frame and wonderful decor throughout, this room has personality.

14. A Little Color

If you want to use color in the bedroom, you don’t have to go overboard for a great style. This use of sea foam green behind the bed and for the tables makes a powerful statement.

15. Brick and Blue

With one wall of old style rough brick to match the hardwood floor, and a darker blue for the other walls, this handsome master bedroom is complete.

16. A Soft Elegance

You don’t have to rush off to bed when you come into your master bedroom. Kick back and put your feet up while relaxing on this couch. Take in the elegance of the room.

17. Bold Design

With a high and stylish ceiling and windows all around, this room is designed perfectly. With stylish furniture to match the surroundings, this is a great master bedroom.
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