28 Asian Living Room Designs and Ideas

Asian Living Rooms

So many people have a deep love for Eastern cultures and their interior design. That is why choosing to model your living room in the Asian style is a great nod to their culture. It can be focused on one culture or a hodgepodge of many, as the melting pot that we are.


Check out our many photos of Asian living room designs to see if anything sparks your interest when it comes to your own design.


What This Means

Just because this style is based on Asian culture does not mean that everything has to be specifically stylized from there. Instead it can be a lose interpretation or heavily based depending on your tastes.

It is not uncommon to see it be a unique blend of features from many cultures. It heavily draws upon Chinese and Japanese traditional interior design. Chinese design focuses on a love of the ornate and well created.

Digging Deep Into Tradition in Asian Living Room Styles.

This is usually established with the use of bold shades and elegant glossy details. Paired with this are usually pieces of art based on classic animals like dragons or monkeys. Using plates and bowls are also a common way to accessorize.

Japanese style focuses more on keeping things calm and connected, rather than showing off. A Japanese room is naturally more subdued and peaceful. This is usually arranged by having water fountains placed inside and natural materials like bamboo or wood.

Silk tapestries are also commonly used as wall fillers, and this culture is the one that is fond of the wood and fiber shades to compartmentalize rooms.

Accessories To Bring It All Together

Asian living room ideas are usually well executed thanks to the gift of accessories and accents. If you want to stick to more western style furniture to suit your tastes then it is still possible to bring in the calm beauty of Asian culture after all.

Low to the ground coffee tables are a common design when it comes to Asian style living rooms. So are nice natural looking wall hangings or even something a bit more detailed.

And end table that is heavily lacquered to a beautiful sheen with mother of pearl inlay dragons is not something that would be amiss in this style room. Neither are decorative mirrors or plates to help give a strong sense of culture and home to the room.

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