33 Awe-Inspiring Ideas For Your Next Bedroom (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

We know. There are so many different ideas floating around in your head about how you want your bedroom to look. You want it to be perfect, but you can’t decide on a certain style. Maybe you have an abundance of natural light to use or maybe you need to design around not having much. You might be creating an entirely new room in a new house or you could be remodeling and re-purposing an older space.

We have 33 bedroom design ideas for you. Take a look below and you will see something that catches your eye. You will see a blend of modern decor and classic design styles. From floral patterns to geometric designs, you may see something that you can use. These 33 images range from the contemporary to the exotic and we are sure you will find something for you.

Inspiring Bedroom Ideas

1. Patterned Wall

Starting with the hardwood floor and ending with the geometric patterned wall, this bedroom brings contemporary style with great matching decor.

2. Warm Elegance

The whites in this room are lit brilliantly with the natural light from the windows. Relax with a warm fire at the end of a long day.

3. Contemporary Blends

Two tones of hardwood used for the floor and the furniture blend well together. The floating furniture style is modern and fresh.

4. Opulent Designs

A Mediterranean pattern design is used for the wall behind this bed and blends well with the color scheme of the room.

5. Light Relaxation

With plenty of light spilling in from the windows, you can relax on the bench or on the bed in this lively bedroom.

6. Sliding Doors

With two tones of hardwood working together on the floor and the ceiling, this bedroom has a classic sense of style. These sliding doors are a great design idea.

7. Modern Desk Space

If you need to use your bedroom to get some work done, this gret contemporary desk area will do the trick.

8. Artwork Styles

With calm, stylish grays covering this space, this modern artwork adds a flair of contemporary style to this bedroom.

9. Traditional Romantic

A classic style and a grande bed, this romantic bedroom is balanced and bathed in light.

10. Closet Cabinets

Beautiful cabinets built into the wall of this bedroom will store your best clothes and have them always ready for you.

11. Bold Colors

This master bedroom stands out with its use of a bold color scheme. The beige colored bed frame balnances the entire room.

12. Contemporary Work Space

Sometimes you need a work space in your room that is not overwhelming. This area is simple and practical and will let you get everything finished.

13. Comfortable Patterns

This bedroom makes use of multiple patterns throughout that blend together well. Relax in comfort by the fire in this great space.

14. Upholstered Headboard

With plenty of storage space and shelving for your decor, this master bedroom is perfectly balanced for your needs.

15. Blues and Shoes

Colored wonderfully, this bedroom features great storage space for all of your most important needs – shoes.

16. Sophisticated Styles

Simple and sophisticated is the sense that comes from this space. Smartly designed with great hardwood style, it is a handsome bedroom to enjoy.

17. Grand Lighting

A grand and classic space, this bedroom soaks in and takes advantage of the natural lighting. The high ceiling gives it a spacious sense and the decor brings elegance.

18. Minimal and Modern

Backed with a great piece of artwork, this bedroom brings a minimalist approach. The ceiling fan and furniture are modern and stylish.

19. A Barn Style

This master bedroom takes advantage of the large opening to the outside to bring it a barn-like modern style.

20. Bright Blue

The dark hardwood floor of this bedroom is balanced perfectly by the bright blue walls that give it life. The light spills in and reflects around the space.

21. To a Rustic Time

Bathed with rustic decor, from the old-style chandelier to the chair, this wooden bedroom will remind you of an ancient time.

22. High and Bright

This high ceiling brings a bright sense to this bedroom and balances perfectly with the dark hardwood floor and weathered style furniture.

23. Exposed Beams

Built around the exposed ceiling beams, this bedroom uses great decor such as the wooden style roll up shades.

24. Cabin Style

Enjoy a rustic cabin style of decor in this bedroom. With comfortable decor to match the hardwood walls and floors, you will always be cozy in this space.

25. Hinting of Lavender

This space is graced with hints of lavender. From the curtains to the bed, it is all shown off by great natural lighting.

26. An Easy Elegance

From the chandelier to the four-post bed, this room brings a classic elegant design. The reflective bedside tables show off the great use fo earth tones in this room.

27. Exotic Design

Bring some exotic style to your room. This beautiful hardwood is graced by a canopy bed and a hammock for relaxation.

28. Light on a Graceful Design

The many windows in this bedroom let the colors shine the way they are supposed to. This bedroom uses a simple graceful style to tie everything together.

29. Simple and Bold

The hardwood on the floor and behind the bed blend well with the color choices in this room. Relax and catch up on your favorite shows in bed.

30. All Needs Met

This large and elegant space will suit all your needs. Relax and kick up your feet in the chairs or sit by the window before you make your way to bed.

31. A Fireplace to Relax

Whether you are enjoying the natural light that shines in or relaxing with a loved one by the fire, you will find that this bedroom has plenty of character.

32. Floral Blues

What a great use of blues that shine in the natural light. From the wall to the floral patterns around the room, this space is lively.

33. Rustic Meets Modern

The exposed ceiling beams bring the right amount of character to this room that boasts a great fireplace and contemporary decor.
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