41 Stunning Beach Style Living Room Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 11, 2022

Your living room is a source of pride. It is the place where all your friends and family will gather when they are over and it is also the spot you will go to relax at the end of a long day. Make sure you design it the way you want. You want a room that will match your personality.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the many different living room styles. Below, we have gathered 41 beach style living rooms for you to browse through. You will see the classic light ocean themes as well as bold nautical styles. Take your time and find a design that suits you.

Beach Style Living Room Design Ideas

1. Bright and Beautiful Decor

The decor around this living room is light and airy, blending wonderfully with the furniture. From the carpet to the beautiful shelf space, you will love relaxing in this space.

2. Hardwood Wall

The center feature of this living room is the weathered hardwood wall. It gives the perfect backdrop for the furniture used here. With great patterns all around this living room, the natural light is a great finishing touch.

3. Perfectly Balanced

 This tall room gives you an open feeling and the decor has an elegant ocean theme. The room has wonderful light decor that is perfectly balanced on either side, giving plenty of room for you and your guests.

4. Warm Perfection

This room has a fantastically designed ceiling, giving way to a warm stacked stone fireplace. The television is built in so you can stay warm while you catch up on television shows.

5. Light Tropics

This living room has a light tropical style, with fantastic patterns built in. The natural light pours in and shows off this modern beach style decor.

6. Wonderful Blues

The nautical theme around this living room shines through with all the blue patterns and the brilliant decor. You will stay warm with this fireplace as you relax after a long day.

7. Light Blue and Bright

When you think of a beach house, this style comes to mind. Light and lively, with beautiful decor, this living room is inviting. The white wooden plank walls are a classic beach style.

8. Nautical Space

The decor and color scheme of this room lend themselves to the sea. This elegant space is surrounded by windows, letting the natural light shine in on the wonderful patterns throughout.

9. Weathered Blues

The blue shelving takes on a weathered appearance, giving this room a classic ocean character. The light hardwood floor is matched well by the furniture around the room.

10. Warm Entertainment

This living room has a high ceiling, giving it a wonderful open feeling. The windows, both high and low, shine the light in on a warm area. The decor is light and easy, just like a beach day.

11. Bold and Handsome

When you want elegance, and you love a beach style, go with bold, darker colors. This room, complete with its golden decor, is a beautiful blend of warmth and style.

12. Wonderful Shelving

Starting with the light hardwood floor and moving to the wonderful gray walls, this living room is a contemporary dream. The decor is stylish and not overbearing, and has beautiful shelf space to sit on.

13. Open and Natural

The windows in this living room give it an open style that shine. The lighter color scheme of this living room really work well in the natural light.

14. Comfortably Minimal

The white wooden plank walls of this living room are a classic style used in beach houses. The hardwood tables and blue furniture are a perfect combination to go with this style.

15. Open Floor Plan

This wonderfully designed living room has an open floor plan that connects it to the outside. With a beautiful hardwood floor and plenty of shelving to show off your decor, this is a wonderful beach style.

16. Skylight Wonder

When you think of a beach house, you think of sunshine. Just because you are indoors doesn’t mean the light can’t pour in. These skylights let the light shine right in on this wonderfully decorated room.

17. Mid-Century Beach

From the decor to the furniture, you can see the wonderful blue style that is at work in this living room. The wooden joists in the ceiling bring great character to this space and the fireplace will keep you warm all year around.

18. Ship’s Wheel

The stacked stone fireplace in this living room brings character and will provide you with warmth. The decor will remind you of an old nautical soul, retired from the sea but never leaving it.

19. Exposed Wooden Beams

When you have exposed wooden beams like this, don’t cover them, use them to design around. This stone fireplace and beautiful hardwood floor are adorned with beautiful light decor and furniture.

20. Modern Entertainment

This contemporary space has a modern furniture style that is light and functional. Sit back and enjoy your favorite television shows at the end of a long day.

21. Golden Highlights

Who says a beach style can’t be elegant? This living room proves that is not the case. With wonderful golden fixtures and a light luxury style, this living room is upscale and beautiful.

22. Ocean Elegance

Another example of an ocean style elegance, this living room is open and stylish. The hardwood furniture blends well with the blues and the decor, making this a grand place to be.

23. Blue Patterns

The great thing about this living room is the way it is connected to the outside. The natural light shines in on a living room that uses wonderful light patterns with a blue ocean style.

24. Sea Decor

The decor, from the shells to the artwork, all make this a beachy place to be. The great patterns and a touch of hardwood work wonderfully to bring this living room to life.

25. Contemporary and Open

The light blue rug in this living room sets the tone for a place full of open life. The windows let the natural light shine in, matching the light style of the room.

26. Warm Beach

The wonderful hardwood floor in this living room is the perfect setting for a beach theme. The light furniture and decor connects this living room to the kitchen area.

27. Beautiful Decor

With wonderful furniture and colorful patterns around this room, you will appreciate the life this room has. The shelves on either side of the television are perfect for decor and photographs.

28. Open to the Outside

The elegance of this space is amazing and it spans the entire open floor plan. The whole living room and dining area opens up seamlessly to the outdoors, providing you with many entertainment options.

29. Wonderful Shelf Displays

The hardwood shelving used here creates a wonderful contrast with the light walls and furniture. With beautiful artwork and decor, this living room has a contemporary beach style.

30. Shining Ocean Blue

A beach style living room like this one, with blue tones and white walls, is perfect for relaxation. The decor is simple and stylish and the natural light shines in.

31. Open Floor Plan

This large living room is connected to the kitchen and dining areas, creating a beautiful space that is held together with a hardwood floor. The furniture is a perfect match for the color scheme and you the windows offer a wonderful view.

32. Tan Beach Designs

This is a beautiful mix of light styles. From the furniture to the carpet, the light tan is a wonderful beach statement. The hardwood table hosts simple but wonderful decor, continuing the ocean ambiance.

33. Comfortably Warm

This living room gives you warmth from the fireplace and entertainment through the television. With light colors and wonderful patterns to match the beautiful artwork, this is a true beach style.

34. Artistic Styles

Using contemporary artwork and a stylish new fan design, this living room is simple and easy going. With great table designs and a beautiful hardwood floor, this room is ready for you.

35. Floral Bright

Just because you want a beach theme doesn’t mean you can’t get colorful. This room has wonderful floral colors and beautiful decor to match the light color scheme. With plenty of windows, the natural light shines in.

36. Surrounded by Windows

With a rustic style light fixture hanging down, this room is perfectly symmetrical and surrounded by windows. This is an elegant space, with designs that bring it to life.

37. Darker Furniture Style

To match the light walls and hardwood floor, this living room has darker furniture to create a wonderful contrast. The decor is simple and beautiful, and the rug has a great design.

38. Beautiful Shelving

The shelving here surrounds the window and gives you the perfect area to display all of your beautiful decor. This comfortable living room has a light style with great patterns of blue throughout.

39. Wonderfully Warm and Open

The stone fireplace takes center stage in this living room and the natural light shows off the light color scheme. The patterns are lively and the beach visible here.

40. Modern Beach Decor

With a contemporary flair for design, this living room has a tall ceiling that lets the whole space feel open. The blues used throughout bring this room a wonderful beach sense of style.

41. Light Furniture Blends

To match this lighter hardwood floor, the furniture also stays subdued and light. The open floor plan connects the room with the rest of the house and continues the style throughout.
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