18 Beautiful Family Room Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

A lot of people are opting to live on their own, that most of the time they find themselves stuck in designing their homes or apartments. If you’re one of them then don’t worry, you’re not alone. You can admit that you are equally excited and challenged in making the most out of your space and you’re here to learn a thing or two about creating a beautiful and livable space.

To start with, you need to know what exactly you need. For some, the path to making a design is dictated by the needs and function of everyone in the household. Since you are the crowned king of the house, you can go ahead and make your own design choices.

These choices could affect the outcome of your space and the functionality it will provide you. You also have to consider the maintenance of having such feature in your home. One quick tip is never afraid to ask or list down the pros and cons. This is a perfectly acceptable way of making a judgment, even in home designing.

To give you some ideas and help you create an informed decision, read on for some design tips and what to buy through our beautiful examples of family room designs.

Beautiful Family Room Design Concepts

1. Sustainable Now

Show your love to Mother Nature and incorporate a green wall in your home. Not only it naturally beauties your space, it also a good source of quality air and depending on what you grow, it can also be a practical source of your salad.

2. Wainscot Everywhere

For a classically inspired spaces, one can choose to apply wainscot not only on walls but also on your ceiling. Tie it together with tufted leather furniture, green textiles and wrought iron chandelier.

3. Painted Bricks

White paint can bring so much into your home. With the help of bricks and wood panelling in the ceiling, the added white paint brings out the texture which could have been hiding in plain sight.

4. Chic It This Way

Cleaning and maintaining a sofa can sometimes be a daunting task. Putting on a slip cover on your upholstered furniture not only helps you keep it clean, it also lets you lend a sense of chic to your space.

5. Out in The Open

A castle doesn’t have to be the only one with a secret room, nor a window treatment is the only solution to filter out natural light. By having a movable bookshelf to cover your window, you can have the best of both worlds.

6. Seat For One

For some of that elusive ME time, have your own private seating room for yourself. A wall mounted TV, some books and a stylish Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is all you need.

7. DayBed By The Window

Crawl anytime in this multipurpose daybed either to soak in the morning sun, contemplate the rainy afternoon weather or bask in the moonlight with your favorite book in your hands.

8. Come Mr Sunshine

Who needs an attic that will just collect dust overtime if you can have instead an airy, warm cottage house? The hardwood floor will definitely feel good to step on, even to your pet.

9. Wheel It Out

If you’re the kind of person who likes re-arranging your furniture or moving it around too often, this armchair and foot stool with wheels is perfect for you. Your hardwood floor and carpet will thank you.

10. Media Room

If you’re in the market for a panic room, look no further. With floor to ceiling bookshelves that can hold thousands of books and a TV, add some comfortable leather armchairs and fabric covered sofa and you’re all set. There is even enough space for a mini fridge.

11. The Wood Place

If you don’t have a functioning fireplace, you don’t have to demolish it to make the space it occupies useful. Case and point, you can turn it into a big bold frame to showcase a conversation art piece.

12. Velveteen Rabbit

Soften your mostly white interior with a lush fabric like velvet and cover your major furniture pieces with it, like these two identical sofas facing each other. The fabric blinds can also soften the amount of light that comes in.

13. Casual Boy

To create a modern casual ambiance for your home, use natural elements such as glazed woods for the wall and textured fabrics in the furniture to compliment a cream colored plastered wall bordered with cornices.

14. Light White Right

Attic is the most underrated part of the house. That doesn’t always have to be the case. With a little white paint, simple white sofa, white metal frame tables and a white table lamp, you can turn it into the most serene and relaxing spot of the house.

15. High Profile

Have your living room in the limelight by converting it into a beautiful and multi-purpose room. Watch TV, read a book in the fabric covered sofa or just curl up with your significant others beside the fireplace.

16. Traditionally Crafty

If you’re into natural materials like rattan or abaca, you don’t have to sacrifice style to use it into your home. These fantastic abaca armchairs felt so right at this gabled roof cottage house with an equally eye-catching chandelier.

17. Mirrored Styling

A little style always goes along way. A gallery of classical plant prints in reflective frames echoes the sentiment of the wooden table top coffee table.

18. Peacock Inspiration

Showcase your grandiose personality through careful furniture selection such as this pair of armchairs in deep shade of blue fabric, minimal accessory selection, white paneled walls, and hardwood floorboards.

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