36 Absolutely Beautiful Foyer Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 1, 2022

The foyer of your home is the first place you and your guests come into when you enter your house. We know how important it is for you to make a good first impression. Foyers and entryways are often overlooked when it comes to design and style, but that is a mistake. There are many ways to make the welcome into your home great.

We know you can get overwhelmed by all of the choices you are faced with when building or redesigning a home. Below we have gathered 36 fantastic foyer design ideas for you to look at. They range from traditional to contemporary and show you just how many different options you have. Take a look and see if any of these photos spark an idea for you.

Foyer and Entryway Design Ideas

1. Light and Contemporary

This foyer is simple but it makes great use of the decor it has. Contemporary light fixtures give it a fun style.

2. Upscale Country Style

From the drawers to the decor used here, this is a country home that likes a bit of luxury. Great hardwood floors and an abundance of natural light make this a welcome space.

3. Double Doors

The double doors welcome you into a hardwood floor and minimal distractions. You can easily move to other areas of the house.

4. Abstract Designs

This great artwork is flanked by fantastic rough white bricks. The lighting used here will look great in the evening.

5. Welcome to Simplicity

This rug is designed perfectly for the light hardwood floor. With great decor to match the styles, this foyer is ready.

6. Light Brick Wall

Continuing the theme from the brick columns outside, this wall sets the tone for this foyer. Open and well lit, this is a welcoming space.

7. Warm Welcome

For those cold days, how great will it be to come home to this warm fireplace in the foyer? This room creates the ultimate welcome.

8. Windows Up High

The windows up above let in great natural light and let it shine down onto the dark hardwood styles throughout this foyer.

9. Great Lighting

From the mirror to the lights and rug, this foyer uses great designs to create a welcome that you will love coming home to everyday.

10. Country Charm

With this space, you will enjoy a country charm. From the pastel blue door to the white walls, this foyer is simple and welcoming.

11. Great Hardwood Style

With a design that hints at an Asian style, this wooden styled foyer is simple and charming.

12. Open Half

For the days when the outside temperature is just too good to miss out on, throw open half of the door to let the air in.

13. Personalized Decor

Use decor in your foyer that lets your personality shine for everyone to see. Include different aspects of your personality for an eclectic blend like this one.

14. Black and White Blends

There is something to be said about how elegant black and white are when blended properly. This golden mirror accents the whole space.

15. Designed Hardwood

All around this foyer you can see how well the hardwood designs work. When blended with this green rug and great plant life, this room is ready for you.

16. Open and Elegant

The chair and the light fixture are unique and add to the elegance already at work in this open foyer.

17. Graceful Decor

From the fantastic door to the great furniture, this foyer is a space you will love coming home to every day. You can check the mirror on your way out for last minute changes.

18. Wallpaper Designs

You can give some life to your foyer with wallpaper that makes the whole place come to life. This foyer is bright and lively.

19. Artwork on the Wall

Coming into this house, you are met with simplicity. With only a great piece of art on the wall, you can get to where you are going.

20. Abstract and Simple

When you walk into this house you will be met with abstract art that looks great. With open spaces, be sure to fill them with eye-catching pieces.

21.Glowing Light

The lighting used in this foyer will be sure to glow with a welcoming sense every time you come home.

22. Minimal and Beautiful

Simple shelving and fantastic lighting go a long way in this foyer. With a great hardwood floor to tie everything together, this space works well.

23. Grand Entrance

With the light fixture showing off the homeowner’s personality, this foyer welcomes you into a great space that is simple and bright.

24. Welcoming Hand

Fill your entrance with great designs. This chair is unique and sets the tone of a retro space.

25. Plant Life Styles

When you have light hardwood floors and furniture, you can liven everything up with simple but wonderful plant life.

26. Simply Western

Simple decor and minimal distractions make this foyer so easy to walk into. Filled with natural light, this space is easy to love.

27. Beautiful Door

If you have a great door, make everything work around it. This foyer has no distractions for you when you come in.

28. Plenty of Natural Light

You will be lucky if you have windows like this in your door. They bring the natural light into the foyer and shine on great furniture.

29. Light Hardwood Floor

If you have a great hardwood floor like this, use a great color scheme like this one around it. With a dark blue door and white walls, this space is alive.

30. Traditional Styles

This traditional foyer has great hardwood flooring and clean white walls. With great natural light shining in, there are no distractions.

31. Glass Decor

Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference. The glass decor used here reflect the light and bring great character to this foyer.

32. Groovy Designs

Everything about this foyer is unique. From the seating to the artwork and decor, this foyer lets everyone know this is a lively house.

33. Luxurious Welcome

This traditional foyer opens into a classic and luxurious setting. Light the fireplace to keep everyone warm on cold days.

34. Bright and Traditional

You can never go wrong when you use white walls to blend with the hardwood floors. With simple decor and great rugs, you can create a welcoming space.

35. Exposed Beams and Bricks

The exposed brick flooring and the wooden beams overhead give this foyer a great bucolic style that is welcoming and fun.

36. Open Floor Plan

Centering this foyer is a great table in a beautiful rug. This house is open and accessible from the entrance.
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