40 Beautiful Foyers For a Great First Impression (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 7, 2022

We know you want to create the perfect entrance to your home. Your foyer is the first thing people see when they come into your home and you want to make a great first impression. You need something that blends with the house but also matches your personality. Where do you begin?

Whether you are remodeling your home or creating an entirely new foyer, you have some choices to make. Do you have a bunch of natural light to work with? How big is the foyer space? No matter what, we know you are facing a bunch of options. Don’t get overwhelmed. We have gathered 40 foyer design ideas for you to look through.

Foyer Design Ideas

1. Creative and Light

This entrance has a great cracked stone design for the floor. The foyer takes advantage of an abundance of natural light available to shine.

2. Bohemian Styles

Think bohemian, but updated. This foyer has a great style and sass that will welcome you everyday.

3. Traditional Blend

This foyer has great natural light and fantastic furniture to match the hardwood floor.

4. Luxury Rustic

From the great multi-colored floor to the eclectic style choices, this foyer uses great and varied decor.

5. Black and White Glamour

Blending black and white works really well when you keep the theme alive all around a room. This foyer has flair and makes a bold statement.

6. Simple Decor

The blue decor styles used throughout this foyer blend perfectly against the white and hardwood base.

7. Welcoming Hardwood Blend

A traditional use of hardwood and white paint is perfect. You can do so much with this space. Personalize it and make it yours.

8. Plant Theme

The beautiful placement of a plant on this table is brought to life by the colorful painting behind it. The polished hardwood floor brings this place character.

9. Charming Open

This foyer offers a traditional country welcome. With a quaint little table and mirror to give you a place for last minute checks, you will always be ready for the day.

10. Elegant Designs

This great marbled floor is matched in elegance by the fantastic wallpaper design. The hardwood furniture is perfect for this foyer.

11. Double Entrance

Large double doors like this really make for a great setting. They allow you to think bigger when it comes to designing a great foyer.

12. Window Entryway

If you have this many windows in your foyer, you can really make a space that shines with natural light. This space is contemporary and minimal.

13. Archway Doors

These double archway doors bring a certain “European: style to this foyer. The welcome is clean and elegant and these mirrors ensure the look is extended.

14. Light Grace

Dark hardwood floors blend so well with a white backdrop. This foyer focuses on simplicity and openness.

15. High Open Foyer

This foyer uses great color combinations throughout the room to blend with the hardwood floor and furniture.

16. Coat Storage

Coming or going, either way, you will have a place to store your stuff. This foyer gives you a place to comfortably get ready and hang your coats.

17. Great Art

With a great chandelier, you don’t need to do too much more here. This contemporary art on the wall is just enough to tie everything together.

18. Colorful Rug

This classic foyer is brought to life by this great rug. Its red coloring and design is a breath of life for this space.

19. Designed Floor

This chevron designed hardwood floor is the perfect base for the decor choices in this foyer. The table has a perfect arrangement of elegance.

20. Calm Welcome

The lighting and the decor choices are welcoming and warm. This foyer really invites you into this house.

21. Great Color Blends

This foyer has a colorful and modern bucolic look that really makes for a welcoming environment. With great colors throughout to blend with the hardwood floor, you will love this space.

22. Monumental Foyer

The high, stone archways here make such a statement hat you will be sure to have a grand welcome every time you come home.

23. Asian Luxury

With the Asian decor and the stone columns, this entrance has a classic, yet timeless luxury feeling to it.

24. Crafted Entry

This foyer opens to a great hallway. All you need is a table for a few of your items and a mirror for a last minute check.

25. Checkered Foyer

This welcoming foyer uses great decor. The checkered floor is topped with great furniture and plant life to match the art.

26. Open Access

When you walk into this house you area welcomed with a large open space the has elegant decor. The checkered floor ties everything together.

27. Split Door

The great thing about having a split door is that you can open up the house to some fresh air. This foyer mixes a great blend of traditional style.

28. Contrasting Design

This foyer has a great double door entrance that welcomes you into a space that blends light and dark coloring for a bold effect.

29. Contemporary Decor

This foyer uses minimal decor and relies on the open design to make a statement. Modern and stylish, this is an open house.

30. Windowed Door

When you have a door that is full of windows, be sure to take advantage of the natural light let in. This space has light decor and a great rug.

31. Decorated Table

Show off your personality and style to everyone that comes into your home. This table has great decor and shows just how you can create a great foyer.

32. Last Minute Check

This table and mirror look great, but they are also functional. If you need a last minute check on the way out the door, stop for a look here.

33. Contemporary Entrance

This is a great contemporary space that has a fantastic entrance. This foyer opens into a warm and welcoming area. The door lets in great natural light.

34. Ceative Lighting

This foyer is surrounded by great hardwood walls and the decor is simple and elegant. With a fireplace to warm you when you come in, this space works well.

35. Reading Space

You can relax and read your favorite book right here. Kick back and put your feet up. The hardwood floor is perfectly matched by the decor.

36. Bright and Floral

The light floor and walls here are matched perfectly by the floral additions and the designed decor.

37. Open Country

This foyer is open and filled with natural light thanks to all the windows. With a great clock and simple decor, this room is welcoming.

38. Matching Patterns

The designs used on these stairs blends well with the contemporary style of this foyer. It is simple and practical at the same time.

39. Modern Art

The designs used in this foyer are timeless. With the abstract artwork hanging here, you get a sense of classic and contemporary blending together well.

40. Blue Shades

This foyer takes hardwood and white walls and creates an environment that glows with blue thanks to the window and decor choices.

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  1. All the foyers are beautiful but do you realize that probably the majority of viewers are like me: our houses aren’t new and don’t have either the space or architectural features those foyers do. How about some foyers of older middle class houses.

    • Thanks for the comment Phyllis. I completely understand. While we try to offer inspiration for new builds and makeovers, going forward, we are trying to make a better effort to include images for all home styles and budgets.

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