20 Beautiful Kitchen Flooring Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Choosing the perfect flooring material for your kitchen can be something as simple, useful, and downright logical like your favorite collection of mug ceramics. Picking the right flooring can help reinforce the over-all design of your kitchen interior, or just simply create a nice contrast and set the stage for your kitchen cabinets.

Unlimited flooring options are available out there for materials like wood, stone, cement, and tiles. A multitude of texture, finishes, and patterns are also something to consider. No matter what flooring are you into, there is good chance you might actually find the one that suits your needs.

Through artful pairing, you can use multiple flooring materials to create a unique and striking floor patterns and different combinations. If you ever decide to be experimental and do that, remember to keep the color scheme similar as not to make your kitchen overwhelming with the design.

Be creative and play with scale, like using a small and large size of the same wood to create a visual interest. Mixing different finishes also works, combining glossy and textured floor tiles with the same color in alternating layout can result in a stripe flooring or checkerboard effect.

Check out some of these lovely and trendy kitchen designs for great flooring ideas that will inject personality to your traditional kitchen.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

1. Nook At Me

A pair of wooden chairs with cushioned seating contributes functions and harmony in a nook fitted with built-in bench seating.

2. Door Play

A false door opens up to the pantry of this kitchen and improves the overall traffic flow and increases the kitchen’s appeal.

3. Into The Woods

Armed with glossy hardwood floors and simple white cabinets, this kitchen is ready to mingle.

4. Basket Wall

The different shades of basket trays adhere to the coordinated and all neutral look of this storage room.

5. Taken For Granite

Different ceramics and memorabilia adorn the top shelves of the built-ins. The countertop is punctuated by the deep green granite stone.

6. Blue Is The Warmest Color

The chair’s shade of magenta fabric and the baby blue plank ceiling brightens the inside of a kitchen endowed with hardwood flooring and an all-white interior.

7. French Kissed

Dramatic gold suspended lighting complements the equally stylish French high chair in a gleeful traditional kitchen.

8. Wood Pyramid

Furnished with wooden bar chair with rush-seat, the kitchen island with black marble countertop is sandwiched by the paneled ceiling and hardwood floors.

9. Disco Ball

Highlighted by around Capiz light fixture, the semi-gloss black cabinet of this kitchen definitely got the memo and abide accordingly.

10. Que Sera, Ceramic

A white paneled cabinetry with silver handles coordinates politely with each other to provide a pleasing spot to display ceramics and glassware collections.

11. The Kitchen Bae

Accompanied by a wooden top kitchen island and stone brick flooring, the dining table in the bay window offers a sight to behold.

12. Country Stylus

A notable rustic interior is accentuated by the dark-colored kitchen island with a glossy brownstone countertop.

13. Shooting Planks

Reinforced by the white plank ceiling, this kitchen with its serene atmosphere will stand the stress even if its subjected to the most chaotic scene.

14. Que The Blue

The blue paint color of the breakfast nook enhanced the appeal of an intimate kitchen with paneled cabinets and trendy Roman shades.

15. I Truss You

The truss and column of the entryway impart its wisdom into the wooden facade of the hood that houses the stove.

16. Windsor Beneath My Wing

A group of Windsor back chairs furnished the round wooden dining table, giving the whole kitchen a warm and accommodating vibe.

17. Persian Persuasion

A Persian Rug beefs-up the style of the glass wall mounted cupboard and the rest of the working area of this small kitchen.

18. Ghost Marble

A non-imposing transparent stool adds a sense of excitement to the marble countertop bar and hardwood floors of this domicile.

19. Glass Of The Past

A traditional kitchen features a black kitchen island with marble countertop is enriched by a series of blown glass lighting fixture.

20. Nick Cage

A glass and wire lighting fixture impart a sense of industrial vibe together with the steel kitchen equipment, a welcome update for this contemporary kitchen.

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