22 Jaw-Dropping Living Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 7, 2022

Looking for beautiful living room inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. These gorgeous rooms are bound to get you thinking about what you want for your own living room. You can pick and choose, mix and match from any of the living rooms on this list that appeal to you.

Whether you’re looking for lighting ideas or need to know what to do with that old fireplace in your living room, there are plenty of ideas to be found right here. Keep track of your favorites and use them when you are ready to decorate, or redecorate, your living room.

Jaw-Dropping Living Room Designs

1. Royal Blue

In this living space fit for royalty, you have everything you need to entertain, including beautiful blue chairs.

2. Tiger Pillows

In an otherwise ordinary living room, you can spice things up a bit with animal print pillows, like these tiger stripe pillows.

3. Fun Green Accents

Brighten up a room with plenty of green accents that make the space feel fun and playful.

4. Marble Table

A single slab of white marble, mounted on a metal base, makes this unique coffee table.

5. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood has its place in just about any home and it looks fabulous as a front for the chimney here.

6. Arched Patio Door

The arch of this patio door with its many panes makes it a more beautiful way to show off  the incredible view.

7. Living Room Balcony

This second level balcony looks over the living room with its dark floors and light furniture.

8. Spacious Living Room

The extra space in this living room allows for ample distance between furnishings and the carpet in the middle pulls it all together.

9. Deep Teal Accent Wall

The rich teal of this accent wall perfectly contrasts the light pine floor and gray sofa, making the room feel brighter.

10. Dual Sided Fireplace

Separate your living room from the TV room with a simple fireplace wall that features a dual sided fireplace.

11. Rustic Wood Chests

A simple way to add a relaxing and peaceful vibe to your room is to use old furniture like this wooden trunk, as a table.

12. Bookshelf Wall

Dividing the living room from the bedroom, this wall is made up of bookshelves and an entertainment center.

13. Round Glass Tables

Sophisticated round tables with metal frames and glass tops make up the most eye-catching parts of this room.

14. Glass Divider

Create a bit of privacy while leaving the space open feeling with some glass doors to divide spaces.

15. High Contrast Pillows

Spice up your living room with some high contrast black and white pillows to catch the eye and make the decor a bit more exciting.

16. Grow Shelves

With all the light on these shelves, it’s pretty easy to grow some greenery and create a more inviting space.

17. Chimney Mirror

Mount a large mirror over your fireplace and give your living room a more expansive feel in seconds.

18. Black and White Curtains

In the windows of this living room, black and white curtains in a floral pattern contrast with the brightly colored pillows on the matching sofas.

19. Tiny Stage

With a little stage in the living room, you can put on shows or mini concerts whenever you have friends over.

20. Animal Skin

Enjoy the rug made from an animal hide laid over the regular carpet as a decoration.

21. Inviting Fireplace

Just a simple fireplace can make a room so much more inviting and this one is stylish, too.

22. Single Chair

If you’re limited on space, it makes sense to use a single chair for your living room, leaving other seating to the breakfast bar.