Best Electric Citrus Juicer – 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Best Electric Citrus Juicer – 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

When you are looking to have the best, fresh juice then it makes complete sense that you are in the market for the best electric citrus juicer to get you the delicious juice that will give you unbelievable refreshment.

There are many reasons for getting an electric juicer, but perhaps the most compelling reason is you don’t have a lot of time in your day. Having an electric juicer means that you have a much easier time getting yourself the fresh juice that gives you even more nutrition than the bottled stuff from the store. Ultimately, when you invest in an electric citrus juicer, you will be able to make incredible lemonades, grapefruit, orange, and many other types of juices.

Usually, if you love juice you know that it’s time to invest in an electric juicer. Check out the table below for our top picks.






Cuisinart CCJ 500​



Black and Decker CJ630​



Proctor Silex 66331​



Juiceman JCJ450



​TriBest CitriStar


Why Citrus Juice?

The short answer as to why you should drink citrus juice is that there are so many different nutritious benefits, but the most important of those is the massive amounts of vitamin C that is infused in the juice itself.

The longer answer is that vitamin C supports your immune system health. When you think about your immune system, having it supported is critical to your health. The reason why it is imperative to support your immune system is it keeps you from getting ill with different maladies like the common cold or flu. The more your immune defenses are bolstered, then your body is able to function at peak efficiency, which means you will be able to perform better at your job, and on recreational activities as well.

However, if you are someone who cares deeply about your liver, then making sure you get eight ounces of citrus helps your liver function at peak efficiency. Citrus helps thin out your bile and that supports great digestive health, which means the nutrients your body takes in will be used more efficiently.

#1 Cuisinart CCJ 500

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Perhaps iconography makes us look at things as more impressive than they are because we are so familiar with a certain look – think about Mercedes-Benz, they ran ad campaigns in the 80’s about how reliable the car was and sales skyrocketed. Soon, their symbol was associated with luxury and reliability. The secret – Mercedes was no more reliable than any American car. But they convinced people.

With the Cuisinart CCJ 500, there is no convincing needed – this particular citrus juicer speaks for itself with its top of the line performance, and that is why it earned the top spot – not because it has an amazing look that all Cuisinart kitchen appliances have. The short version – if you need a great citrus juicer, then this is the item that should be at the top of your list.

The pulp control settings allow you to get the right amount of juice versus the amount of pulp that you want, so it is extremely easy to get a smooth juice or something more pulpy. With the final spin feature, that allows the juicer to finish out the process of extracting juice, so when you throw away a rind you will know that it has sufficiently given all the juice to your glass. It is a very underrated feature but a great one for those who love their juice.

The only parts of the Cuisinart that leave something to be desired are cleaning it. The pulp tray is difficult to clear all the pulp, which unless you are thorough can just lead to lots of stickiness. The other problem that is noted with the Cuisinart is the strainer fills up quickly, which requires you to constantly clear it out.

Ultimately, when it comes to getting a good juicer, the Cuisinart does the job and does it for a good price. If you are willing to invest in an electric citrus juicer, this device is one of the top juicers in the industry.


  • Stylish design that looks great in any kitchen
  • Pulp control allows you to get the amount of pulp in your juice that you want
  • Final spin ensures that you get the most juice out of whatever fruit that you put into the juicer


  • Unit can be very difficult to clean as the pulp tray design isn’t the best
  • The strainer fills up quickly and this requires frequent cleaning and clearing out

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#2 Black and Decker CJ630

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The juicer can be a powerful tool in any kitchen, so when you decide that your health needs to get a power boost, you need a juicer that comes from a company known for their power tools. Black and Decker produces many electric power tools so it makes sense that the juicer they put out would be well set with being a powerful tool for extracting the juice you love.

With a 32-ounce capacity and powerful 20 watt motor, you get a juicer that allows you to make the most of your desire to get fresh citrus juice and have enough juice to last for days. That is probably the best part of the Black and Decker – high capacity and high power allowing you to not worry about using it frequently. Of course, the unit also features pulp control, so you get the right amount of pulp for the juice that you desire.

As far as cleaning, well this particular unit makes it easy to clean and most of the critical parts are dishwasher safe, and anyone who has ever had to do dishes will tell you there is nothing better than those two words – dishwasher safe. Great power, great storage capacity, and easy to clean, what else could you want?

Unfortunately, however, the Black and Decker does have some issues that we must talk about. The first is the post has a tendency to strip out from the turning of the motor. Perhaps the engine is too powerful or the people who experience it are using it too aggressively, but for whatever reason, this is something to be aware of. Another issue is the on/off switch has a tendency to wear out. This is something that can be very irritating as well.

Overall, you are getting a good juicer with the Black and Decker, so if you like the idea of more power and greater capacity, this is the juicer for you.


  • Powerful engine means that your juicer will always get the most out of the fruit you are trying to squeeze
  • 32-ounce carafe allows you to get a lot of juice and store it for a while – perfect for those with an on-the-go lifestyle
  • Easy to clean juicer makes throwing everything in the dishwasher a cinch.


  • Motor could be too powerful, has been known to strip the spindle
  • The on/off switch has been known to fail, some other electrical issues as well

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#3 Proctor Silex 66331

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There is nothing quite like things that are simple, and the reason why is that simplicity, above all, usually works best. When it comes to juicing, the reason people love it is because of how simple of an act it is. Simply ream the juice of a citrus fruit and voila – you have juice. Now, many thing that introducing an electric juicer into the fray will make this complicated, but Proctor Silex disagrees, and their electric juicer is the perfect evidence to back up their argument.

The simplicity of the design can not be overlooked. The reamer is perfectly designed and the juice flows right into the carafe. Thanks to the 2nd part of the reamer, you are able to apply the right amount of pressure to get the best quality of juice. This two part reamer system gives you great control over the entire juicing process.

The other thing that people really love are the strainer settings. Underdeveloped grapefruit have very fine seeds, but these seeds rarely make it through the strainer. This is a wonderful thing, because who likes to drink juice that is laden with seeds?!

There are some problems with the Proctor Silex, though. The biggest problem is the noise. This machine is loud, so if you want to have a conversation while juicing, best to hold off for a few minutes. The other issue is the gears tend to slip, and this means the engine can get worn very fast.

The Proctor Silex is a good juicer for the price, and ultimately it will provide you with great juice, just be sure you don’t need to have an important talk while using it.


  • Simple design makes this particular model one of the easiest to use
  • All parts are dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze
  • Never worry about seeds getting through with fine strainer setting


  • Very noisy machine that can just be really annoying to deal with
  • Gears tend to slip and that will wear out the engine quicker

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#4 Juiceman JCJ450

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One of the great things that is touted in our society is the idea of “intuitive design.” These may sound like empty words, but the reality is intuitive design means that our needs are met without us having to outright declare them. This is why the Juiceman is a fantastic citrus juicer, it knows what you need without you having to be explicit.

Thanks to the pressurized activation switch, as soon as you apply any sort of pressure to the citrus fruit you would like to juice, the machine goes to work. This is far better than an on/off switch simply because it takes a step out of the equation while giving you greater flexibility when using the machine. That’s a win for everyone.

The other great thing it has are two juicing cones. This is perfect for when you decide that you want grapefruit juice or limeade. Either way, you have the right cone for the different type of juice that you want. Everyone wins here and with 40 watts of power you are definitely in a position where you have a very powerful juicing friend.

However, this juicer does have serious issues. The plastic supports that are supposed to hold the spout in place are very prone to splinter, and the last thing you need to imbibe with your juice is splintered plastic. Also, the motor has a propensity to burn out pretty quickly due to the autoreverse function, as if the gears can’t get in place.

Overall, the intuition of the Juiceman is a fantastic feature, but be aware of this electric juice machine’s issues before you buy.


  • Intuitive activation via pressure allows you to not fumble with on/off switches
  • Different juicing cones allow you to have ease of use for different citrus fruits
  • 40 watts of power means that this motor is a monster of citrus juicing


  • Plastic spout supports have a tendency to splinter off and that can be extremely dangerous
  • Motor burns out quickly, this is most likely due to the auto-reverse function and the motor not being able to handle the load of it

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#5 TriBest CitriStar

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The reason why you purchase an electric juicing machine is because you want your life to be streamlined – that is why you don’t go to the store and purchase juice but instead get the best citrus fruit and make sure that you have the right tools to extract the juice. The last thing you need is a juicer that makes extracting the juice complicated. An electric juice machine should make sure you get the juice you want right away – straight from the citrus fruit to the glass.

In that sense, the TriBest CitriStar fulfills that mission. The electric juicer has a spout right in front so as soon as the juice is extracted it goes straight into the glass. Now, you can always have a carafe under the spout if you want a lot of juice to save, but at the end of the day, this simplistic application of juicing is what TriBest decided to hang their hat on.

The other great features are the fine screen mesh. This does a really fantastic job at making sure only juice gets to your glass without too much pulp or seeds. The 110 volts of power means that your juicer is quite powerful and makes getting juice easy and quick. Who can argue with that type of efficiency

Unfortunately, there are some issues that need to be addressed regarding the TriBest CitriStar. The first issue is that the intuitive pressure motor requires you to push down pretty hard. This is a dangerous thing because that would cause the motor to overheat and burn out along with keeping the spindle from turning properly. The other issue is a fair amount of juice stays at the bottom of the well instead of going straight to your glass. What’s the point of a spout if it’s not going to carry all the juice.

The TriBest CitriStar does many things right, but one thing to consider is this is the most expensive juicer on the list, so unless the good features in this juicer are non-negotiables, you may want to go with the other four.


  • Spout means that you get juice that goes straight to your glass
  • The motor is extremely powerful and will extract the juice extremely efficiently, a plus for all
  • Fine mesh strainer means that you get juice, not extra pulp and seeds in your glass


  • Most expensive juicer on the list and not nearly as easy to use as the other ones profiled
  • Need to push down hard on the reamer for the motor to start, but this pressure can cause problems with the motor

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Fresh Squeezed vs. Store Bought Juice

When it comes to having the best juice there is no bigger benefit than having your own fresh squeezed juice. The biggest benefit comes from knowing exactly what is in your juice, as opposed to store bought juice which could contain a whole host of additives that can be detrimental to your health.

Fresh squeezed juice allows you to make sure that you have juice and whatever else you want in there. There are no sugars, preservatives, or any other types of different additives in your juices. For many people, these additives interfere with different bodily functions, for example, high fructose corn syrup interferes with the signals in your brain that determine if you are satiated.

Ultimately, when you have fresh squeezed juice, you benefit greatly from knowing exactly what is in there as opposed to trusting the big companies to have your best interest at heart.


There is no better time to get the citrus juice you need to live the healthy life that you have always desired. Having the best electric citrus juicer means that you are making a great investment in your health along with your family’s health – and that is an investment that always pays off.

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