Best Electric Razor for Sensitive Skin – 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Shaving on a sensitive skin is a serious business and one wrong electric razor may cause your skin to burn like hell. There may be a lot of electric razors out there, but for a person with sensitive skin, it is always a very befuddling task to choose one. We truly understand that. And that’s why we have enlisted here the best electric razors for sensitive skin after detailed analysis and testing. So, have a look and say goodbye to your worries.











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At a Glance: Our Choices for the Best Electric Razor for Sensitive Skin

The Braun 9290CC is a highly advanced and contemporary electric razor that has been specifically designed for people with sensitive skin. If you want the best of the best, go for this one.

The Braun 790CC is a close relative of the legendary 9290CC and so it also delivers pretty much the same performance at a much lesser price. So, if you want a gentle shave at a nominal price, this should be your top preference.

The Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 makes it possible for you to experience premium quality and performance without paying a hefty amount. This super-fast razor with angled blades ensures a smooth and burn free shave for your sensitive skin every time.

If you are looking for the best rotary razor, then go for the Philips Norelco 9300. With its advanced technology, it captures 20% more hair as compared to other rotatory razors, without hurting your skin in any way.

The Braun Cool Tec has been specially designed for sensitive skin. The active cooling technology along with adaptable cutting system makes sure that you get a quick and smooth shave without burning your skin.

2018’s Reviews of the Best Electric Razor for Sensitive Skin

Although the whole 9 series by Braun is almost equally good to be used on sensitive skin, the 9290CC takes the lead because of multiple reasons. This razor is highly comfortable and the convenience it offers is completely unparalleled.

The razor features 5 shaving elements that have been particularly designed to quickly cut off as much hair as possible in a single stroke. So, this means, you won’t have to run it over the same area more than a couple of times. And hence, there will be lesser chances for skin irritation.

With a highly powerful motor and the acclaimedSyncroSonic technology, this razor adjusts itself according to your beard at a rate of 160X per second. For all the foil razor lovers, you will not find anything better than this one, that’s for sure.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, it also has a very convenient cleaning system. The razor uses 5 action clean&charge station that not only cleans it but also oils it and dries it up in a much-sanitized way. All you have to do is press the button and that’s it.

The razor has a titanium covering on it, which makes it a very durable and sturdy product. It is also waterproof and features wet/dry functionality as well.


  • High-quality product with high durability
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Highly powerful motor for a quick shave
  • Adjusts itself as per your beard
  • Waterproof
  • 5 shaving elements


  • The motor is noisy
  • Replacement parts are not easily available

The next best model is again from Braun but this one belongs to the series 7: the 790CC. Just like the above version, this one again is a highly versatile and high performing razor which is excellent for sensitive skin.

The razor features an ActiveLift trimmer that lets you easily trim and shave your uneven hair seamlessly from the trouble areas like neck and chin. It uses intelligent Sonic technology that automatically enhances the power of the razor if the hair is too coarse or thick.

If the need arises, this razor has the capability of using 1000 micro vibrations/minute. The razor uses 2x OptiFoil that gives you a very close shave with a smooth finish. The cleaning mechanism of this razor is also similar to the 9290CC and is just a button away.

You can switch between three shaving modes that you can use for different areas depending on their level of sensitivity. With this razor, you will never have to worry about hair pulling or tugging.


  • Delivers a very close shave
  • Modifiable shave settings
  • Easy cleaning system
  • Automatically adapts to your beard
  • Very powerful motor
  • No tugging of hair


  • Doesn’t offer wet shave
  • Noisy cleaning system

Another great model to make it to our list is the Panasonic ES-LA63 Arc4. If you have used electric razors before, then you’d surely have heard of it. This razor is much lesser in price as compared to the top 2 models, but it offers a lot of value for its price.

For ensuring high precision, this acclaimed razor uses dual motor and Nanotech blades that are honed to an angle of 30°. This results in shaving off maximum hair in a single hit.

Due to the highly powerful motor, you get 14,000 cuts in a minute’s time from a single blade, which means faster and cleaner shave than ever.

The razor effortlessly glides along the contours of your skin due to its Multi-Flex pivoting head, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Despite its small price tag, it still offers wet/dry operation.

You can also trim your mustache or sideburns through its integrated trimmer. And the LCD makes it easy for you to check the remaining charge. It also puts on reminders for cleaning and blade replacement. For a price of $100, this razor is definitely a bang for the buck.


  • Uses angled Nanotech blades for maximum precision
  • Ultra-fast and close shave
  • Comfortable to use
  • Wet/dry functionality
  • Affordable


  • Battery time isn’t impressive
  • Can’t be used while getting charged

Philips is a pretty known and reliable name when it comes to trimmers and razors. For the same reason, the Philips Norelco 9300 is featured on our list. Just because it’s at the 4th spot, doesn’t mean it’s any less than the above-mentioned models.

This model features rotatory blades that, contrary to the common perception, deliver a very smooth and close shave with a high level of comfort. There are three speed settings to choose from, small, medium and high. All of them use different level of power and speed, so you can choose one as per the sensitivity level of your skin.

All the shaving heads rotate in 8 directions, resulting in capturing 20 percent more hair, without any yanking. The cleaning part is also very easy due to its SmartClean feature, which automatically lubricates the blades as well for keeping them sharp.

If you have a highly sensitive skin, you can use the wet shave feature for avoiding even the slightest irritation. With all of these features combined, this razor is definitely worth a try.


  • Closer shave as compared to other rotatory models
  • Super-easy cleaning
  • Noise-free operation
  • 3-speed settings
  • Gently removes the hair


  • Expensive
  • Some parts are a bit fragile

Yes, the last one is again from Braun. But, what do we do? Braun never fails to amaze us. Coming towards the razor, the Braun Cool Tec men’s solo shaver is again a very impressive razor by Braun. But, it is a much more inexpensive option than the above two models.

The reason it’s called cool tec is that it uses the active cooling technology that keeps your skin cool while shaving. This enormously minimizes the risks of irritation on sensitive skin. If you always get razor burns or rashes from your electric razor, the heated head might be the biggest contributor.

But, with this razor, you won’t feel the heat at all even if you keep shaving without taking a break. The razor comes with 3 stage cutting system that adjusts the blades according to your face. It also uses SensoBlade technology, that doesn’t let any hair get away and shaves it all off in a single stroke.


  • Uses cooling technology for keeping sensitive skin cool
  • Adjustable cutting mechanism
  • Delivers a smooth shave
  • Features wet shave
  • Comes with a safety lock


  • Battery drains out quickly due to the cooling system
  • A bit heavy

Is it Safe to Use an Electric Razor on Sensitive Skin?

A lot of people with delicate skin feel daunted about using an electric razor. The reason for their fear is mostly the high power and fast shaving that the electric razor delivers. This leads them to believe it might irritate their skin.

This is definitely a possibility. However, there are many electric razors now that are specifically designed to cater the people with sensitive skin, like all the ones in our list. In fact, these types of electric razors soothe your skin by reducing any kind of inflammation or irritation, if you know how to use them right.

Even in the other models, the major reason for getting skin irritation is because the razor isn’t set at the right angle. And this ultimately results in causing irritation. For best results, you should prep your skin by putting some soothing oil or lotion to your skin. And follow the procedure by applying a moisturizer.

Which Type Works Best for the Sensitive Skin?

There is a general perception that rotatory razors work best for the sensitive skin due to the fact that they contain several spherical trimmers in their heads. For that reason, they don’t touch your skin very closely.On the other hand, the foil razors contain mini razor blocks with highly powerful motors, which result in providing a very close and smooth shave.

This information can lead anyone to believe that rotatory razors are actually better for delicate skin, but that’s not true. Both of them can provide a nice and smooth shave to a sensitive skin without damaging it if used correctly.

And similarly, if not used correctly, both have the propensity to tug and pull your hair badly. So, don’t believe in the hearsays, and choose the one without any bias, unless of course, you have a personal preference for any one of them.

Qualities of an Electric Razor for Sensitive Skin

Although the majority of the electric razors that are coming these days work pretty well for all kinds of skins, still there are a few things that make some razors better than the others. Therefore, while selecting, do keep the following qualities in your mind.

Ultra-Sharp Blades

A lot of people think the opposite of it but an electric razor with ultra-sharp blades is actually pretty good for sensitive skin. Why? Because sharp blades will quickly shave off the facial hair without requiring you to repeat the same area again.

On the other hand, blunt blades will not only increase the time of interaction with your skin, they will also yank your hair, which will cause irritation. And on top of that, they won’t even deliver a smooth and close shave.

Powerful Motor

The sharp blades will only be able to provide a quick shave if the motor is powerful enough. If you are planning to upgrade to a better model with a high powered motor, you will certainly feel the change after the very first use.

And due to that high level of power, you wouldn’t even need to apply any excessive pressure for achieving smoothness.

Shaving Head that Stays Cool

A lot of people tend to take this point for granted, mainly because it doesn’t affect the performance in any manner, but it should be taken into consideration. If the shaving head gets overheated during the operation, it may end up burning your skin upon touching it.

The heating issue normally happens due to the rubbing of blades and the foil. However, this is something you can take care of on your own. Just keep your razor’s blades lubricated to minimize their friction and wear & tear.


Having an excessively sensitive skin, it is not possible for a lot of people to use a razor every single day. And the gap obviously causes the beard to grow a little longer, which can get stuck in the blades on next shave. Therefore, try to choose a razor that is versatile enough to cater a bit longer beards as well.

Wet & Dry Shaving

Although it is not necessary, try to get the razor that offers both wet/dry shaving. If you haven’t tried it yet, wet shaving can be really soothing and beneficial for your sensitive skin. However, it is not as quick as normal shaving and the difference may not be staggering, but still, it does help. So if you can afford, go for the one that offers this dual operation.

Guidelines on Cleaning the Electric Razor

For ensuring the smooth operation of your razor, you need to thoroughly clean it at least once every week. Doing so will not only keep its performance maintained, but it will also extend its lifespan. The following guidelines will help you with the detailed cleaning part.

  • Turn your razor completely off and remove the plug.
  • Take off the razor head. If you don’t know how to do it, check your manual for instructions.
  • Wipe the head from a cleaning brush and remove all the accumulated hair. Generally, these razors are accompanied by a cleaning brush. But, if yours didn’t come with one, you can use any other small and flat brush. Carefully remove the hair by running the brush on all the parts of the head.
  • Disassemble the rest of the parts of the razor and then clean all of them using a brush and some cleaning agent. You can also use liquid soap.
  • Once all the parts are thoroughly cleaned, rinse them off under the faucet. It’s better to use a little warm water for that.
  • Towel-dry all the parts and then leave them in the open for some time until they get completely dried. And once they do, reassemble them and put the razor back in its storage.


You may lose your mind trying to find the best electric razor for your sensitive skin if you don’t know what actually to look for. The easiest way is to select on the basis of the type of shave that you want.

If you like to have a really close shave, you should choose one from the foil razors. And if you like to keep a little five o'clock shadow, you should get a rotatory razor. However, selecting otherwise can also give you the outcomes of your preference. It all boils down to your personal inclination.

All the above-listed razors are excellent for sensitive skin. And all of them have the ability to deliver you the shave of your liking. So, don’t fret too much! Just pick one, and you’ll surely be thanking us later.

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