Best Ironing Boards — 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Are you tired of using an ironing board that wobbles and moves every time you put the least little bit of force on the garment you are ironing? There is a solution to that because the best ironing boards are very stable and make ironing much simpler.

There are very few people in this world who do not know how to iron. That is why owning a quality ironing board is so essential. Even the people they don’t iron much still need to be able to do it right and that is where having a top quality ironing board comes in handy. In this article we will take a look at some high quality ironing boards and also give you some information on just what makes and ironing board a good buy.

A Brief Look at Some of the Top Ironing Board Models


Ironing Board

Top Work Area

Key Features




​49” x 15”

  • Large top work area
  • Nicely contoured top
  • Moveable edge attached iron rest
  • Stable 4–leg design


51” x 19”​

  • Thick cotton cover
  • Surfboard top design
  • Locks into place for transport
  • 3-year guarantee


​54” x 15”

  • 100% cotton board cover
  • Generous size top design
  • Mesh top promotes steam flow
  • Quick release paddle for easy take down


​54” x 18”

  • Built in shelf with hanger slot
  • Wheels built into the legs
  • Professional grade ironing board
  • Included shelf can support a steam station

Reviews of the Top Model Ironing Boards

Here are some of the best ironing boards you will find in the marketplace:

Here is a high quality ironing board product that is very affordable too. It is an incredible buy for all that you can do with it. Brabantia obviously put some serious thought into its design. It includes many quality features that you would only expect to find on a much more expensive ironing board model.

This ironing board is super stable when you are ironing on it thanks to its unusual 4-leg support design. This special design makes it much more stable than most standard made ironing boards. The surface on this ironing board is nicely contoured also to help make it easier to iron pants, shirts or any other type garment. It has many height adjustments on it too so anyone can use it without having to bend over too far. The board surface is also shaped in a way that you do not have to reposition yourself so often while you are ironing your clothes.

Included in this ironing board package is a moveable edge attached iron rest and you also get to choose between several different ironing board cover designs.


  • Large 49”x15” work area
  • Contoured top
  • Moveable edge attached iron rest
  • Stable 4–leg design
  • Child safety lock
  • Several height adjustment settings


  • The quality of the cover could be better
  • The iron holder can get in the way sometimes
  • It’s a little to the heavy side

Bartnelli has done a nice job with the design of this ironing board. It has the surfboard shape surface design that has become very popular in Europe. Everything from its sturdy frame to its locking carrying position makes it a joy to own and use.

This ironing board has an innovative T-leg style frame which makes it very stable when set up. There are 4 settings to adjust the height of this ironing board too. It features an extra big working area on top that is great for ironing larger items such as linens.

The ironing pad that comes with this board is very thick and durable so it should last you a long time. Although the included steam iron holder slightly blocks one end of the ironing board it’s still a great feature to have on any ironing board. The 3-year warranty that this ironing board comes with is a nice bonus too.


  • Thick cotton coversurfboard top design
  • Locks into place for transport
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Steam iron rest
  • 4 height adjustment settings
  • Protective feet prevent floor scratching
  • T-leg style


  • Very wide width makes it difficult to iron children’s clothes
  • The iron holder does not detach so it blocks one endIt’s a little heavy when carrying

Here is a truly high quality ironing board from Homz. This innovative ironing board design is very conducive to helping you get your ironing done quickly and easily. Everything from its quick release handle to its ergonomic ironing shape makes it so simple to use. It even features an extra wide leg design for stability.

This ironing board has the biggest surface area of all those that we reviewed here. That gives you lots of space to iron even the largest size items. The surface has many air holes cut into it to help promote steam flow through it. This ironing board comes with a good quality all cotton cover too.

One of the better features of this Homz ironing board product is the convenient iron holder that comes with it. A good iron holder will decrease your chances of scorching your clothes accidentally when you set your iron down. You can also hang your just pressed clothes on the sturdy fold out iron rest that is located underneath it.


  • 100% cotton ironing board cover
  • Generous size top design
  • Mesh top promotes steam flow
  • Quick release paddle for easy take down
  • Steam iron rest
  • Hanger slots on iron rest


  • Board top can be too big for ironing some items conveniently
  • The steam iron holder can get in the way
  • At 20 pounds its heavy to carry

Who knew you could design so many different features into something as simple as an ironing board but that is exactly what Rowenta has done with this model. It will do everything but iron your clothes for you. They even thought to put wheels on the bottom of its legs so you don’t have to carry its slightly bulky 20 pound weight.

Everything you need while ironing is right in front of you as you work on this ironing board. You have a wide surface area to work on and a handy attached iron rest too. There is even an underside folding shelf built into this unit that is great for stacking your just ironed clothes on you can use it as a shelf to rest a portable steam unit on.

If not for a few possible quality issues with some of the parts used in its construction, this might have been the top ironing board on our list. It really has an innovative design that is loaded with unique features.


  • Built in shelf with hanger slot
  • Wheels built into the legs
  • Professional grade ironing board
  • Included shelf can support a steam station
  • Padded ironing board cover included
  • Folds up into a an easy to store design
  • Aluminum legs and feet


  • Ironing surface is not high quality
  • Supplied ironing board cover is thin
  • At 20 pounds its heavy to carry

Best Ironing Board Buying Guide


Most people do not realize the wide variety of prices that can be found among different ironing boards in the marketplace today. You can find an ironing board for under $20 and yet other ones can run well over $200. In most cases you get what you pay for when it comes to ironing boards. High end ironing boards are usually much better constructed and have many more helpful features than lower priced ironing boards.

It’s best to determine how often you will use your ironing board in order to justify how much you will spend on one.

Surface size

Most people like a generous size surface to iron on. This makes it very convenient to iron such things as shirts, pants and even larger size linens. It also leaves room to rest your iron, water spray bottles and starches. Larger size ironing board surfaces also tend to cut down on the number of times you need to move an item as you are ironing it.

Surface shape/Design

As you have seen from our review list there are many new and innovative designs as far as the top surface of ironing boards goes. Pay close attention to them because one of those designs may help you to do the type of ironing tasks you do more efficiently. Half-moon, surfboard and other creative ironing board shapes make certain types of ironing much easier.

A good ironing board top will also be conducive to letting steam through it. That means it should have a generous amount of holes throughout its surface area. Steam that cannot flow through the pad properly will add undesirable moisture to the surface of the item you are ironing and slow you down.


In most cases if you own an ironing board it will be set up and taken down numerous times in its life span. That is why you need an ironing board that can stand up to the stress and strain of being constantly put up and taken down. Ironing boards that have materials such as aluminum, powder coated steel and stainless steel used in their construction will hold up better over a longer period of time. Choose these models over ones that use heavy plastics or low grade coated metals.

Ease of setup, take down and storage

Most people who iron their clothes will do so two or three times a week. If that is you then that means you will set your ironing board up and take it down quite regularly. You want this process to go quickly and easily. Look for features on an ironing board such as quick release mechanisms and spring loaded levers to help you set them up and take them down easily.

When you take down your ironing board you also want to be able to store it without having it take up too much space. An ironing board that folds flat and locks in place will take up much less room when stored in a utility closet.

Stability/Leg design

If you have ever tried to iron as your ironing board rocks back and forth as you move you know how frustrating that can be. That is why it is so important to find an ironing board that is very stable once it’s set up. Try to find an ironing board that has extra wide legs for support. Innovative patterns such as x-patterns and t-patterns will help keep your ironing board more stable as you use it too.

Included ironing board pad

Check to see if the ironing board model you are looking to purchase comes with a pad. There is nothing more frustrating than to open up your new ironing board to use only to find out you have to run back to the store and buy a new ironing board pad for it. Some manufacturers will even give you a choice as to the pattern you would like on your included ironing board pad.

Convenient iron rest

If you kept track you would probably be amazed at how many times you picked up and set down your iron as you are ironing a batch of clothes. That is what makes an ironing board that has an attached iron rest so nice to have. These give you a convenient place to set down your iron without having to worry about it falling over and scorching your clothes.

There is one thing you must be sure to note if an ironing board has an attached iron rest that is not moveable. Make sure where it’s located on the ironing board it will not get in your way. You certainly don’t want to buy an ironing board model that has an iron rest permanently attached to the place where you like to stand as you iron.


We mentioned that your iron will be set up and taken down a lot over the course of its lifetime. You also exert force on its frame every time you iron on it. These things make your ironing board more susceptible to breaking over time. That is why it is never a bad idea to buy an ironing board that comes with a nice long warranty. This is especially true if you spend a lot of money on a higher end ironing board.

Ironing Tips and Tricks

1. Keep your iron clean

The surface of your iron is meant to glide resistance free across the material you are ironing. A dirty iron works quite the opposite and can cause you to constantly reposition and smooth out the item you are ironing. So take the time to clean your iron periodically. Also limit your use of starch which tends to adversely affect the bottom coating on your iron.

2. Only use distilled water or filtered water in your iron

Sure that tap water you put in your iron looks clear but it is full of microscopic sized minerals. These minerals will build up on the inside and outside of your iron over time and cause deposits that will hurt your irons performance. The use of inexpensive distilled or highly filtered water is a simple way to prevent this from happening.

3. Straight is great

Are you one of those people who like to use a circular motion at times when you are ironing? If you are you are hurting yourself by doing it. An iron is a heavy object that will scrunch up the material before it if you move it in a circular motion. That means you will actually be ironing in very small wrinkles. Using a straight back and forth motion when you use your iron makes ironing easier for you.

4. Add a drop of your favorite fragrance to the distilled water

Do you want that lingerie you are pressing or that dress shirt you are ironing to smell good? Then try adding a few drops of your favorite fragrance right into the distilled water before you put it into the iron. You will actually be adding in a stronger fragrance to your clothes than if you put that fragrance on your skin. Your significant other will definitely love it.

Which Model Ironing Board Do We Really Like?

Let’s start off by saying these were truly some impressive ironing boards that we reviewed in this article. Those of you that have not done a lot of ironing board shopping were most likely surprised about some of the innovative design features these ironing boards have. There really was not an ironing board among them that would not be a welcome addition to enhance your ironing routine.

With that being said, if we had to choose the one we liked best we would have to go with the Household Essentials Italian Halfmoon Ironing Board. We just really liked the innovative features this ironing board has built into it.

It starts with its very generous sized ironing surface whose wide air holes let the steam from your iron easily pass through it. When this board is set up it’s a very stable platform to iron on too. Its slightly curved sides seem to make the task of ironing easier. The moveable iron stand and underneath storage rack are great bonuses you get with this premier ironing board product too.

If you are truly in the market for a new ironing board then this is a model you should seriously consider buying. It has to be one of the best ironing boards you will find out there in the home products marketplace.

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