Best Stand Mixer for Bread Dough — 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Best Stand Mixer for Bread Dough — 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

How does making your own bread sound? Instead of dealing with the different preservatives that are in store-bought bread you can make your own bread and the best way to do is with the best stand mixer for bread dough.

Having a stand mixer makes your life in the kitchen extremely versatile, but when it comes to making bread, the process may seem a bit arduous. However, if you have a good stand mixer this alleviates a lot of the problems that come with making bread – including the irritating amount of hand kneading that you would have to do. If nothing else, when you read the reviews of the best stand mixers for making bread, you will be thankful that such devices exist to lessen the burden on yourself.

Besides making break dough, these stand mixers will perform a lot of great functions that will help you greatly in the kitchen. Check out the table below for our top picks.


Stand Mixer




Kitchen Aid Classic Stand Mixer​



Cheftronic Stand Mixer​



Bosch MUM6N1OUC​



Litchi Stand Mixer​



​Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 63221


How the Stand Mixer is Helpful

There are many reasons to invest in a stand mixer besides making bread, however when you invest in a stand mixer there are important things to consider such as the power of the stand mixer alongside the capacity of the stand mixer. The single most important reason to buy one of these appliances is that when you are cooking, stand mixers take away a lot of the physical labor and make the process more efficient.

The tool that is needed for the stand mixer when making bread is the dough tool. This is basically a giant hook, and what it does is knead the bread. The good news is that is does a better job kneading than a person could do, but you have to watch it and make sure that it does not over-knead the bread.

Finally, when considering stand mixers, besides making bread think about other things that you would use it for. Egg whites are whipped very easily in stand mixers and if you need to make a quick batter for muffins or other types of cakes, these make the process much easier – and in turn more fun.

#1 Kitchen Aid Classic Stand Mixer

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When you have a great product, the key is to make sure that product is always available and even though you may have the urge to modernize it make sure that when you do update it, the updates are subtle and can slip by even the keenest of eyes. No one enjoyed New Coke, so with that in mind when it comes to the world of stand mixers, there is no mixer that has the cachet that the Kitchen Aid model does.

There are many reasons people love it, but perhaps the best reason is that if you have this stand mixer, you will have it forever. There are several adjustable speeds, so depending on the bread dough you are making it is very easy to get the right amount of kneading done.

As for other functions, this mixer has an attachment area that is perfect for other items like a masticating juicer or even a meat grinder. You can do nearly anything your mind will conceive of with this particular stand mixer.

As for the downside, there is only one – the price. This is an expensive stand mixer, but here’s the good news, you will have this stand mixer as long as you desire to keep it. It is that durable.

The reality is when it comes to stand mixers for bread dough, the Kitchen Aid stands alone, though there are four others on the list, this one is clearly the head of the class.


  • Unbelievably easy to control with the different speeds
  • Perfect for kneading bread and anything else you can think of
  • Expandable for many other appliances including a meat grinder


  • The price is high for this stand mixer, but it is worth it

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#2 Cheftronic Stand Mixer

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When you are looking for something to stand out, you want it to stand out for good reasons, and if something looks sharp then it must perform even better than it looks, otherwise it is brash without reason, and no one likes false braggadocio. With a stand mixer, this is just as true as with any other endeavor, so when Cheftronic made their stand mixer, function needed to exceed form.

In large part, the Cheftronic got it right. Besides looking incredibly sharp – sleek black body with stainless steel mixing paddles including the dough hook – it looks great in any kitchen. However, a great feature is the rotary dial for the mixer. It has several different speeds and fortunately that means you can get the right knead for your bread dough.

Another great feature is that this particular stand mixer has a hinge allowing you to simply raise the mixer head in order to get to the bowl with the kneaded bread dough. This makes using it remarkably simple, also it makes it easier to install the different attachments to the stand mixer, and one of those is your kneading hook. There is great convenience for this particular model.

There are also some drawbacks, however. The first of these drawbacks is, strangely, that the stand mixer does not come with instructions. This is a massive problem because a stand mixer is a somewhat complex piece of equipment, so if you are unsure of what you are doing, not having the instruction manual only adds to the level of confusion when using it. The other issue that comes up from time to time is while it has several speeds, the motor itself can be unreliable and the gears will slip. Again, this is not something ideal with a stand mixer.

Cheftronic does a good job getting the design of the mixer right, and if you are looking for a stand mixer that won’t totally break the bank, you can do far worse than this stylish appliance.


  • Looks fantastic and will definitely merge form and function in a very symbiotic way
  • Comes with 4 different paddles and uses several different speeds
  • Hinge allows easy changing of the paddles along with easy access to mixing bowl


  • Does not come with an instruction manual, so if you don’t know how to use a stand mixer, it could be dodgy
  • Motor tends to have issues, especially when moving between speeds

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#3 Bosch MUM6N1OUC

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When it comes to paying a good price for a product, if you pay a lot, it better deliver a lot. Frankly, there are many reasons why people should be suspicious of a stand mixer that costs more than $400, but in the case of this Bosch stand mixer, there is much about it to like and perhaps, for the certain type of buyer, it offers features that make it worth the enormously high price tag.

The first thing to notice is this stand mixer’s motor is underneath, instead of on top of the mixing bowl. This allows easier addition of ingredients when using it and in the case of kneading bread dough, a greater visual of what’s going on so that you can pull out the bread and begin to bake it with greater success, so if that’s the type of design you like, this is a good alternative.

Another good feature is the large capacity. This particular model can handle up to 15 pounds of dough. That’s a lot of bread. When it comes to durability, this particular stand mixer is also built to last, so you can take your major investment to the bank and know it will be with you for a while.

Now, when we talk about spending such a high amount of a stand mixer, it stands to reason that nothing should be wrong with it. Unfortunately for the Bosch, there are some problems, and chief among them is many of the parts are plastic and tend to break. The reason – the motor is too powerful for the plastic! It seems like when Bosch decided that they were going to make a very powerful stand mixer that cost a lot of money, the least they could do is use stainless steel paddles.

If you want to pay a decent amount of money for a stand mixer, this is a good choice – especially if you like having the feature of the open bowl, otherwise you can spend half as much and get a good stand mixer.


  • Open bowl design allows you to add ingredients to the mix and in many ways is easier to manage
  • Motor itself is very durable and will be with you for a while, very reliable machine
  • If you are making a lot of bread, this is perfect because it can hold 15 pounds of dough


  • This is extremely expensive and unless you really love this particular model, you can spend half as much and get as good a deal
  • Motor is too powerful for plastic paddles, they will break

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#4 Litchi Stand Mixer

[amazon_link asins=’B01MU2YKA0′ template=’ReviewPost’ store=’homeawake-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b13a5a0d-5cca-11e7-8c8f-91843e33f5f0′]

If you are looking for a device that seems designed exactly for what it is supposed to do with no extra frills, then you are clearly someone who is very direct about the functionality of various tools. You use a hammer to hammer, a screwdriver to screw, and don’t deviate from those functions. This is a very good thing – after all, improvisation in the wrong hands often doesn’t work out. When Litchi decided to make a stand mixer, they clearly had this principle in mind.

This particular stand mixer has a tilted head allowing the ease of adding ingredients and changing of paddles. There’s nothing new about this design – many stand mixers also use it because it is remarkably efficient and people enjoy it. Also, it provides access to the mixing bowl when you are not actively mixing.

The next thing that people enjoy are the six different speeds. You have options with the Litchi, and when kneading bread that matters. The speeds all are distinct – this is not a situation where 4 sounds exactly like 6. The last feature people love is the splatter guard. Again, Litchi keeps it direct – why should you add ingredients just to turn on the machine for everything to fly around?

There are some drawbacks, however, and despite the best intentions of Litchi, they should be noted. The first is this particular model does not handle small quantities all that well. This can be an issue and it most likely due to the paddle size. The other issue is that the machine jumps somewhat when the speed is higher than 3. What that means is the paddle will jump, possibly because the motor is too light and the hinge doesn’t hold down the overhead motor.

The Litchi keeps things simple, and is a great stand mixer if you are looking for something that will do its job with no fuss.


  • The titled head allows you to easily change the mixing paddles along with adding ingredients
  • Six speeds mean you get the right amount of speed regardless of the different breads and other mixed items
  • Splatter guard means that all your ingredients will stay where they are supposed to be – the mixing bowl


  • Machine tends to jump when the speeds get higher than 3
  • Large paddles are somewhat problematic if you are looking to work in small quantities

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#5 Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 63221

[amazon_link asins=’B000308BUI’ template=’ReviewPost’ store=’homeawake-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b692e990-5cca-11e7-93cc-0988be031b51′]

Any business will tell you that the key to success in any field of endeavor is making sure that you are different than what your competition offers. In that difference, what you need to offer is something better than what they offer, and so when you do that, what ends up happening is you vault yourself to the top position. However, there are cases when the pursuit of being different means that you get lost in the wilderness and the original direction you were headed vanishes forever. Hamilton Beach combined the former and the latter when they developed their Eclectrics stand mixer.

Playing on the words “eclectic” and “electric”, Hamilton Beach offers a 12 speed stand mixer that does everything traditional mixers do – but with more power. It works in many different ways and the discerning home cook may enjoy all 12 speeds. The reverse-spinning mixing function also is a different way to get the job done, especially when using the kneading hook to work on the bread dough.

The best feature on the Hamilton Beach, however, might be the locking mechanism for the bowl. This bowl doesn’t go anywhere, and that’s a good thing. Imagine having the mixer turned up to 12 with a loose bowl – yikes!

There are some issues that Hamilton Beach must confront when addressing their lofty ambitions. The first is because there are so many speeds, the gears are prone to slipping and compromising the engine. The second is Hamilton Beach made this particular model a bit smaller than other stand mixers, so it doesn’t work with as much bread dough.

If you like a good experiment, then Hamilton Beach has done a good job, hopefully the flaws will get corrected and they will learn how sometimes, less is more.


  • 12 speed settings means you have every single mixing need covered
  • Locking mechanism keeps bowl tight while paddles spin
  • Auto-reverse paddle setting means that you can rest assured the mixer gets everything


  • Too many speeds means the gears tend to slip and cause the engine to wear out
  • Mixer is smaller than most other stand mixers

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Why You Should Bake Your Own Bread

The reality is bread baking is something that can drastically improve the health of yourself and your family. The good news is when you bake your own bread, you know exactly what is in it – including whether or not you have different types of bread like white bread, whole wheat, or even oatmeal. By making your own bread, you can leave out harmful preservatives and additives.

The other reason why making your own bread is a worthy endeavor is simply because you can do many different things including making regular loaves or even something like pizza dough. Regardless of how you choose to make bread dough, controlling the ingredients is critical, but the other fun part is that it can be something that can bring the family together. Because everyone is a part of creating something it is a great lesson to teach kids about being self-reliant – despite that you are using a stand mixer to knead!


Making bread in a stand mixer is a great way to ensure the health of yourself and your family. When you read these reviews, remember to consider all the different functions of a stand mixer besides making bread, this will help you make the best purchase because once you get a stand mixer it will be with you a long time.

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