Best Upholstery Steam Cleaner — 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Did you realize that steam can be used for many things besides just cleaning clothes? These devices are even considered to be the best choice when it comes to cleaning upholstery?

Why are steam cleaners so popular for cleaning upholstery? It’s because there are few things that take more of a beating than upholstery and steam cleaning is the easiest way to keep it looking new. This is true whether it’s the upholstery in your home, your car or your business. It’s the very reason why so many people choose to buy the best upholstery steam cleaner to have on hand. That way you can touch up clean your upholstery any time it needs it.

There are many upholstery steam cleaning models to choose from but not all of them work well. That is we decided to do several reviews on the top upholstery steam cleaning products. We will also give you some other information that will help you make a sound upholstery steam cleaner purchase if you should ever decide you want to shop for one.

Taking a Fast Look at the Top Upholstery Steam Cleaning Models

Here is a quick overview of the best-selling upholstery steam cleaning models. More in-depth reviews will follow this table.


Steam Cleaner

# Accessories Included

Key Features





  • Heats water to over 300 degrees
  • Digital display w/easy working controls
  • Lifetime boiler warranty
  • 5% water content vapor



  • 1.5 liter water boiler
  • 45 minutes run time
  • 16 foot power cord
  • 5 year warranty



  • 290 degree steam heat
  • 8 minutes until ready to use
  • Provides 35+ minutes of steaming time
  • Oversized wheels for easy movement



  • On demand trigger for steam
  • Two different cleaning modes
  • Can change accessories w/out shutting off
  • Rolls easily across smooth surfaces



  • 1500 watt fast heating
  • 48 ounce water reservoir
  • Produces steam on demand
  • Locking trigger switch

Reviews of the Best Upholstery Steam Cleaner Models

Here is what we feel are some of the top rated upholstery steam cleaners in the marketplace. Any one of them will easily handle all of your upholstery steam cleaning needs and more.

There are very few upholstery steam cleaners made that are this high quality or have as many unique features as this one. Everything about this machine speaks of a product that is truly professional quality through and through. It will help make your upholstery look like new and also help you do that in a fast and simple way.

This is a steam cleaner that comes with all the bells and whistles you could possibly want on one of these machines. Its advanced boiler system will heat the water it uses well past 300 degrees. This results in the steam that comes out of it having less than 5% water content.

One of the very best features on this well-made upholstery steam cleaner is the lifetime warranty that it has on its boiler. That is incredible considering it’s the hardest working part on any steam cleaning system. Even the rest of the parts on it are backed up by a solid 3-year warranty.

There also are 23 accessories that are included in this steam cleaning package. That means there is virtually no steam cleaning task that cannot be done with it. This is a very impressive all-around steam cleaner to say the least.


  • Heats water to over 300 degrees
  • Digital display w/easy working controls
  • Lifetime boiler warranty
  • 5% water content vapor
  • Includes 23 Accessories
  • Easy to use digital controls


  • Power cord is only 10 feet long
  • The is no adjustment for the angle that the steam comes out

Here is another very good upholstery steam cleaning product. This PureClean model steam cleaner heats up fast thanks to its 1500 watt heating element and nicely pushes a good amount of steam out of its attachments wherever you need it to clean. It should easily be able to take care of even your most demanding upholstery cleaning projects.

This model steam cleaner also features a large 1.5 liter water reservoir. That means you can do long upholstery cleaning sessions without having to constantly stop to refill it. Most people find they can run the machine for up to 45 minutes before having to fill the water tank up again.

There are also a variety of accessories that come with this upholstery steam cleaner too. That makes this machine very versatile as far as the other things besides upholstery you can clean with it. It comes with 18 different accessories in all.

One of its nicer features is its 16 foot long power cord. That allows you to keep working on bigger projects without constantly having to unplug the unit to move it. This machine comes with a very generous 5 year warranty too.


  • 1.5 liter water boiler
  • 45 minutes run time
  • 16 foot power cord
  • 5 year warranty
  • Includes 18 Accessories
  • Compact storage


  • Replacement accessories are hard to find
  • Does not have a solid feel to it due to its predominantly plastic truction

This is a steam cleaning product that will not only clean all types of upholstery but it works especially well on auto upholstery. It gets into hard to reach places easily and has a very compact and lightweight design. That makes it easy to transport it to where you need to clean your upholstery. We really liked the design of this easy to handle upholstery steam cleaner.

It is a model steam cleaner that features a powerful 1500 watt heating element inside it. That is why it takes only 8 minutes for it to be up and ready to use. Once its running its 40 ounce water reservoir will allow you to work for over 30 minutes without having to refill it again.

The AutoRight C900054.M Red SteamMachine is also a very versatile steam cleaning machine too. It comes with 14 different accessories. These accessories will help you to expertly clean upholstery or steam clean a variety of other types of surfaces too.

The large wheels it has on it are a big bonus also. That allows you to wheel it easily not just over smooth surfaces but it goes across grass and other semi-smooth surfaces very easily as well. This is probably the most portable model upholstery steam cleaner on our review list.


  • 290 degree steam heat
  • Only 8 minutes until ready to use
  • Provides 35+ minutes of steaming time
  • Oversized wheels for easy movement
  • Includes 14 Accessories
  • Compact and lightweight design


  • Brushes seem to wear out fast
  • Need to pause to let it build pressure back up at times
  • Some users wish it had a slightly higher steam pressure

If you want to keep your upholstery cleaning simple but effective then you will want to take a good look at this fine upholstery cleaning product. It is built by Wagner so you know it will be an innovative and well-designed steam cleaner. It can handle all your upholstery cleaning needs and a variety of other steam cleaning tasks too.

This is a very simple to use upholstery steam cleaner. It builds up heat quickly and an indicator light will come on when it’s ready to use. Many users not only like to clean upholstery with this model steam cleaner but claim it also works great at removing tough to get off wallpaper.

One of the best features of this Wagner steam cleaner is your ability to change accessories without having to shut it off. That means you can do such things as clean your cars upholstery and interior at the same time without stopping.

Although this steam cleaning unit’s 16 pound weight makes it a little heavy to carry, its wheels will help you overcome that because it rolls easily over smooth surfaces.


  • On demand trigger for steam
  • Two different cleaning modes
  • Can change accessories w/out shutting off
  • Rolls easily across smooth surfaces
  • Includes 10 accessories
  • A sturdy 16 pound unit


  • More moisture in the steam than with most steam cleaner products
  • Can be a little heavy to carry
  • Steaming pressure could be better

Here is a small but mighty canister upholstery steam cleaning machine. Steamfast has done a nice job designing this steam cleaning model. It is ready to use in little or no time and it can handle all of your upholstery cleaning needs. This machine is also very lightweight and portable.

The 1500 watt heating element this machine has will allow you to get to work steam cleaning in as little as six minutes. Once you are up and running its large 48 ounce water reservoir will let you work continuously for up to 45 minutes too. That is enough time to efficiently clean even larger size upholstery.

This unit features an excellent on demand steam handle attachment that is trigger activated. You can also conveniently lock the handle for tasks that require a lot of continuous steam. That makes this upholstery steam cleaner ideal for use on both big and small upholstery cleaning projects.

It also features a generous size 12 foot power cord and smooth rolling casters to help you move it easily when going across any smooth floor surface.


  • 1500 watt fast heating
  • 48 ounce water reservoir
  • Produces steam on demand
  • Trigger locking switch
  • Includes 17 accessories
  • 12 foot power cord


  • Short brush life
  • Only the smaller attachments can be stored in the top of the unit
  • Control buttons are a little hard to push

Upholstery Steam Cleaner Buying Guide

Here are the key characteristics of upholstery steam cleaners you should focus on when looking to purchase a new one.

Steam temperature

Most people that use an upholstery steam cleaner think that steam is just steam but that is not entirely true. The temperature of the steam that one of these cleaners produces is very important. That is because the hotter the steam is the less water content it has (needs less drying time) and the better job it does at killing bacteria, viruses and germs. The best upholstery steam cleaners produce heat that is in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Steam Pressure

Not only does your steam have to be hot to clean your upholstery properly it also has to come out of your handle at a pretty good rate. Look for an upholstery steam cleaner that has a PSI of 50 or better so it easily pushes the steam where you need it to go as you work.

Reservoir capacity

This is another very important characteristic to consider on any upholstery steam cleaner that you are thinking about buying. The bigger the capacity of a water reservoir on a unit the longer you can work continuously without having to stop working to refill it. Water reservoirs that have at least a 1 ½ liter water capacity are preferred.


The more accessories your upholstery steam cleaner has the more versatile a tool it becomes. A good steam cleaner should have attachments for cleaning upholstery, floors, grout and even for removing wallpaper. So make sure you get a unit that has as many helpful accessories as possible.

Handle trigger switches

You most certainly want to get a model upholstery steam cleaner that has trigger handle activated steam. There are two reasons for this. One is for tasks where you only need to use on demand steam and the trigger handle will activate the steam as you need it. The other is the trigger will have a locking mechanism so you can also conveniently clean upholstery that requires a continuous stream of steam to do the job.

Steam hose length

The more application hose length you have the better. This comes in especially handy when you are cleaning upholstery in cars or on large size furniture. Get enough hose on your new upholstery steam cleaner that will let you work for long periods of time without having to move the base steam cleaning unit.

Power cord length

Here is another feature of steam cleaners that will allow you to work for long periods of time without having to move your upholstery steam cleaner. The longer the power cord you have the easier it is to keep your steam cleaner closer to where you are doing your task. So try to get a model steam cleaner that has a generous size power cord.


Most people find themselves using their steam cleaner a lot once they realize all the cleaning jobs they can do with it. That will result in a lot of wear and tear on any upholstery steam cleaner. That is why it is great if your new steam cleaner comes with a good warranty. Look for a machine with a warranty that covers as many parts on the upholstery steam cleaner as possible and covers them for a long period of time.

The Many Benefits of Using Steam to Clean Upholstery With

Safe for any fabric

Steam can safely clean most any type of upholstery fabric. It is not harsh on fabrics like bleaches, detergents and other cleaning chemicals can sometimes be.

Cost effective

There is no more cost effective system for cleaning than when you clean with steam. After your initial investment your only cost is that of some minor support materials and the water that goes inside it. There are no chemicals to buy for each time you use it and the support materials are very negligible in cost.


Most detergents will not kill such things as bacteria, viruses and germs. Steam on the other hand often eliminates these things completely. This is especially true if your steam cleaner produces steam that is over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. An upholstery steam cleaner is even very effective at killing bed bugs and does so without the use of harmful chemicals.

No extensive cleanup after use

There is little to no cleanup involved after using a steam cleaner on your upholstery. Usually only a little excess moisture is left behind that can be easily mopped up. The machine itself is easy to get ready to put back in storage too. All you have to do is empty the water tank and wipe it off and it’s ready to store again.

Helpful Tips for Cleaning Upholstery with Your Steam Cleaner

Here are a few tips that will help make any upholstery steam cleaning task easier:

  • Before you steam clean an item do a thorough vacuuming of it first. Steam cleaners do not get up larger particles as well as vacuuming does. Make sure you get under the cushions too.
  • Never start steam cleaning an item until you have first tested how it reacts to steam cleaning on an inconspicuous part of it. This way if you do have a problem it will not completely ruin the looks of that item.
  • If you are cleaning the upholstery on your furniture take off the cushions and do them separately. This will leave your cushions looking better and they won’t be in the way when you steam clean the rest of that piece of furniture.
  • For really dirty upholstery you will most likely want to pretreat stained areas and add a fabric preconditioner too. These products will help loosen up embedded dirt and enable your steam cleaner to do a much better job on your upholstery.
  • When you are done cleaning your upholstery open the window or turn on a fan. That will help circulate the air so your new cleaned upholstery will dry faster.
  • Furniture that is made of suede or micro-suede can be tough to get clean and can be easily ruined by steam cleaning it if you don’t know what you are doing. Have items made out of these types of materials professionally cleaned for the best results.

Which Model Upholstery Steam Cleaner Do We Prefer?

Without a doubt all of these upholstery steam cleaners that we reviewed have a lot of upside. Any one of them would be a wise purchase when it comes to buying a new upholstery steam cleaner. Without a single doubt though the Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner is the most impressive steam cleaning machine on the list.

This model upholstery steam cleaner uses steam that is much hotter than the other units on the review list thanks to its pressurized boiling chamber. It allows you to use steam that is over 300 degrees to clean with. That translates to being able to do fast and extremely sanitary steam cleaning tasks.

The Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner is a model that has a very easy to use digital control system and is compact and lightweight to move around too. It also comes with over 20 accessories which will allow you to steam clean many other surfaces besides just upholstery with it. To round out this tremendous machine the manufacturer has included a lifetime warranty on the boiler unit and 3-years on the rest of its parts.

If you are in the market for a hassle free upholstery steam cleaning experience then this is a model steam cleaner that should not be overlooked in the buying process. It truly is one of the best upholstery steam cleaner products you can buy.

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