Best Water Filtration Pitcher — 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Best Water Filtration Pitcher — 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

Let us not kid ourselves when we talk about water – we know how essential it is for our survival, but drinking water that is not filtered means that we may be ingesting things that are not good for us, and that is why you need to have the best water filtration pitcher. Instead of drinking harmful toxins, these pitchers give you a refreshing glass of water that you can be assured is harmless.

Now, there are many reasons why you should have a water filtration pitcher instead of a sink system or other things, but perhaps when you consider filtration systems, the biggest thing you should be concerned with is how effective these systems are and how often you need to change the filter. If you need to change the filter often, this is not a good system, but durable systems allow you to be sure that you have the best water while not spending all the gold in Fort Knox to get there.

Learn about the best water filtration pitchers by reading the reviews below and then check out the ones that you think would serve you and your family best. Check out the table below for our top picks.






​Pur 18 Cup Water Filtration Dispenser



​BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher



Brita 10 Cup Everyday Pitcher​



pH Restore Pitcher​



ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher​


Why You Should Filter Your Water

Unfortunately, the world we used to live in had very strict environmental regulations about what type of runoff can go into rivers and streams – these are primary sources of drinking water along with subterranean aquifers. Starting in the 1980s, environmental regulations began to loosen and all of a sudden people started to develop health problems and one of the things they were traced back to was contaminated drinking water. That’s the bad news.

The good news is people are fairly innovative, and when given the chance to fix problems the water filtration pitcher became a big thing in all houses. Here’s the good news – you can drink tap water after you filter it and not worry about problems. Whether you have old pipes in your house or you live in an area that consistently degrades its environment, this is a great way to ensure the safety of your family.

The best part – water tastes clear and fresh. Throw in a couple ice cubes and what is better than a nice glass of water – especially after you spent the day working hard. Few things cool you down as well – especially when you know it is safe.

#1 Pur 18 Cup Water Filtration Dispenser

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One of the great lines from Romeo and Juliet is when it is asked what’s in a name. Well, in the business world, everything! Now if you are trying to sell a water filtration system, what is a better name than Pur? Hard to find one, and the best part is Pur as a company is committed to constantly making the best filtration pitchers and system – they are always all over it.

This particular dispenser is a work of genius. It provides the same Pur quality but with the dispenser you don’t need to tilt the pitcher anymore – just open the spigot like you would on a water cooler. The great news about this design is you don’t have to wait like you would with a pitcher, instead the water is ready as soon as its filtered.

Besides the design and Pur’s commitment to quality, another great feature is the size. 18 cups of water is a pretty large amount, so you won’t need to constantly refill the pitcher as you would with smaller amounts.

The drawbacks to the Pur dispenser are that the spout may have some leaking problems. This can probably be fixed with a stronger construction and/or washer, and Pur will most likely be on it. The other issue is that depending on your refrigerator, this dispenser could fit awkwardly, so if you have a side by side unit, it’s best to use a traditional pitcher.

Overall, the Pur dispenser is the best on the market, and if you are looking for a water filtration pitcher that will do a better job, you will be hard pressed to find one.


  • Pur is one of the leaders in developing natural water filtration technology
  • Spout at the bottom means you can drink water as soon as you fill up the pitcher instead of waiting
  • 18 cup size means that you will always have a lot of water available


  • If you have a side by side refrigerator, this pitcher may be too large for it
  • Some leaking problems reported with the spout, but Pur is good about fixing these issues

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#2 BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher

[amazon_link asins=’B01BFNHU4E’ template=’ReviewPost’ store=’homeawake-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’29c7b9e7-5ccf-11e7-b7a6-9939915cab04′]

Many water filtration systems focus on what they take out of the water – and that is for good reason. Removing heavy metals and other contaminants is, after all, the reason that you went ahead and purchased the filtration pitcher. Therefore, if you are told that a pitcher would ADD something to your water, you have every right to be suspicious. This is not the normal course of action.

Fortunately, BWT believes they are innovators, and their way of innovating is using their filters to add magnesium to the water while taking out all the other contaminants. There are many nutritional studies that prove many Americans have low levels of magnesium which causes all sorts of issues relating to immune health and overall quality outcomes. In other words – this is a good additive.

The other things BWT does really well are the sleek design of the pitcher along with the dual filtration action. These filters are recommended to be changed every four weeks but realistically you can get away with changing them ever 6-8 weeks without noticing any problems.

As for problems, there are a couple bugaboos with this particular filtration pitcher. The first is that it does not seem to hold a lot of water, so you are constantly having to refill it. When you have guests, this gets annoying. The second problem is the filters are not available at the local grocery store, so you have to order them ahead of time. That can be a pain.

Overall, BWT makes a great attempt at providing a water filtration pitcher that takes out what should never go in your system while adding to your health.


  • This system adds magnesium to the water – a nutrient many Americans are deficient in
  • Filters are very effective, realistically need to be changed every 6-8 weeks
  • Pitcher’s sleek design means that it can fit in every refrigerator


  • Does not hold a lot of water so you will be doing a lot of refilling
  • Filters are not available in many stores the way competing brands are

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#3 Brita 10 Cup Everyday Pitcher

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Every brand has their own way of adding flair to their product – a signature way to show how they are different than their competitors. With cars, you will notice that certain car companies have various accoutrements in certain spots that others don’t, or they could have a specific body shape because that denotes it is that specific brand. Brita is a lot like that, and because of this idea, Brita is a water filtration pitcher system that has people devoted to it and others less enthusiastic.

Now, when we talk about people devoted to Brita – they are serious. That type of brand loyalty is a good thing, it means there is much good that is going on, and in that sense the people at Brita should be very happy with how deeply they connect to their customers. The unique filtration system is something that is completely Brita’s, and no other company tries to invade their turf.

The other good things about the Brita pitcher is that you only need to change the filter every two months and thanks to the sticker indicator, you don’t need to think about it. The other benefit of this particular pitcher is that it holds 10 cups of water, that is a pretty good amount of water for a pitcher.

The downside of the Brita is the inverse of the benefit – there are many people who find the taste of Brita water to be a bit metallic, so for as devoted as some are, others are not as keen. The other problem with the Brita filtration pitcher is that it can be difficult to disassemble for cleaning – something that is vital for preserving the pitcher’s life.

The Brita offers a lot for people who love the brand, for those who don’t, they wouldn’t buy it anyway, so if you’ve never had the pleasure, give Brita a try.


  • Tremendous brand loyalty means that the company is doing something right
  • Filters last about 60 days and sticker indicator is helpful as a reminder
  • 10 cups of water means that you can have a lot of drinking water in a single pitcher


  • Some complain about a metallic taste to the water
  • Very difficult to disassemble and clean

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#4 pH Restore Pitcher

[amazon_link asins=’B011M7AQPS’ template=’ReviewPost’ store=’homeawake-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’3dfa9f1a-5ccf-11e7-a5e5-21bb99009e4f’]

In the world we live in today, the people who do not acknowledge the level of research that goes into science are considered dolts – and rightly so. Who would argue against something that is factually proven? You may be asking what this has to do with a water filtration pitcher? The answer is this particular pitcher is marketed to those who are serious about maintaining the proper alkaline levels within their body.

Without getting into the idea of alkaline levels in the body, sufficed to say there’s just as much science proving this is a real thing as there is science proving alkalinity is not a thing. This pitcher, pH Restore, believes that by ionizing the water, they will help you have a healthier life. You know what – it couldn’t hurt.

Besides all the pH considerations along with ionization, the best features for this pitcher are those which resemble other pitchers – but the digital filtration gauge that helps you know when to change the filter, that’s an excellent feature and something pH Restore got right. Another thing they got right – the filters. These filters are incredibly comprehensive and pH Restore went the extra mile to ensure that only good ions get in the water.

The downside comes with the cost. This is a very expensive water filtration pitcher, and frankly, unless you believe in the whole alkaline theory, it just isn’t worth it. The other problem that the pitcher has is the filter doesn’t work right, in fact not all water leaves the reservoir and into the main compartment. Unless you clean it regularly, this can become very hazardous to your health.

Whether you believe in the science – or pseudoscience – behind alkaline levels, what isn’t up for dispute is that pH Restore did a great job seeing an opening in the market and exploiting it.


  • If you buy the idea of alkalinity, then this is a great purchase for you
  • Digital filter gauge lets you know when it’s time to change the filter
  • The filters truly go the extra mile in an attempt to get any contaminant out of the water


  • This pitcher is very expensive and unless you are a person subscribing to the alkaline idea, it’s just too much
  • Design of the filter leaves water in the reservoir instead of getting it to the main area of the pitcher

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#5 ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher

[amazon_link asins=’B0073PZ6O0′ template=’ReviewPost’ store=’homeawake-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4f21cc0b-5ccf-11e7-83ab-9d09c5494dcb’]

If you are going to do something, then the reality is you should make sure to do it all the way, because when you go halfway, you don’t get the respect of your competitors. ZeroWater decided they were going to be all-in on making sure that they produced the most pure, uncontaminated water via their pitchers, and the good news is they have done an excellent job advancing the technology of the water filtration pitcher.

When you buy this particular pitcher, the first thing that jumps out at you is the certification that this pitcher will keep your water lead and chromium free. That the pitcher is certified adds a level of security to your drinking of water, but how are they able to do this? Well, ZeroWater claims their 5 stage filter is the most comprehensive on the market, and to a large degree it is. Most other pitchers only have a 2 stage filter.

But, ZeroWater went more one step – in the packaging they included a TDS meter. Now, let’s avoid the boredom of the specs of a TDS meter and get to the nitty gritty – the TDS meter tells you when you change your filter. Very simple – stick the meter in the water, get your reading, change the filter.

There are some ways though in which ZeroWater comes up short. Most notably, the filters don’t seem to last too long – so what’s the point of having such a wonderful filter if it’s not durable. It’s not like the filters are cheap either, so getting that pure water can get costly. The other problem is when the filter goes bad, the water tastes rancid. Many people have had to throw out the pitcher because they could not get rid of the odor after replacing the filter.

Overall, ZeroWater gets a lot right, but they need to do some work on filter durability for this to be perfect.


  • Certified lead and chromium free water
  • Includes TDS meter to test your water and see if you need a new filter
  • 5 stage filter means that you are getting only the purest of water


  • Filter does not last very long and the filters are not cheap
  • When filter goes bad water smells rancid and even after replacing filter it is hard to get rid of the smell

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Why Use Water Filtration Pitchers Instead of Bottled Water

The answer here is relatively simple, yet it is two-fold. The problem with using bottled water is that you are draining a spring or an aquifer when the reality is in many municipalities they already have treated drinking water ready for you. Using lots of bottled water can put a strain on the local environment.

There are other strains too – the bottles have to go somewhere, and even the most ardent of recyclers miss bottles and they end up piling up and creating garbage islands. For example, there were so many bottles of water thrown away last year that you could circle the Earth seven times at the equator and still have plenty left over.

The other reason you should use filtration pitchers is cost. Bottled water can pile up and be expensive; you are already paying for your municipal water – or if you have a well, for the pump – so why not take advantage of what you have already purchased?


Using a water filtration pitcher is a great way to protect the health of your family and yourself. Use the reviews to determine which one would fit your needs best, and be sure to stock on replacement filters when there is a sale to save yourself some extra cash.

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