Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush: A Complete Review

Are you looking for the best portable handheld carpet cleaner that can get hard-to-clean areas without having to use additional attachments? The Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush! This small but powerful tool is great for stairs and under furniture. Use it to detail your car or furniture for a brand-new look. Need to clean up a mess from your pet or child? This is the tool for you!

Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush Review

Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush Handheld Deep Cleaner, 1716B - Corded
  • Spot Lifter, power brush, corded hand held extractor, 18' power cord for continuous cleaning, motorized dual brush roll for double cleaning action
  • Adds Extra shine to your product
  • Features cleaning width of 3 inches
  • Rotating brush helps loosen dirt and stains Spray, suction cleans and dries in one step
  • 18 inch power cord. 12 oz dirty tank capacit

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This powerful and trustworthy cleaner has been a favorite tool since it first came out back in 2006. With the 3-inch cleaning width and powerful spinning brush, you’re able to get into hard-to-reach areas with minimal effort. It’s perfect for detailing your car or getting into the nooks and crannies of your furniture and stairs that you otherwise would have to clean by hand. This simple machine is the best upholstery cleaner because it doesn’t have any hoses or attachments to get in the way. It’s simple to use and can be used by anyone in many areas of your home or vehicle.

Who Is This For?

The Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush is perfect for all users and homes. Even if you don’t have carpet, there’s probably a place in your life for this product.

This product is great for:

  • Upholstery
  • Carpet
  • Vehicle interior

The lightweight design can be used by people of any age or physical ability.

What’s Included?

This simple machine is powerful enough on its own that it doesn’t need any fancy attachments to get the job done. The rotating brush and strong suction do the cleaning for you. In the box, you’ll get the Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush and a Trial size bottle 2X Spot & Stain Formula.


This strong carpet and upholstery cleaner is great for cleaning your stairs, furniture, car interiors, and carpet. Did your kid spill their juice on your favorite area rug? The Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush is the perfect tool for the job!

The strong motorized rotating brushes and powerful continuous suction scrub the spill away without having to clean it by hand. The suction is effective enough that you won’t be left with wet spots and puddles on your furniture or carpet.

This small machine has a surprisingly large dirty tank, with a capacity of 12oz! With a long power cord, reaching 18 inches, you’ll be able to move around your home more easily without having to unplug the cleaner and plug it in elsewhere. This makes it great for apartments and older homes that tend to be short on outlets.

Pros and Cons

The Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush is a small machine with big cleaning power.

You’ll have furniture, carpet, and car interior that looks brand new without having to put in a ton of elbow grease to get the job done.

Here are a few things we like about this product:

  • Lightweight – weighs in at just 4lbs
  • The long power cord is 18 inches so you can move around your home with ease
  • Powerful rotating brushes scrub pesky stains and get deep down to make your carpet and furniture look like new again
  • Comes with a trial size bottle of 2X Spot & Stain Formula
  • Easy enough for children and teens to use so they can help out around the house

Here are a couple of things we dislike:

  • Does not have any attachments available
  • Does not have a heater to warm up water or keep it hot

The Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush is definitely a great product for the price.

How To Use It

So you’ve read about the features of the Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush and who it’s best for. I’m sure you’re wondering how exactly to use it. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial:


In short, the Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush is a powerful and versatile cleaning machine. Not only does it have a super-strong rotating brush, but the suction power also sucks out dirt, grime, and moisture, removing puddles and excess water from the area you just cleaned. It works great on rugs, stairs, upholstery, under furniture, and on your car’s interior.

This cleaner weighs just 4lbs, making it easy for people of all ages and physical abilities to use with minimal problems. The long power cord and small size make it easy to get into any hard to reach areas of your home.

Don’t take my word for it, try out the Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush for yourself. It’s the best handheld portable carpet cleaner you can find.

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