39 Bright and Beautiful Kitchen Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Many of us can agree that a bright white, light-filled kitchen is one of the pleasantest possible spots to spend the first part of a morning. Enjoy your breakfast and spend quality time with family while cultivating an optimistic mindset that will see you through the rest of the day.

In this article, you will see 39 images of kitchen design and organization concepts that you can use in creating your own light-filled oasis. You’ll find ideas for design accents, lighting fixtures, layout, and windows. Some themes include luxury in an open-concept layout, expansive pantries, delightful windows, white and cream color schemes, and stylish lighting fixtures.

Bright and Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Open-concept opulence

Chandeliers set the tone in this open-concept kitchen and living space, flooded with pure light through tall windows and complemented by brisk white walls.

2. The pantry dreams are made of

This ample pantry space is clean and fresh in appearance, with almost endless shelving.

3. Bright white kitchen with marble and walnut accents

Fresh white cabinetry is complemented by walnut floors and a marble-topped island.

4.  Restful cream with a touch of adventure

This kitchen and living space area features large windows admitting streams of gorgeous white light, as well as a few twentieth-century colonial design motifs.

5. Cozy and unpretentious elegance

Shiny hardwood floors and a cozy fireplace make this fresh and breezy kitchen one the whole family will love.

6. Compact and convenient

Handy spice racks are just one element of this tidy little cooking nook with upmarket appeal.

7. Down at the farm

This bright and breezy kitchen is reminiscent of the farmhouse with slightly rustic lighting fixtures and wood accents.

8. Let the light in

This kitchen’s large windows and storm door lets in lots of cheerful sunlight, complementing its white and blue decor.

9. Touches of sunshine

Shades of spring make this charming kitchen welcoming and restful for all.

10. Town and country

An abundance of cupboard and food preparation space as well as stylish wooden floors and upmarket appliances make this light-filled and airy kitchen not only beautiful but practical, too.

11. Shed some light on the subject

This family nook has an abundance of lighting fixtures, freshly white cabinetry, and modern hardwood floors complemented by stainless steel appliances.

12. French blue

This kitchen offers hints of the traditional French countryside, with touches of blue and white porcelain and painted wood.

13. Brisk white cabinetry and soft blue tile

Blue and white predominate in this fresh, airy kitchen with a sophisticated stainless steel stove.

14. Unique floral-motif floor and gold-tone accents

A charming blue floral motif decorates the floor of this enchanting kitchen with a touch of luxury in the form of gold-tone faucets and cupboard handles.

15. Rustic escape

Wooden rafters give a traditional, rustic feel, and space for meals and conversation make this cozy kitchen one you’ll enjoy.

16. Multi-purpose island and plentiful cabinets

There is useful storage space provided within this kitchen’s soft blue painted island, as well as a cluster of spacious white cabinets.

17. Champagne and cream

Champagne-colored ceramic and painted accents complement cabinets of a creamy hue, while a curved faucet completes the look.

18. Comfortable in style

Comfortable, cushioned stools allow for seating at this kitchen’s spacious and freshly-hued island under generous lighting.

19. White rustic chairs and spacious views

A storm door and windows let you see the outdoors while you enjoy a leisurely morning coffee sitting on charming white wooden chairs at the compact kitchen island.

20. Dark and light

Highly detailed design features are complemented by contrasting cabinets of white and the darkest wood.

21. Contemporary and classic appeal

This kitchen’s expansive stainless steel fridge is the height of contemporary style while the white painted wood of the cabinets and island lend the space traditional charm.

22. The best of traditional style

Chandeliers with a vintage feel and dangling crystals combine with natural light, wooden floors, and creamy accents for all the best of traditional charm.

23. A place for everything

This brightly lit kitchen has an abundance of space as well as attractive molding, shiny counter tops, and a truly impressive stainless steel fridge.

24. Gleaming under the light

This versatile kitchen offers an expansive island, white cabinetry, and an abundance of soft yet bright light from stylish fixtures, as well as gleaming hardwood floors with a fresh, sunny hue.

25. Country cabinet

An appealing creamy beige, this kitchen display cabinet evokes simpler times and offers extra storage in its bottom drawers and nooks.

26. For the home chef in all of us

A home chef’s dream, these rolling trays within a cream-colored cabinet store an abundance of high-end stainless steel cookware.

27. Mixing elements

This extraordinarily bright and white kitchen with a uniquely attractive ceiling combines both soft and modern elements, not forgetting to include vases of fresh, lovely flowers.

28. Warm and bright

This delightful kitchen with warm wooden floors and cabinets the color of the richest cream has light fixtures with the look of fanciful jewelry, as well as an attached living space with a colorful carpet from lands far away.

29. Pretty and practical

This storage nook is not only utilitarian but attractive.  Many shelves are provided, as well as the adornment of decorative molding.

30. A stylish way to organize

Multi-faceted drawers with numerous dividers for the storage and organization of kitchen and cooking tools is a useful addition to any home.

31. A Victorian touch

This lovely kitchen boasts an island topped with glossy dark wood and a unique stormy-blue stove.  A charmingly vintage printed pattern complements the general atmosphere.

32. Great for bakers

A double stainless steel oven and an abundance of counter space makes this kitchen a dream come true for bakers.

33. Glossy white floor

A glossy white floor complements the similarly light-colored cabinetry and ceilings.  The appealing brightness created by numerous ceiling lights makes this kitchen a cheerful option.

34. Clustered lights

This space’s fascinating light fixtures contain what appear like clusters of little lamps within metallic spheres.

35. Inspired by Versailles

The ornate crystal chandeliers, white marble counter tops, white walls, fanciful curtains, and cabinetry of french blue have a hint of the spirit of Versailles.

36. Enjoy a tranquil glass of wine

Savor a glass of one of the beautiful wines stored at the top of this unique creamy-white cabinetry.

37. Extraordinary space and sunshine

An abundance of windows and expansive space are just two of this kitchen’s attractive features.

38. Cream and cherry wood

Enjoy your morning coffee in one of this kitchen’s cherry-wood chairs as you soak in the sunshine.

39. A cheerful space

The bright lighting fixture over the kitchen island illuminates the entire space.
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