How to Build a Pond or Water Feature

How to Build a Pond or Water Feature


Few things really brighten up the landscape like a pond or other type of water feature, and the best part is you don’t need to be an expert to install a feature that you’ll love.

These ponds are actually much easier than you think to install, especially when dealing with pre-formed liners. The first step is making sure that you have enough space for a water feature. This could mean a large pond or a small fountain. Either way, you can do a lot with these features. If space isn’t an issue, you want your water feature to have maximum visibility from nearly everywhere on the property. This can be achieved through taking some time on the planning stage.

Once you decide where to put your pond, another important thing to consider is the vegetation associated with it. The right plants can give your pond a natural feel. The next steps involve making sure to dig out your pond, understand the biggest regret most have is they didn’t get as big a pond as they would have liked. Be sure to follow instructions with the liner, digging the pond trench, and ensuring that your pond isn’t fouled up by debris and other issues.

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