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41 Small Kitchen Designs and Ideas

You are going to spend a ton of time in your kitchen. That doesn’t mean you will always necessarily be cooking. We know that the kitchen can turn into a natural gathering spot for family and friends. You want to get your kitchen done right, and we want to help you do it. When you […]

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23 Victorian Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Do you love a classic, stylish design? Do you love a historical look? If so, we have found some great Victorian style kitchens for you to browse through. Your kitchen is where you spend time cooking, eating, and entertaining. Since you will be in it so often, make it a space that catches everyone’s attention. […]

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27 Southwest Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Making the right choices when it comes to designing your kitchen is important. You want to find the right style for your tastes, something that matches your personality. Don’t get stuck with something you won’t like for years to come. So, first you need to choose a theme. We have gathered 27 beautiful Southwest style […]

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29 Tropical Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Think about how much time you spend in your kitchen. We know, sometimes too much time. That’s okay, as long as you have a kitchen designed the way you want it. When you start to plan a kitchen design, whether you are building on from scratch or redesigning an existing one, you will be faced […]

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37 Transitional Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Designing a kitchen can be overwhelming, but it can also be fun. With a blank canvass to work from, you have so many options. Sure, you have seen industrial styles, classic designs, and retro ideas, but maybe none of them were quite right. Maybe you need to look at some transitional kitchens. Transitional kitchens will […]

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28 Industrial Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Don’t ever settle for a kitchen design that you won’t be happy with for years to come. When you are designing your house, you want everything to match your personality and ideas, so make sure you take your time. Industrial kitchen designs are popular because they blend so well with many different styles. There is […]

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30 Mediterranean Kitchen Designs and Ideas

There really is no design style more beautiful than a Mediterranean kitchen. The range of options is wide, but it always retains that European flair. The colors and patterns are unmatched, often taking on a geometric design that is so common around that part of the world. If you are designing a new kitchen or […]

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25 Mid-Century Kitchen Designs and Ideas

A kitchen is a magical space. You will make your meals there, sure, but it is so much more than that. The kitchen is often the focal point of your household, especially when you have family and friends over. If you are designing a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one, you have plenty of […]

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36 Farmhouse Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Your kitchen will be one of the most visited places in your home. Whether it is just you and your family, or friends you have over to a get together, the kitchen is likely to become the focal point. Since you will be spending so much time there, make sure the whole area is somewhere […]

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25 Scandinavian Kitchen Designs and Ideas

When you are designing your kitchen, you want something that not only looks great, but is highly functional. When you begin your search for the kitchen of your dreams, you will be faced with many different design options. As you will see below, a Scandinavian style kitchen may be the route for you to go. […]

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