22 of the Best Bathroom Color Schemes (Photo Gallery)

best bathroom color schemes

Color is an amazing thing. It can totally transform a room and has the ability to create a calming environment. Why should you ignore the color scheme in your bathroom. Not all bathrooms should be white. In fact, that can be downright boring. We know that when you design your bathroom, you want to make … Read more

30 Beautiful Brown Bathroom Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

brown bathroom design ideas

When you are designing a bathroom, you want to make a space that is calming. You want a room that is more than just functional. Your bathroom should be a space you can relax in. We know that you want your bathroom to look great and match your personality. Choosing a color can be tough, … Read more

22 Subway Tile Bathroom Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

subway tile bathroom ideas

There are so many different ways to design and style your bathroom, but we know one way that will fit for any theme you are thinking about – subway tiles.Subway tiles are wonderful because they are incredibly versatile. Rectangular and brick like, subway tiles gain their name from where you think they would; they originated … Read more

42 Small Bathroom Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

small bathroom design ideas

Everyone wants to have  a bathroom that looks fantastic, even if it is a smaller one. Don’t stress over that. We will help you find some great designs and ideas for your smaller bathroom. Whether you are looking for something simple or something elegant, from traditional to contemporary, we have found some great ideas for … Read more

27 Amazing Master Bathroom Designs (Photo Gallery)

master bathroom design ideas

You want to have a great master bathroom. Who doesn’t? But that is easier said than done. The master bathroom needs to be functional and meet all of your needs and it needs to match the personality of the house. There area so many bathroom designs for you to choose from, but you need to … Read more

38 Classy Master Bathroom Designs (Photo Gallery)

classy master bathroom designs

You deserve to have a great master bathroom. You need somewhere that you find relaxing because, after all, we spend quite a bit of time in our bathrooms. We start our day getting ready there and, with any luck, end the day in a relaxing warm bath. Make a space you will love to be … Read more

29 Gorgeous Master Bathroom Inspirations (Photo Gallery)

master bath inspirational ideas

If you’re like many of us, you’re probably bored with your master bathroom.  Perhaps it still has the same old and tired design elements that have been in there for many years.  We tend to focus most on the rooms of our home that guests will see, neglecting the bedrooms and master bathroom.  Don’t fall … Read more

36 Elegant Master Bath Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

elegant master bath design ideas

There are many different approaches that you can take to create a chic master bathroom.  It all really depends on your individual personality and how you want to express yourself.  Below you’ll have the chance to peruse 36 gorgeous and colorful pictures showing chic ideas for an elegant master bathroom. Just some of the ideas … Read more