How To Clean Vacuum Brush Bristles

clean vacuum brush bristles

Are you wondering how to clean a vacuum brush? Here’s the deal. You’ve finally decided to clean your whole vacuum, but you’ve encountered a problem with the vacuum brush. Let’s just call it a “hairy” problem. Oh yes, the not so pleasant moment when you look at the bottom of your vacuum brush and you … Read more

How To Buy a Vacuum Cleaner (That You Won’t Regret)

buying a vacuum cleaner

Wondering how to buy a vacuum cleaner that you’ll actually use? Keep reading. There are many benefits to having carpet over hardwood floors or tile. You don’t have to put your feet on cold floors in the morning, it’s a softer surface for your kids to play on, and if it gets wet you don’t … Read more

How To Take Apart a Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner

take apart Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner

Are you wondering how to take apart a Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner? Is your Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner not working as well as it did when you first purchased it and you want to take it apart to figure out the issue? Do you need to do routine maintenance on your carpet cleaner? I know … Read more

How To Spot Clean Carpet

spot clean carpet

Are you wondering how to spot clean carpet? I think one thing anyone that’s ever had carpet can agree on is that it’s a pain to clean pretty much anything out of it. Whether it’s juice, coffee, paint, urine, or feces, a spill on your carpet means it will never look the same again. Or … Read more

How To Shampoo Carpet By Hand

shampoo carpet by hand

Are you wondering how to shampoo carpet by hand? Shampooing your carpet by hand is a hassle. Who has the time and energy to hand-scrub a whole room’s worth of carpet? It doesn’t have to be a pain! A cheap handheld carpet cleaner would definitely come in handy, but it may not be in your … Read more

How To Replace the Hose on the Bissell SpotClean Pro

replace hose on Bissell SpotClean pro

Are you wondering how to replace the hose on the Bissell SpotClean Pro? Is your Bissell SpotClean Pro not working like it used to? Have you noticed leaking or maybe a decrease in cleaning power, and it’s no longer suctioning as it should? I bet you’re thinking it’s time to throw it away and buy … Read more

How To Remove the Hose From the Bissell Little Green Machine

remove hose from Bissell Little Green Machine

Do you need to know how to remove the hose from the Bissell Little Green Machine? After digging through your manual and searching the far corners of the internet, you may still be unsure of how to take the hose off of your trusted Bissell Little Green Machine. I know it can be frustrating knowing … Read more

How To Clean Dog Poop From Carpet

clean dog poop from carpet

Are you wondering how to clean dog poop from carpet? I think you’ll agree with me when I say cleaning dog poop out of carpet is hard. Or is it? Well, it turns out there’s an easier way to get the poop out of your carpet for good! It’s as simple as following just a … Read more

How Much Does a Bissell Carpet Cleaner Cost?

how much is Bissell carpet cleaner

How much does a Bissell carpet cleaner cost? I think you’ll agree with me when I say the worst part of having carpet is the constant maintenance and upkeep. Who has time to vacuum and shampoo their carpets all the time? How Much Does A Bissell Carpet Cleaner Cost? I know that was a lot … Read more

How To Wet Mop Hardwood Floors

mop hardwood floor

Are you wondering how to wet mop hardwood floors? Did you move into a home with gorgeous hardwood floors but you just can’t seem to get them to shine as they should? Hardwood flooring is a great way to give your home a warm, cozy feeling, but they’re so hard to take care of. It … Read more