42 Simply Charming Kitchen Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

You’ll never go wrong with a charming and welcoming kitchen. After all, it’s the primary place of gathering and relaxation in your home. Your taste will be on display for everyone to see and admire, and guests will always remember your gracious and well-planned entertaining space.

Below you will enjoy a host of colorful pictures showing design ideas that you can use in your own home.  Choose whole design schemes or just individual elements. Either way, you will end up with a room to enjoy.

There’s everything from breakfast nooks to spacious food preparation spaces, stunning combinations of color and style to glistening hardwood floors, and sophisticated lighting solutions to the beauty and confidence of simplicity.

Charming Kitchen Design Concepts

1. Comfy seating for a leisurely breakfast

You’ll feel like you’re in the British countryside while enjoying a lingering breakfast in this delightful nook.

2. Every home chef’s paradise

It’s impossible to complain about not having enough counter space in this gorgeous, gigantic kitchen.

3. Neat and tidy with colorful accents

Appealing wooden cabinets are set off by checkered floors and several colorful tea towels.

4. Great for baking day

A truly gigantic center work surface makes this kitchen design perfect for fun baking days with the family.

5. Chic elegance at its best

Breathtakingly smooth hardwood floors, white marble counter tops, and miles of white cabinets make this kitchen one to dream about.

6. Gathering spot

Imagine your family enjoying a casual breakfast in this light-filled and convenient kitchen.  Touches of color on the floor in the form of sunshine-tinged hardwood and an exotic rug make this look one to strive for.

7. Light, light, and more light

It’s impossible to complain about a lack of lighting in this wonderful kitchen!  There are not only gigantic hanging light fixtures but a great deal of natural light from the ample windows.

8. Classic and modern combined

Floors of traditional mahogany brown combine well with modern gray and stainless steel appliances.

9. The epitome of grace

Graceful and expansive, this kitchen features not only delicate chandeliers and white marble counter tops but a stainless steel fridge worthy of a professional kitchen.

10. Wall of windows

A wall of windows allowing in beautiful daylight looks lovely with this kitchen’s teal blue and gray cabinetry.

11. Open-concept luxury for the family

This luxurious kitchen opens up to an equally attractive living space.

12. Spring in the air

A round table with wicker-backed chairs, adorned with a vase of cheerful yellow flowers is the perfect spot for tea with a friend.

13. Cappuccino walls and decorative lantern-inspired lighting fixtures

Cappuccino-colored walls and decorative lantern-inspired fixtures pairs well with impressive cabinetry.

14. Blue cabinets with white marble counter tops

Vases of colorful flowers are attractive atop blue cabinets with white marble.  Fun and modern white stools complete this unique look.

15. Blue and white simplicity

French blue cabinets pair perfectly with white tile and counter tops, as well as a brass-toned faucet.

16. The best of both worlds

Mixture of traditional and contemporary design elements makes this kitchen a great choice for anyone.

17. Mirror-finish floors and soft daylight

This gorgeous kitchen boasts mirror-finish floors and a bay window nook.

18. Robin’s egg blue

Cabinets of robin’s egg blue is stunning paired with mid-toned wooden counter tops and white brick.

19. Kitchen hideaway

This design incorporates spring motifs for a classic space.

20. Heavy duty oven with soft champagne

Cabinetry in a wonderfully appealing soft champagne shade is a stunning companion to heavy duty cooking equipment any home chef will enjoy.

21. Best china on display

Enjoy the sight of your best china every time you go in the kitchen.  The soft daylight entering through the nearby window sets off its beauty.

22. Original teal

This teal theme will set your kitchen apart from any other you’ve seen.  The soft lighting provided by the large windows and excellent fixtures makes everything appear to perfection.

23. Strawberries and cream

Just one look at this impossibly shiny floor will make you take a double take, as will the eighteenth-century inspired drawers provided in the center island.  Shades of champagne with the slightest tinge of strawberry gives the room a wonderfully soft look.

24. Old-fashioned style inspiration

This practical kitchen has subtly chic style influences and gorgeous stainless steel appliances with an abundance of food preparation space.

25. Luxury and the everyday together in one place

This unique storage cabinet not only houses the pantry basics but also several bottles of your favorite wine.

26. Bring the holidays to your kitchen

During the holidays, the kitchen is a room that rarely sees festive decoration.  This kitchen sets itself apart with large and beautiful wreaths in the windows.  Now you can get to those gingerbread cookies!

27. Candles in a cage

These unique lighting fixtures have the appearance of candles in ornate black wire cages.  They set off this kitchen’s general style and beauty.

28. All the modern conveniences

High quality stainless steel appliances are paired with a hospitable breakfast area and even a spot to read beside the expansive window.

29. A touch of the Tudor

A great deal of wood with a touch of decorative carving and light fixtures that look like they could have been found in an early 20th-century library give this kitchen a timeless appeal.

30. Appearances can be deceiving

Who could have guessed there would be so much storage room in this small pantry space.

31. Camel and white with walnut floors

White walls with camel accents are a great accompaniment to shiny walnut hard wood floors and upscale burgundy-brown stools.

32. Room with a view

A series of elegantly designed windows behind and around this kitchen sink means you’ll be accompanied by the scenes of the outdoors as you do simple tasks.

33. 50s diner nostalgia

A long counter accompanied by a series of stools makes this kitchen conjure up images of 50s soda shops and diners.

34. Chic combined kitchen and dining room with gorgeous natural light

The tall windows ensure that large amounts of gorgeous natural light flood into this combined kitchen and dining room with shiny walnut floors and creamy cabinetry.

35. Tranquil mornings

An elegant kitchen that will give you a feeling of well-being and tranquility every morning as you prepare for the day.

36. Picture windows elevate a quiet breakfast nook

Picture windows shed light on the subject and further elevate this comfortable and stylish breakfast nook.

37. Sunshine-tinged floors and cheerful yellow flowers

Here’s an appealing compact design with cheerful floors sporting a sunshine-hue complemented by a small vase of yellow flowers on the granite counter top.

38. Glossy walls and varied cabinetry

Glossy tile with an ornate design has been chosen for the walls of this beautiful kitchen.  The look is completed by varied cabinetry and a series of cushioned stools.

39. Eye-catching white marble and well-chosen accents

Choose white marble surfaces and walnut-hued hardwood floors for an impressive culinary space.

40. Outdoor accents

This charmingly white kitchen with dark-wood floors offers a stylish level of contrast.  Its generous windows provides a pleasant view, while decorative flowers on the island complete the look.

41. A place for small appliances

If you ever get frustrated by a lack of counter space, this nook for small appliance storage would be a great addition to your kitchen.

42. It’s all in the details

The design details of a kitchen can make all the difference.  This kitchen has several stylish finishing touches, such as the soft color and unique shape of its island.
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