38 Classy Master Bathroom Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

You deserve to have a great master bathroom. You need somewhere that you find relaxing because, after all, we spend quite a bit of time in our bathrooms. We start our day getting ready there and, with any luck, end the day in a relaxing warm bath. Make a space you will love to be in day after day.

You’ve seen so many bathrooms. Good ones, not so good ones. We’re sure you have a ton of great ideas for your bathroom, so whether you are designing a new one or remodeling an existing one, we want to help you. We’ve gathered 38 master bathroom design ideas for you to look through. See if any of them are along the lines of what you want.

Master Bath Design Ideas

1. Relax by the Window

Relax by the window and start a warm bath after a long day. This whole space is calm and elegant, and you can roll everything you need around with you.

2. Rustic Industrial

With the brick style and the great weather looking door, this bathroom takes on a fantastic rustic look that blends into industrial style.

3. Classy Wallpaper

This bathroom has a great country design and wonderful wallpaper to match. It is classy and the colors work well.

4. Great Tile Designs

This bathroom is ruled by the tile designs and it works great. The walls and the floor use different styles, but they blend well together.

5. Marble Floor Blends

This marble style floor really tops off this bathroom. With great sink cabinets and a sleek design to the room, this space works well.

6. Great Contrasts

When you have a white bathroom, a hardwood floor can really make a great contrast. With some golden faucets, this bathroom has style.

7. Black and White Style

The black and white theme is alive and well in this bathroom. Even the tile keeps the theme going with a wonderful design.

8. Minimal Area

Sometimes less is better. This sink space looks great with a minimal design that keeps the clutter down.

9. Sleek and New

A little shade of purple completes this elegant and sleek contemporary bathroom. It’s all style and great designs here.

10. Plenty of Room

This master bathroom give you plenty of room. The his and her sinks are on opposite sides and the entire area has a wonderful hardwood floor.

11. Elegant Styles

Everything about this bathroom is elegant and stylish. From the beautiful countertops to the bathtub by the window, you can be sure to relax here.

12. Hardwood and Brick

You can sense the industrial style in this room thanks to the brick and the hardwood ceiling. Even the bathtub takes on an old style feel.

13. Walk-In Shower

This is a great way to have something a little different. No doors, just a wall to walk around to get in the shower.

14. Plant Decor

The design of this floor really looks great in this bathroom. A little plant life for decoration goes a long way.

15. Graceful and Bright

Thanks to the window at the end, natural light shines in this bathroom. Enjoy a bath right by the window or go for the shower. You have options.

16. Sailing Decor

When you want to bring a space to life, sometimes simple decor works best. This great artwork blends right in and give the bathroom character.

17. Designing Brilliance

With wonderful lighting and a fantastic design centered on elegance, this bathroom really shines.

18. Wonderful Contrasts

The darker floor and the dark tiles used in the shower area really work well to contrast with the rest of the space.

19. Charming His and Her Space

This sink area is designed perfectly. It looks great and has convenient storage for towels below.

20. Open it Up

When you have a view like this, design your spaces around it. Here, we have marble style walls and a sleek floor. It all opens up to a relaxing sight.

21. Stylish Flashback

This bathroom will have you thinking of the old days. From the bathtub to the lighting, the whole idea of this bathroom is old-styled.

22. Great Brick Style

The industrial style brick used around this bathroom really sets the tone for the rest of the design. The wooden sink area really works well here.

23. Spa Style

Every time you come to this bathroom it will be like walking into a relaxing spa. The colors and design are stylish and contemporary.

24. Bright and Relaxing

This space shines in the light. You can start up a warm bath and enjoy some relaxation in this stand-alone bathtub.

25. Stone Designs

The stone designs used in this bathroom add to the warm sense of style. The fireplace by the tub is an added bonus.

26. Royalty

This bathroom is the definition of elegance. From the stone used to the crafted shower and bathtub, your every need will be catered to here.

27. Luxury Space

You have your choice between the shower or a bath. No matter which you decided on, you will have a relaxing experience.

28. A Little Color

The brick style used in this bathroom doesn’t rely on tradition. The chevron pattern really looks great.

29. Great Shower Space

Walk around the wall to get to this shower. A design like this really makes the whole bathroom seem larger and more open.

30. Surrounded by Grace

Surround yourself with relaxation. Start a warm bath and spend your time unwinding after a long day. This space is designed to keep you calm.

31. Relaxation Cove

Step up to this bathtub area and be ready to feel pampered. The marble design is brilliantly lit from the natural light shining in.

32. Contemporary Blend

This whole bathroom has a great contemporary vibe. The floating sink cabinets work well. You have your choice here – shower or bath.

33. Pedestal Sinks

This sink area really looks great. The pedestal sinks on this floating cabinet area lit by creative and calm lighting.

34. Everything is Style

From the dark hardwood cabinets to the stone style walls, this bathroom is alive with elegance.

35. Country Designs

The style here is meant to remind you of a country design. The wooden walls and cabinets are painted to match and work perfectly against the hardwood floor.

36. Great Use of Wood

With some creative wooden designs over the bathtub, this whole bathroom blends together for a modern tropical feel.

37. A New Luxury

This bathroom was designed to keep you relaxed. Every little detail was planned out, down to the great lighting in the built-in shelves.

38. Wonderful Storage Ideas

Keep everything organized and the clutter down by having storage spaces that function for multiple purposes.