49 Remarkably Clever Mud Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

How often do you come into the house and wish you had somewhere to keep your muddy shoes? Or maybe you need somewhere to hang your coats or keep your keys. If you have a large and active family, things can get messy quickly. Having a mud room is a way to ensure that all the mess stays in one place and is easy to clean.

A proper mudroom is essential for many families. They can come in all sizes, but they all have the same purpose – to keep everything clean and organized for you. We have gathered 49 mud room design styles for you to look at. If you are thinking about creating a mud room or redesigning the one you have, browse through these images for some ideas.

Clever Mud Room Designs

1. Brilliant Decor

The wooden planks used on this wall really add character to this mud room. With cubby holes for every person, everyone will stay organized.

2. Storage for Everyone

The wicker baskets work really well with this design and give everyone a place to keep their items when they are coming and going.

3. Great Brick Floor

The chevron design used with the bricks for this floor really adds texture to this traditionally styled space.

4. Geometric Tiles

The large geometric tiles used for this floor blend well with the hardwood floor from the rest of the house. Check out the creative rock area to keep the shoes.

5. Classic Country Style

Just because you have a traditionally designed space doesn’t mean it has to be white. This blue really makes the place come to life.

6. Open and Beautiful

The weathered hardwood floor takes on a chevron design to give this mud room great character. It works well with the classic space.

7. Great Colors

The dark gray for the cabinets and storage area blends well with the hardwood and the light stone floor. There is plenty of space to keep your belongings.

8. Rough Brick Floor

This patterned brick floor takes on a rough design style that blends well with the colors of the room. The lighting is calm and relaxing.

9. Bright and Open

This mud room has a table so you can make any last minute checks and has plenty of space for your to sit down. With a great dark stone floor, this room looks fantastic.

10. Multi Purpose

This room has a sink so you can rinse things off if they need it. This country style uses great yellow patterns to add some life into the space.

11. Simple Bench

When you have a charming window inside your mud room, design around it. This space is cozy and ready for you to leave your items.

12. Great Hardwood Blends

This mud room is a quick stop off when you come into the house. The hardwood bench blends perfectly with the door.

13. Stylish Decor

Your mud room doesn’t have to be boring. Use some artwork and other decor to spruce it up. This room take a classic style and give it life.

14. Stopping Point

When you come into this house you can unload all of your stuff here. With easy access to the rest of the house, coming and going is a breeze.

15. Multiple Design Styles

From the hardwood ceiling to the floor with a great styled rug, this mud room is alive with great designs.

16. Perfect Mix

With great natural light shining in, this mud room has plenty of room for you to store your items. The great decor used around the top completes this space.

17. Ready for a Mess

The weather proof floor used here is ready for any mess that comes into the house. There is plenty of room to keep everything stored on your way in.

18. Both Sides

With a large family, you need plenty of space to store everyone’s stuff. This mud room is open and large enough to handle anything.

19. Sleek and Stylish

With light colors used and sleek storage options, this area will keep you organized all day long.

20. Activity Room

If you have an active family, make sure you have enough space to keep everything stored away when you come in the house.

21. Shoe Storage

Check out the shoe storage nicely tucked under the bench. Just another way to keep everything organized.

22. Ready Area

With this classic country design, you have a table and mirror so you can take care of any last minute fashion issues on the way out the door.

23. Extra Storage

Instead of having everything out and visible, this mud room lets you keep everything behind stylish doors.

24. Complete Readiness

You can count on a room like this to solve all your organizational needs. It even has a water fountain to keep everyone hydrated.

25. Relaxing Space

The calm colors used here will leave you happy every time you come and go from this house. With a great floor to match, this is a stylish room.

26. Part of the House

This space blends right in with the rest of the house. All connected by this great hardwood floor, everyone has an area to keep their items.

27. Traditional Beauty

With a great stone hardwood floor to match this traditionally designed space, the natural light shines in to make the room look great.

28. Weather Ready Floor

Since you know there will be a mess coming into the house occasionally, make sure you have a way to protect your floor.

29. Hangers for All

After you get everything hung on the wall, take a seat to get your shoes on and off. This room uses great patterns and designs to brighten it up.

30. For the Active Family

If you have plenty of life in your house, make sure your mud room has storage and space to handle everything. This one is designed for an active lifestyle.

31. Drop Off Station

You don’t have to have a huge space to create a proper mud room. This area is perfect to drop your stuff off on the way in the door.

32. Ready for Everyone

With a great colorful pattern for the floor and plenty of shelf space to get everyone ready, this mud room has everything your family needs.

33. Busy Space

This large mud room is ready for an active lifestyle. Both sides are lined with shelves and drawers so that everyone has a place to keep their items.

34. Handsome Room

This cozy mud room uses great decor to make a space that is welcoming and ready for you to use. Hang up everything you need and go on in.

35. Great Decor

Make every room match your personality. That includes the mud room. This space uses great decor to highlight the wonderful designs.

36. Darker Floor

This darker floor blends well with the dark hardwood bench. Mixed with the lighter walls, this room is beautiful.

37. Great Cozy Space

You have a place to sit and get everything off when you come home. Store your shoes under the bench and keep your other items on the counter.

38. Classic Designs

This room makes great use of patterns and has a wonderful rug to match. Blended with the hardwood floor, this is a handsome room.

39. Rough Stone Floor

With a floor that is ready for anything you could throw at it, this mud room has space for everything. With comfortable cushions you can relax on, this room is amazing.

40. Sports Ready

If you have a family involved in a ton of sports, you will have many shoes and a bunch of equipment. Have a mud room like this that can handle it all.

41. Earth Tones

You can veer away from white, especially if it matches the house. These earth tones make for a great style in this mud room.

42. Doggy Area

If you need somewhere to keep your pup when you go out, you can make a space just for that inside the mud room.

43. Rustic Style

These fantastic re-purposed drawers give this mud room a rustic sense of style. From the hardwood floor to the great bench, this room is classic.

44. Keep Them Organized

Four kids? Four spaces to keep their items. With a design like this, everyone has an area to stay organized.

45. Elegant Welcome

This mud room blends right in with the foyer to create an elegant welcome into this house.

46. Country Bright

This light and cheerfully designed mud room welcomes you into the house. Sit on the stool and get your shoes and coats off.

47. Patterned Rug

When you have great cabinets carrying the day, you can spruce up the area with a fantastic rug like this one.

48. Weathered Style

The hardwood used for the floor in this mud room takes on a weathered style that gives the room great character.

49. Contemporary Storage

This mud room takes on a contemporary style that is sleek and looks great. You have plenty of room for all of your items here.
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