42 Boldly Colorful Living Rooms to Inspire You (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 11, 2022

Looking for color inspiration for your living room? A simple change to the color palette and your entire living space can be completely different! Whether you’re looking for a more relaxing option or feel like bringing a bit more color into your room, it can be tough to choose the right colors.

The living rooms featured in this article run the gamut from elegant peacefulness to inspiring and fun. Whatever style you’re looking for, you’re bound to find inspiration for it in these images below. What are you waiting for? Scroll down to get inspired and find your favorite living room color palette.

Colorful Living Room Design Ideas

1. Bright Art Wall

This living room may be simple in furniture, but it makes up for it in art, which covers the side cabinet and wall.

2. Pretty in Pink

This pink sofa and matching ottoman with their fluffy white throws give a feminine touch to the room.

3. Soft Neutrals

You’ll find yourself relaxing as soon as you step into this comforting room decorated in neutral tones.

4. Pink and Blue

Pink and blue have never looked so great together! This room pulls together these two opposite colors to create a bright, friendly space.

5. Mossy Green Sofa

Sink onto this soft green couch after a long day at work and relax in a home oasis of calm and fun.

6. Mirror Striped Coffee Table

This elegant coffee table features bands of mirrors that reflect the black and white decor of this beautiful living room.

7. Nature Themed Art

The gentle browns and grays of this space are reflected in the nature themed art, which forms the focal point in this small living room.

8. Sticks and Stones

Pulling inspiration from nature, this room features a stone fireplace, wood floor, and side tables made from branches.

9. Pastel Stripes

The elegant stripes in this room feature pale pastels in blue and pink, which create a gentle color palette that soothes the soul.

10. Classy in Brown

The old brick walls in this living space give it personality and texture, while the slick couch picks out the browns and enhances them.

11. Pink Trim

The curtains shown here are decorated with a little pink along the edges, picked up again in the colorful sofa, with its myriad of pillows.

12. Stone Storage

At the back of these niches is a beautiful stone backdrop wall done in beige that is picked up in the furniture throughout the room.

13. Colorful Art

Four pieces of bright, abstract art keep this space alive and beautiful, adding a splash of color to the neutral wall.

14. Black and White Accents

This simple living room is filled with little details that make it spring to life, including several black and white accents.

15. Stone Side Table

Add an amazing focal point to your room with a block of solid stone set on its side and used as a table, with all its many colors.

16. Ombre Seashells

The ombre art in this beautiful room sets the tone for the colors and feel of the space.

17. Country Blue Chairs

When the kitchen and living room are open to each other, having chairs and cupboards of the same country blue helps tie things together.

18. Elements of Nature

Delicate greens and natural browns are pulled from the nature scene outside the huge glass window of this living room.

19. Red and Black

Adding a section of black ceiling to match the dark floor in this living room makes it feel cozier, with a splash of red from the sofa.

20. Nautical Blue Theme

Throughout this living room, you’ll find sea blue, with anchors and stripes making it feel more nautical.

21. Canvas Art Wall

Above the brown sofa, a set of small canvas paintings form a focal point for the room and light it up with color.

22.Classic Gray

The classic grays of this living room help pull it together and create an area that invites you to sit and chat.

23. Turquoise Highlights

In a space that is all whites and grays, the pop of turquoise added by a few key elements makes all the difference.

24. Eggplant Sofa

If you can’t deal with a bunch of accents, why not make your sofa the accent color, like this elegant purple one?

25. Dusky Brown Walls

The rich browns in this space are offset by the bright white area rug, but they create a room that is warm and inviting.

26. Yellow and BLue

Keeping tones muted is a great way to build a space with color, but keep it subdued at the same time.

27. Outdoor Palette

This living room and kitchen combo needs no accent colors, with the amazing view of blue and white mountains just outside the wall of windows.

28. Animal Patterns

Give your space some real zing with fun animal print pillows and chairs. Add a gold hassock for an extra pop.

29. Wood Accent Pieces

Even the art is black and white in this space, but the pieces of wood used strategically throughout the room add warmth.

30. Room for a Crowd

Multiple sofas and armchairs in muted tones create the perfect space to get together with friends and family to hang out.

31. Gray Blue Kitchen

This all-in-one space is tied together with the muted gray blues that are used throughout the entire room.

32. Leather and Wood

Is there a better combination than rich, gleaming leather paired with darkly stained wood furniture?

33. Copper Vases

Copper colored vases help this room feel more elegant, picking up the same red-gold tones in other living room decor.

34. Painted Carpet

Painted carpets are easy to clean and fun to create, like this elegantly designed rug in black and white.

35. Leather Seating

Brown leather seats soften the hard angled concrete coffee table in this homey living space.

36. Pale Neutrals

When you have a view like this outside your living room, you want to keep your decor simple to highlight the view.

37. Black Cushions

The black and gray pillows on the sofa and archchairs here make the room pop with the bright contrast to pale gray furniture.

38. Green Art

Plants make great accents, but this living room benefits from a fun, pixelized piece of art in shades of green.

39. Brushed Metal

Brushed metal in rust tones make the focal points in this room. The fireplace and the table behind the sofa both feature it.

40. Gray Stone Chimney

The fireplace is barely noticeable in this amazing chimney built of blocks of stone in varying shades of gray.

41. Stained Glass Windows

Tiny stained glass windows pick up all the colors featured in this bright little living room with colorful throw pillows.
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