23 Magnificent Craftsman Style Bedroom Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

The bedroom is the one room of your house that can be completely yours. Make sure you design it so that it matches your personality and needs.

Whether you are designing a new bedroom or remodeling an existing one, make a space that you will always love. There are so many styles to choose from, but we have gathered 23 craftsman bedroom design ideas for you to browse through.

If you are having a hard time deciding on what you want your room to look like, a craftsman style may be a great compromise for you because it can cover so many styles. Take a look and see if there is anything you like.

Craftsman Style Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Traditional Beauty

With an easy access to the outdoors for fresh air, you can open this bedroom up and let a breeze flow in. This space has a traditional design that is easy going, with light styles to match the hardwood floor.

2. Creative Shelving

Even with a pitched ceiling like this one, you don’t have to lose any space. Design your shelves around what you have to maximize storage capabilities.

3. Wonderful Matches

From the beautiful hardwood furniture to the great rug pattern, this room comes together nicely. Every piece is though out, including the color scheme that is subdued but wonderful.

4. Open and Spacious

With a high ceiling with wooden beams that bring great character to the room, this space is wonderful. The four post bed sets the tone and you have room for office work and relaxing by the window.

5. Beautifully Simple

With a wonderful symmetry, this room makes use of a sea foam green color for the walls. This color really makes the hardwood furniture stand out.

6. Elegant Tropics

With a hardwood design all around this space, you can sense a tropical feeling in this room. With great colors and plenty of storage space, this room will suit all of your needs.

7. All Storage Space

When you have a ceiling that is pitched like this, be sure to design your storage areas into it so you don’t lose any space. With a set up like this, you will be able to put away everything you have.

8. Handsome Hardwood Floor

With a bold hardwood floor to design around, this room has endless possibilities. The beautiful dark walls are lined with light trim for a wonderful effect.

9. Classy Patterns

With a weathered hardwood floor to balance off of, this room uses great patterns on the rug and fabrics to match. The furniture has a darker style that goes with the space perfectly.

10. Relaxation Spaces

Light up the fire and stay warm as you kick back and relax after a long day. You can curl up with a book on the comfortable chairs or lay down in bed. Either way, you are all set.

11. Light and Blue

This room uses a beautiful light blue wall color and mixes in fantastic patterns and colors with the fabrics. Topped off with great furniture and decor and you have a country charm room.

12. Crafted Designs

There is something about sliding doors that bring a certain flair to a room. They save space and look great. This contemporary styled room is comfortable and has great natural light shining in.

13. Warm and Entertaining

Stay warm while you catch up on your favorite shows in this room. Beautifully designed, crafted and planned from the ceiling to the floor, this space is modern and stylish.

14. Hardwood Highlights

The hardwood doors and window frames in this room really highlight the design of this room. With great patterns, from the carpet to the headboard, this room is perfect for you.

15. Great Furniture

The beautiful hardwood furniture in this room matches the floor perfectly and goes so well with the light style of the walls and ceiling. With windows letting the natural light shine in, this is a great space.

16. Beautiful Wall Color

The contemporary colors used in this room are a great match for this durable hardwood floor. The decor is an easy match but not overwhelming, this space is a great place to relax.

17. Beautiful Brown Blends

This room matches the hardwood floor with a beautiful brown color scheme throughout. The patterns used for the rug and fabrics look gorgeous.

18. Crafted Elegance

With an Asian sense of design, the head board to this bed is the center of attention. The furniture is crafted perfectly to go with this room, with a durable style and comfortable look.

19. Gorgeous Simplicity

What is great about this room is the beautiful mixing of colors. By having the walls and ceiling work with each other, they create a great balance to go with the hardwood floor.

20. Personality Decor

You don’t have to go overboard to get a room decorated correctly. Sometimes it is the simple things that match your personality. This room shows you how easy it is, with great style and furniture.

21. Contemporary Styles

The gray wall tone is such a great match for the white used on the ceiling and for these cabinets. The room uses the right fabric and decor to match the overall theme.

22. European Classic

When the Europeans ventured to the jungles to explore, they brought their styles with them, and this room encapsulates that style. With beautifully crafted hardwood and great decor, this is a wonderful room.

23. An Easy Elegance

Starting with this hardwood floor, this room designs around it with wonderful decor and patterns. The furniture brings this space a modern elegance that is unmatched.
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