40 Creative Kids Room Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

When you are building your house or redesigning an older one, there are so many things for you to consider. Just don’t forget about how fun you can make the kid’s rooms. Your child probably has their own ideas about what they want their rooms to look like, but we know you will have the final say. You want something fun, stylish, and educational.

Where do you start? You’ve seen kids rooms before, but maybe you’ve never had to design one for your own children. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. No matter what your budget is or what size space you are working with, we have some ideas that may spark your imagination.

Below, you will find 40 images that range in styles. From the contemporary to classic, you will find some great fun and educational spaces. Take a look!

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Kids Rooms That Rock

1. Country Loft

This room blends cool and calming colors to create a country style loft. With lights build into each bunk, your kids can read anytime.

2. Excellent Work Station

This room is alive with great decor and has a fantastic wooden built-in work station for your child to study at.

3. Classic and Orderly

This great hardwood floor and classic white base are balanced perfectly with amazing color choices.

4. Abstract Fun

Each space here is individualized in great ways. With abstract artwork over each bed, this room is alive with a fun vibe.

5. Shades of Green

This room makes great use of greens, almost of a sea-foam color, to create a welcoming atmosphere.

6. Create and Learn

Not only will your child be able to create and learn in this space, but they can have fun, too. From their tent, they can become explorers.

7. Colorful Learning

This isn’t your standard room. Brought to life with a great checkered color design on the floor, there are plenty of learning opportunities here.

8. Traditionally Calm

This room makes great use of space and still has plenty of room left over for all of your kids and their friends. With great earth tones at use to blend with white, this area is fantastic.

9. Beach Scene

This mid-century style room makes use of great and simple decor to give it a beach sense of style.

10. Uptown Kid

The colors, furniture, and decor make this room seem elegant and classy while also being fun. Give your child a luxurious feeling.

11. Colorful Bunny

You don’t have to break the bank to decorate a space for your kid. This simple yet colorful decor brings the whole room to life.

12. Designed Perfection

This room has a theme and it is fun elegance. From the furniture to the decor, everything here comes together to create a graceful space.

13. Natural Lights

No matter where you are in this room, you will find a window letting in the natural lights. Simple white with some color splashed in, this space blends perfectly with the hardwood floor.

14. Space Savers

These drawers are conveniently rolled out when you need them. This room makes great use of the space available.

15. Alive With Light

Whites and a sea foam green highlight this room that is awash with natural light. Relax in the swing chair in this bright space.

16. Old-Style Connection

Taking a page from an early 1900s design style, this room uses a great color scheme to brighten up an elegant idea.

17. Complete Activity

This room is made for your active kids. With plenty of space for fun and learning, you can create an environment everyone will be welcome in.

18. Blue Dream

You don’t need complicated furniture or decor for a great style. Try some bold color choices and go from there. This blue style really works.

19. Quad Style

Sleep four with no problem. This room creates a calming environment and provides lighting for every space.

20. Fun and Learning

This area can double as a learning and play place. Educational shows on the television, a place to exercise, and great toys. This room works wonderfully.

21. Color Splash

This room has plenty of natural light shining in. The pink highlights really pop out to make this room a fun place to be.

22. Great Holders

Why have traditional bookshelves. This space shows how you can try something new for your storage ideas.

23. Bold Life

This bedroom makes great use of hardwood design ideas to create a handsome and bold space that differs from the norm,

24. Brain Child

With a wide open floor plan to give you room for play time, this room is certainly educational. With a chalk board and map, let your little wizards go wild.

25. Activity Center

Keep the kids busy for hours here, and not just playing. There is plenty of space for all your educational needs.

26. Light and Bright

If you want colors, add colors. Who cares what form it comes in. These dots add a great texture to this room that shines in the natural light.

27. Map Statement

Some rooms just become immediately classic. This room take a world map and creates the space around it. With great colors and furniture, this room is ready for two.

28. Each Their Own

Just because a room has to have more than one person doesn’t mean it can’t be personalized. Look at how each child has their own space, yet it all blends together so well.

29. A Learning Corner

Make a space for education that is fun. This area has simple yet brilliant design ideas that will make both parent and chuld happy.

30. Rustic Realm

This room takes comes design cues from a rustic era and puts them into a space that can handle many kids. There is plenty of room here for rest and relaxation.

31. Fair Day

Colorful and like a fair. This room is bright and cheery. Featuring all the colors you could want, your child will love their space.

32. Explore the World

If you have some little explorers, let their imaginations run wild. This room will keep them active and they will have a ton of fun.

33. Completely Alive

Make a space that comes alive. This bright area has everything active children will need to stay busy. Their imaginations will run wild.

34. Full Size Doubles

If you have two kids that both want full size beds, you don’t have to use extra space. Just do something like this.

35. Dream Space

Everyday will be like a fairy tale for the occupant of this room. With great lighting and color, your kid can pull the canopy over and start an adventure.

36. Handsome Choices

This room is beautiful and simple. With a great color scheme working throughout the room, this space will comfortably house all of your children each night.

37. Graceful Blends

You can never go wrong with a tasteful use of white throughout a room. This space is graceful and smart. By putting the bigger bed up high, there is plenty of space left in the room.

38. Tropical Tree House

A tree house doesn’t have to be something that stays outside. Get creative in your kid’s room and make a space they can adventure into every night.

39. Easy Fun

These little bunk beds are stylish and are perfect for your little ones. The fun and colorful designs in the room bring this space to life.

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40. Simple Builder

Awash with natural light, this room has classic bunk beds that blend witht he room. Notice the subtle yet fun wallpaper.

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