46 Cute Nursery Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Yes, it is time to design your nursery. You’ve probably thought long and hard about how you want to design a room for your little one, or your multiple little ones. You want it to be perfect and something that matches your personality. You have probably dreamed of making a space that will spark their imaginations.

We know that there are so many options for you to choose from. You probably have information pouring in from many different sources and it may get a bit overwhelming. Don’t let it get you down. We want to help. We have gathered 46 nursery design ideas for you to take some time and look through. Pick out some things that work for you.

Cute Nursery Design Ideas

1. Mid-Century Classic

Sometimes a classic and traditional design works the best. This room uses great animal decor and combines it with a mid-century style. Animals – kids love them.

2. Calming Space

This hardwood floor makes the perfect setting for this wonderful space. With a great rug centering everything, this room is relaxing and calm.

3. The Glowing Tree

With fantastic wallpaper that is propped by a glowing tree, this room really comes to life. A little creativity goes a long way.

4. Bright Choices

With bright and wonderful colors used all over, the dark hardwood floor and the wood chair bring a great balance to the room.

5. Through the Sea

Think of a theme and go for it. This nursery is the final product of a sea dream. The colors and decor work together to accomplish it.

6. Fantastic Dream

Look at the subtle wonder of this room. The glowing round chandelier, the tree seemingly growing on the wall. This space is perfect.

7. Shelves for Everything

With the right shelf space, you can pack a room full of fun. From books to toys and stuffed animals, this room is ready to learn. Don’t forget the chalk board.

8. Blue Tones

What a fantastic pattern on this carpet. The room is covered in blues and it couldn’t work any better as a nursery idea for a baby boy. There is life here.

9. Shining Beauty

This windows let the natural light shine into this great traditional space. With a mid-century style at work, you will be at peace here.

10. Reading Center

Get creative with your book space. Make shelved like this that display everything forward.

11. Great Wallpaper

The pink and white wallpaper work so well with the decor of this room. The whole space lights up with life thanks to the windows.

12. Fantastic Patterns

This wallpaper is great, but it is perfectly matched by this abstract rug. The colors all around this room work so well to create a soothing space.

13. Color Patterns

This nursery uses such a wonderful and colorful rug, but it doesn’t stop there. The trees on the wallpaper hold some birds that match.

14. Comfortable Seat

Come into this nursery and relax in the comfortable chair. This space is classic when it comes to color and decor.

15. Bay Windows

If you have a room with plenty of natural light, be sure to fill it with great colors and decor like this nursery.

16.  Traditional Style

Traditional furniture never looked so good. With a great color scheme and decor, this room will welcome your little one. Who wouldn’t want a giraffe in their nursery?

17. Hardwood Floor

This dark hardwood floor balances well with the white walls. The crib is unique and the decor contemporary.

18. Perfect Blends

With the perfect balance of dark and light coloring, this room shines in the natural light from the window.

19. Fun Decor

Have some fun with animals when you start to decorate. This rug has a great design and the plush white rug will always be comfortable.

20. Room for Two

Do you have two little ones you need space for. Take  cue from this nursery and keep the crib close by.

21. Playful Designs

The trees on the wallpaper have leaves that blend with the style of this room. Using light and cheerful colors always works well for a nursery.

22. Trees Come Alive

Make the decor seem real. This nursery gets creative and makes a sleeping area beneath the trees. With a great rug to top the hardwood floor, you will love a space like this.

23. Rising Sun

The sun is rising over the mountains and the plane is flying free. This wallpaper is perfect and matches the overall design of this nursery.

24. Under a Tent

Not only does the wallpaper have a great tree design, but the room comes to life with a tent design. This space has room for all your little ones.

25. Beach Scene

This nursery uses its hardwood walls and floor to create the perfect beach scene. How much cozier could it be?

26. Elegant Callings

The crib sits right in between these two large windows to take center stage. The cool and calm colors used around this hardwood floor really make this space stand out.

27. Calm and Soothing

The fantastic light colors used here shine in the light let in from the window. This area is simply decorated and calm.

28. Pink Highlights

Darker blue walls work perfectly with these pink and white highlights. From the carpet to the curtains, this nursery makes a statement.

29. Places to Learn

The great wooden slats on the wall add character and purpose. Hang some shelves to keep the books and toys and color the drawers. Make a fun space.

30. All Style

With a great weathered hardwood style used on the wall here, this room blends multiple patterns together to make a happy nursery.

31. Simple and Bright

The light shines into this brightly colored room. With the dark doors adding a perfect balance, this room is peaceful and simple.

32. Calm Lavender

With the slightest hint of lavender, this room comes to life but keeps it calm. You can relax in this chair while your little one sleeps. Or tries to.

33. Glowing Charm

Subtle lighting works the best sometimes. With nothing but the greatest glow bringing hints of purple to life, this room is traditional and great.

34. Little Diva

This rooms shines with a glamorous style. From the glittering wall to the great lighting, this room is meant to make your little one feel special.

35. Abstract and Arty

Sometimes all a room needs is a neat design. This abstract artwork perfectly matches this space and brings it to life.

36. Draped Perfection

With the drapes elegantly falling around the four corners of this room, the center of attention will be your little one in the crib. With great wallpaper and decor, this nursery is home.

37. Matching Fun

The chair, the rub, and the decor all work together to blend this room and bring it to life. Black and white work so well together.

38. Color Surprise

Just because you base the room in white doesn’t mean that color has to take a back seat. The radiator splashes onto the scene and matches the great drawers in the closet.

39. Overhang Fun

Don’t let any space go to waste. This little overhang featuring a little window will make a great play space for your child.

40. Light Shines In

The light shines into this room from the windows and it brings life to the area. This nursery uses great decor and calm colors to comfort you.

41. One on Each Side

Space for two and all in an area that is beautifully decorated. The wooden cribs match the hardwood floor. This rug has a great blending design to fit this space.

42. Classically Stylish

With an early 1900s style crib, this room pays homage to an earlier period while keeping the space alive with light decor.

43. Smart Style

Create a learning space. Alphabet on the wall and the solar system hanging. It all works together, colorfully, to make a genius space.

44. The World’s Space

Get your little one’s travel ideas going early. This nursery has a great map of the world to go with its bright style.

45. Eclectic Styles

When you want multiple patterns, don’t hesitate to use them. From the rug to the wall, everything used in this nursery works well together.

46. Clouds Away

The baby blues used here work so well with the cloud designs. You will be happy with a space like this for your little one.
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