How to Divide a Living Room Into a Bedroom

Updated on August 12, 2022

How do you divide a living room into a bedroom? Dividing your living room into a bedroom can be as simple as putting up a curtain or as complicated as a remodel.

Depending on your available space and needs, there are several designs at your disposal. The options to divide your living room into a bedroom range from simple to elegant. Do more with less space.

Designing the Layout

Before you start moving everything and ordering any needed supplies, create a plan. Whether you choose to draw it out by hand or utilize CAD software, be sure to make the plan as accurate as possible.

First, understand what you’re trying to accomplish and why. Making changes is always easiest in the planning stages.

  • Take measurements of the room and large furniture
  • Plan the traffic of the room
  • Decide on the look you’re going for

Having a visual representation of your new bedroom/living room will make all the difference in the world when you finally start in on the project.

Curtains, Dividers, and Furniture

Whether you’re short for time or short on funds, using a curtain, divider or your furniture can be a simple solution to dividing your living room into a bedroom.


Simply install a rod across the desired length of the living room and add the curtain to partition the room and create a bedroom. While not the most ideal solution, this can help create a sense of privacy for all by eliminating the constant line of sight on everyone.

If plastic or fabric curtains aren’t for you, try hanging several plants and creating a natural curtain of vines, leaves, and flower petals. Aside from having to water the plants, there isn’t much work involved after the initial setup. The added bonus of fresh air on demand will make it worthwhile.

rope ivy room divider

Another creative curtain idea is to string up something like vinyl records or CDs in lieu of a more traditional item like cloth. While not recommended for your vintage vinyl record or CD collection, using records or CDs can make for a unique curtain.


If a curtain isn’t for you, use a wooden divider or partition to create your separate rooms. These can range from store-bought dividers to impromptu ones like pallets and projector screens.

For a more rustic look, use pallets as your primary means to divide the living room. With some paint, a few plants, and several strands of lights, you can have a one-of-a-kind divider in no time.

A fun and easy way to divide a living room into a bedroom is to use hang a projector and use it as a divider. The advantage being now you can have a big-screen movie night whenever you want.

Use Tall Furniture

Why buy something you already have? I’d say it’s safe to assume, there are at least a million uses for everything.

Another simple, cost-effective solution is to use a dresser or shelf to divide the living room and create an additional bedroom. You can easily position them in such a way that it maximizes privacy and storage space for the living room.

The added bonus of being able to use the dresser or shelf for storage really comes in handy.

Reposition the Couch

You can also divide the living room into a bedroom and create a sense of privacy by moving the couch to the end of the bed. This will help prevent yourself or anyone else from viewing the bed while still in the living room.

While doing this by itself will be somewhat effective, you will have better results if you combine this with curtains or dividers.


If you have the budget for it, you can always do a quick remodel and add a wall or two and a door. This can be a do-it-yourself remodel or you can hire professionals to get the job done. Although this is a more permanent and costly solution, your particular needs may make this a necessary process for you to undertake.

You might initially consider it too expensive and unnecessary, but after a few weeks or months of sleepless nights, you might be convinced otherwise.

room being renovated

Finding Your Solution

More individuals have been forced to move back home or get additional roommates. An increasing number of households have been forced to re-assume a multi-generational makeup, which has made available living space become tighter for many. This has created the need for many people to quickly find a solution to organize their living room into a bedroom.

Regardless of your budget, dividing your living room into a bedroom is an obtainable goal that anyone can accomplish. You to can find a solution that fits your needs and budget, all it requires is a little research, planning, work, and most importantly imagination.