36 Elegant Master Bath Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

There are many different approaches that you can take to create a chic master bathroom.  It all really depends on your individual personality and how you want to express yourself.  Below you’ll have the chance to peruse 36 gorgeous and colorful pictures showing chic ideas for an elegant master bathroom.

Just some of the ideas you will learn about here include the use of pop art prints to give your master bathroom a livelier air; futuristic circle mirrors; pops of color in walls, counters, and smaller design touches; stone walls; cornflower blue accents and cafe latte; spa inspirations and wood-framed mirrors; textured floors, walls, and tiles; retro color combinations; and glossy walls with satin-finish floors.

Elegant Master Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Pop Art prints

A large image of Audrey Hepburn adds to the elegant look of this softly-colored master bathroom.

2. Futuristic Circles

These futuristic round mirrors have luminescent frames that help light up the room.

3. A Pop of Red

The red tile wall beside this bathroom’s elegant tub provides a memorable pop of color and whimsy.

4. Stone Walls

These stone-look walls lend the bathroom a distinctly upscale atmosphere.

5. Step Inside

This master bathroom’s bathtub is positioned in an inviting nook beside a beautiful picture window.

6. In the Trees

This master bathroom’s unique view of the outdoors makes you feel like you might be on safari (albeit a very luxurious one).

7. Dark Cornflower Blue Accents

The dark cornflower blue accents that adorn this master bathroom create an enviably fresh look.

8. Woodblock

Wooden furniture supporting the sinks is reminiscent of woodblock.

9. Soft Storage

The brightly colorful bags beneath these modern washbasins provides for a fun storage alternative.

10. Cafe Latte

Cafe latte walls are a nice complement to a large picture window.

11. Spa Inspirations

The wooden and bamboo-like finishes of this shower stall will make you feel like you’re at the spa.

12. Generous Drawer and Cabinet space

This bathroom’s generous cabinet and drawer space has a charming light teal color.

13. Wood-Framed Mirror

This full-length mirror with a wooden frame works well with the rest of this bathroom’s decor.

14. Pleasing Symmetry

Symmetry inherent in the arrangement of this bathroom’s mirrors and furniture is key to the room’s overall look.

15. Textured Floor

A textured floor adds a bit of stylish originality to any bathroom.

16. Wave-Textured Walls

The wall with a wavy texture beside the bathtub combined with the ocean-blue art prints on display evoke ideas of the sea.

17. Retro Shades

Colors evocative of 70s decor, such as orange, yellow, and beige, together with a retro design make this shower wall bright and cheery.

18. Dark Graphite Counter

Dark graphite counter tops contrast nicely with pale floors.

19. Textured Tiles Echo View Outdoors

The heavily etched texture of these shower walls echo the stone-walls seen outside the window.

20. Jewel-Like Light Fixtures

These hanging light fixtures have the chic look of drop earrings.

21. Glossy Tiled-Walls With Satin-Finish Floors

These glossy walls nicely contrast with the satin-finish geometric floors.

22. Soft Gray Brick Features

Soft gray brick features set off the white and gray elements of the rest of the bathroom.

23. Santa Fe Inspired

Terracotta-look floors and other Southwestern design elements give this master bathroom a Santa Fe atmosphere.

24. Wooden Look Bathtub Siding

This unique bathtub has a welcoming look as a result of its wooden-look siding.

25. Snowy White and Ivory Cream

Ivory cream and bright, snowy white are a remarkably good combination, and one you might have overlooked.

26. Floating Wooden Shelf

This convenient floating wooden shelf is cleverly affixed to the tiled wall.

27. Minimalist With a Lilac Tint

This bathroom’s minimalist design is complemented by a lilac tint to the decor, as well as a number of simple yet stylish finishing touches.

28. The Light of Day

This skylight allows gorgeous, rejuvenating daylight to flood in.

29. Floral Curtain and Wine-Colored Rug

This master bathroom’s floral curtain and wine-colored rug add lovely pops of color.

30. Sleek Rimmed Bathtub

This sleek bathtub with an exaggerated rim lends the master bathroom an especially modern look.

31. Home Is Where the Heart Is

This cozy and comforting traditional design with lots of wood finishes provides an abundance of space.

32. Woodblock and Ceramic Tile Combination

Who would suspect that woodblock and ceramic tile walls would work together so well?

33. Trio of Mirrors

This master bathroom’s trio of mirrors are complemented by lovely wall sconce lights and a textured drawer and cabinet unit.

34. Lavender Fields

A pretty lavender cabinet and drawer unit is topped by marble in this chic master bathroom.

35. Mixture of Patterns

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns when it works, as it clearly does in this attractive master bathroom.

36. Mushroom-Colored Stone

The mushroom-colored stone in this shower enclosure creates a timelessly stylish look.