27 Exciting Inspirations for Lighting in Your Kitchen (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

A standout lighting effect is a perfect way to liven up a dull or narrow area. Strategically placed mood lighting can also append the wow factor of your already fabulous kitchen. No matter how you want to use accent lighting in your kitchen, it is surely worth the effort and some of your trouble if effectively utilized.

There are some functional areas in your kitchen that definitely needs a splash of light like a working countertop or ledges that displays your spices. Decorative areas such as your collection of antique plate ceramics and glassware, even an artwork can also benefit for some well-deserved spotlight.

Accent lighting can come in a variety of options and features that itself can act as part of your decoration and help bring together the colors and patterns of the space. Although each fixture may have its own specific purpose, sometimes you can substitute one from another especially if installed discretely.

One good example of this scenario is installing a spotlight instead of a tubular or LED light under your wall mounted cupboard or inside the cabinet with glass doors. This can come in handy in cases that a limited space is available to accommodate the light fixture.

These supremely delightful traditional kitchen decors will convince you that carefully chosen accent lighting can make a big impact even on small and tight spaces.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

1. Black To Me

Add drama to any room, including your kitchen by placing dark furniture and finishes in one place. Here, a kitchen island enjoys the company of black wooden stools.

2. Fire Wire

For a swanky kitchen, add lights inside your glass door cabinet decorated with mullion, metallic chandeliers, and a slab of brownstone marble for your countertop.

3. Noah’s Arch

A combo of black countertop and white cabinet kitchenette is framed by a minimal arched doorway.

4. I Am Your Angle

Despite the awkward layout of the kitchen island, this kitchen is packed with style thanks to the architectural detailing and pastel green colors of the walls, backsplash, and countertop.

5. Stephen Corbel

Increase the appeal of your traditional kitchen by adding in charismatic corbels as a functional and stylish ornamentation.

6. Block And White

The divine presence in this kitchen of a humble domicile is heightened by contrasting black kitchen equipment with white cabinet doors and stone top.

7. Wood In This Tree

Sultry wood finishes are used so fluently in this kitchen it has created a sanctuary instead of an island. Topped by vintage pendant light, the kitchens’ paneled cabinet doors sits at the back with class.

8. Island Fisher

Easily create a bold statement with a black kitchen island with silver hardware and stone countertop. Especially true in a contemporary all-white interior with modern stainless kitchen fixture.

9. Black Eyed Piece

The ceiling doesn’t always have to be white. Extra bold and super savvy, the black ceiling of this kitchen brings everything around it in a truly modern state.

10. Green And Rounded

Never go wrong with a backsplash that hints a blue or green color. Then have everything in white and step back to see the effect floats right before your eyes.

11. Soft Life

The inside of the kitchen hood is fitted with warm lighting that helps direct the attention of onlookers to a fantastic collection of copper pots just casually hanging out together.

12. Blue Water

Fantastic idea sometimes comes in small packages. Add an illusion of water in your backsplash like the one pictured here to create an interesting visual display.

13. Office Recount

Gloriously do some work while attending to your pots by utilizing extra kitchen space and fashioning it into a working desk. Use the same finishes with the rest of the kitchen to make a unified workflow.

14. Ranger Things

A classic example of a traditional kitchen, featuring brick tiles and another tile pattern under the hood that helped emphasize its importance.

15. Stack It Up

For a bit of customized appeal, stack all your kitchen equipment to make the most out of your limited space and for easy transfer of food that requires different cooking requirements.

16. Black And Yellow

Simple yet grandeur, a dark colored kitchen island hovers over some brightly colored yellow metal stool and floats in the foreground of an all-white kitchen interior.

17. Island Souvenir

Cook your blues away in an efficient and homey kitchen island fitted with silver hardware, vintage pendant lighting, and stone countertop.

18. True Lit

Warm lights filled the interior of this kitchen that features paneled cabinet doors and stone countertop on the island that also doubles as a breakfast nook.

19. Armed and Fabulous

Upholstered armchairs made an impressive divine presence in an enchantingly traditional all-white kitchenette. Wooden dining table connects itself with the borders of the flooring.

20. Rug Doll

An exquisite red rug adorns the hardwood flooring of an open kitchen that puts on display charcoal gray cabinets and modern kitchen fixture.

21. Hanging By A Thread

For the much needed bold statement in your stark and boring kitchen, you might want to consider hanging your copper and silver pans out in the open for a fascinating decor and easy to reach storage space.

22. Light And Fairy

Bathe in the natural light in a really simple yet sumptuous design idea that you can apply in your kitchen that made good use of tall windows, marble countertop, ultra white cabinets, and gold accessories.

23. Bow And Narrow

An all green open shelves deliver a functional aesthetic to a long and narrow kitchen hallway accentuated by hardwood floorboards.

24. Leather Fetish

Elevate more your all black (or white) kitchen with a built-in bar by pairing it with sexy black stools dressed in glossy leather and stark white stone countertop.

25. Paneled Of Judges

An adorable stained wood kitchen island is paired off with all-white paneled cabinets, bonded together by the speckled granite as their common denominator.

26. View From The Inside

A large pass-through window serves as a built-in breakfast bar and frames the kitchen as viewed from the dining area.

27. Island Bonita

A serene kitchen island drifts in a sea of alluring hardwood floors surround by white paneled cabinets lead by wooden kitchen hood.