23 Exquisite Ideas For Your Family Room (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Accessorizing your home to showcase your personality could be the most fun, yet daunting part of a DIY home design. It’s like the age-old question of the chicken or egg thing. Do you design based on what you have, or do you change your whole personality to go with that funky looking sofa?

Either way, a place to display your accessories like shelves, ledges and bookcases are what you need when such dilemma arises. One of the important things to remember when having bookshelves or partitions installed is that it should never block the source of light. Observe carefully how the sun changes throughout your apartment to maximize natural lighting.

On the other hand, shelves and ledges can be very useful and decorative at the same time. You can easily have it custom made or store bought. It can come in a variety of finishes to blend well with your existing interiors and decors. It can be as big as you need it to be, like a perfect spot to place your TV, trophy collections, or photo galleries. Or depending on the amount of space you actually have, it can be as thin and narrow like a substitute for a nightstand to hold your phone.

Continue reading below to see exquisite ideas for family room designs and take note of how some of the interiors cleverly used bookshelves and ledges to display their decorations.

Exquisite Family Room Design Ideas

1. View Of The Woods

The coffee table in oak finish mediates the contemporary fireplace and chocolate brown sofa.

2. Windows 10

A sliding panel hides the flat screen TV on top of a fireplace with brick stone façade and minimal mantle.

3. French Coast

Keep up with current events in this gray sofa with orange and white pillow accents. The sheer roman shade of the french window glows as it filters the light coming in.

4. Carpet Fun

Brown leather sofa and Noguchi table make a great company for the Persian rug on top of a hardwood floor of this domicile.

5. Shade Table

Jaunty looking artwork that resembles an owl’s eye sits on top of a paneled mantle. The seating layout consists of a pair of a leather armchair with ottoman and a wooden coffee table in the middle.

6. Calling Mr Brown

An all wood interior stained in various shades of brown encapsulate this cozy game room that serves as a perfect setting for a game of pool.

7. Slim Profile

De-stress yourself in this dwelling of style and taste featuring a crisp white sofa and paper thin dining table. The herringbone wood parquet helps calm the black wall.

8. Black Berry

Have a cup of Joe in front of this sophisticated black and white fireplace. The white mantle and built-in paneled bookcase inject contrast to the black and shiny leather wingback chair.

9. Grey Anatomy

Effective gray flat wall humbles the white wall and cherry hardwood floors anchored by the red abstract artwork. The gray sectional sofa and white modern armchairs echo the color of the walls.

10. There She Ghost

A transparent coffee table sits on top of a red and orange ottoman facing a sand-colored armchair with nailhead detailing.

11. There She Ghost Again

Another transparent coffee table makes its way to a rather offbeat place in an attempt to provide an effective optical illusion. The contemporary rustic interior warmly accepts the unexpected guest.

12. Happy And Grey

Light and airy sunroom in classic architecture detailing sets the stage for the contemporary sectional sofa, stylish and upholstered x-based ottoman, and a mirror top coffee table with thin metal legs.

13. Star For A Night

Gravity pulls this geometric pendant light into the open arms of the blue and white checkered fabric of the built-in bench in this charming nook.

14. Sea Horse Chin

Emphasizing nature through decor is a great way to design your home. Shades of blue fabrics are used well on the sectional sofa, x-based ottoman, and rug of this beachfront house.

15. Game Excuses

Host game night in this narrow hallway filled with amusement games and flat-screen TV. Lavender colored walls and hardwood floors help make a lively atmosphere.

16. Center Forward

A classic wooden console table is placed behind a cream sofa facing a well-lit fireplace. This created a humble setting perfect for self-reflection and soul-searching.

17. Blue Ray Copy

Intimate conversation area casually dressed in blue leather for the sectional sofa, blue and white fabric for the tub armchair, blue and white roman shade in a diamond pattern, and a dropped ceiling painted in white to help brighten the space.

18. Tuft Mama

Comprising of a tufted chenille sofa and a pair of armchairs, this modest seating area in front of a stone covered fireplace allows for some casual get together with friends while enjoying the sunset.

19. Brick And Fired

The fireplace visually disappeared in this brick-covered wall. Together with the reclaimed hardwood floor, it created an interesting contrast to the clean paneled walls.

20. Show And Tile

An array of a wicker chair, Spanish blue tiles, and some nautical elements pulls a well-traveled look for a city apartment.

21. Fewer Than Blue

A textured blue wallpaper holds its ground against a sea of blue that appears in the fabric of the sofa and accent pillow, as well as the blue leather ottoman and shawl.

22. Stair At The Ball

Placing a billiard table at the feet of the stairs of this contemporary residence helps blur the line between fun and fantastic.

23. I Love Urn

Shiny leather covered sectional sofa met its match in the form of a silver ceramic vase with lid. The futuristic appeal of the fireplace adds an unexpected surprise.

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