34 Extraordinary Living Rooms You’ll Want to Copy (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

If you enjoy poring over amazing living rooms to see what other people have done with their spaces, you’re going to love this amazing list of over 30 tantalizing living rooms. There are more than enough designs here to wow anyone who enjoys home improvement and home design. You’ll find dozens of beautiful color schemes that can be replicated in your own home, as well as ideas for little details that make all the difference in a living space.

When it comes to details, even simple things like a tree branch or a simple potted plant can have a big impact on the decor. Moldings and tiles, brickwork and wood trim will make your room stand out from an ordinary living room. You just need to choose the right details.

The rooms on this list will help you create the perfect space to entertain your guests, but you’ll also have a space that you can relax in after a long day at work.

Extraordinary Living Room Design Ideas

1. Decorative Lamps

The elegant lamps set around this spacious living room add to the style, as well as providing extra light.

2. Furry Pillows

Shaggy throw pillows make these chairs feel friendly and homey, like they each have a personal pet.

3. Living Room Storage

The tidy little table under the window in this living room fits in with the decor and offers both storage and display space.

4. Colorful Bowl Art

This dark gray wall is the perfect backdrop for these brightly colored bowls set up in an artful presentation.

5. Dark Beams

These dark beams are the perfect design element to set off this pale gray ceiling and enhance the space below.

6. Artsy Lamps

Geometric style lamps give a little extra light to this room at night and add a spark of creativity during the day.

7. Colors on Gray

A dark gray wall is just the background for this colorful living room with its blue couch and bright artwork.

8. Fireplace Scrolls

Elegant scrolls add the perfect amount of charm to this white fireplace, keeping with the theme of the bedroom.

9. Concrete Fireplace

A concrete fireplace can be given extra texture with the use of rough boards for the framing phase.

10. Marble Coffee Table

The marble coffee table in this room adds to the brightness of the space, with a white, gleaming top.

11. Blanket Ladder

Need to keep an extra blanket or two on hand for those chilly evenings? A blanket ladder is a great way to store them.

12. Arched Window

An indoor window opens this living room up and makes it possible to track the goings on in the rest of the house.

13. Pine Chest Coffee Table

Add a bit of history to your home with a lovely, rustic chest used as a coffee table in the living room.

14. Circuit Wallpaper

A busy wallpaper makes for an excellent feature wall in a living room like this and the circuit paper is easy on the eyes.

15. Taxidermy Space

Show off your love of hunting with strategically mounted animal heads and use tanned skins on the floor as rugs.

16. Burnt Orange Accent Wall

The burnt orange of this half wall above the fireplace and shelves brings the space to life with a burst of energy.

17. Gray Wood Ceiling

Suspended over the small living room is a false ceiling of gray wood that enhances the space and makes it feel cozier.

18. Zig Zag Rug

Bold black and white zig zags instantly catch your eye when you walk into this living room area.

19. Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is easy to clean and it looks wonderful in a comfy space like this little living room.

20. Dual Level Living Room

A simple loft style space breaks this living room into two sections, upper and lower, so you can choose where you wish to hang out.

21. Hardwood Floors

Beautiful hardwood floors add a certain oomph to a living room and they can be stripped and redone anytime you notice they’re looking a little dull.

22. Concrete and Glass

Concrete walls and floor, paired with glass windows and the chicken wire railings upstairs, make this room feel a little industrial.

23. Wood Stove

An efficient wood stove makes it simple to keep your home warm without using any electricity.

24. Simple Black Chairs

Two elegant black chairs add a touch of class to this comfortable living room and make it feel a little more formal.

25. Indoor Siding

This sunken living room features indoor wood siding on the wall to pair with the hardwood floors and light colored furniture.

26. Pedestal Coffee Table

For a unique take on a coffee table, try using a pedestal like this beautiful cream one.

27. Bright Colored Art

This entire room is full of splashes of color, from the sofa and the carpet to the unique shoe collection on the mantel, and the unique art.

28. Pink Rug

Soften up a stiff, formal living room with the addition of a bright pink area rug that will create a feeling of playfulness.

29. Gray Wall Panels

Shades of gray make for popular decor options and if you blend several tones in the same space, you end up with art.

30. Herringbone Tiles

The front of this elegant fireplace is done up in a herringbone pattern, using tiles of slightly different shades of white and gray.

31. Pastel Blue and White

Powder blue is a great color for a living room, particularly when paired with crisp white and dusty gray.

32. Carved Wood Table

This huge coffee table is made of beautiful wood and features carved legs for a more elegant touch.

33. Favorite Armchair

Everyone has their favorite seat and this armchair from another time is just right for sitting and reading by the fire.

34. Picture Tiles

This dark fireplace is beautifully inset with picture tiles that make the fireplace pop in comparison to the rest of the room.